Thursday, January 19, 2017

CLOUDS - Scrapbook LP 69

A special post for the weekend, may I present you the first Prog Rock album by the Scottish band 1-2-3 aka CLOUDS on rare pink label Island records. Rick Wakeman and Keith Emerson were influenced by this three piece band's new approach of having no guitars but for the first time featuring the keyboards up front played by a genius (says David Bowie) named Billy Richie who introduced David to Jimi Hendrix who they opened for at an early show.  Here's a good article:

And the new rip!:
The textures and themes (Grandad song) of this record really took me back to the old days.

The Byrds - Another Dimension 2X10 LP Acetates

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Robert Hazard - st EP 82 w Wing Of Fire LP 84

REPOST Request:  Thanks to Sidesteppingthemainstream blog for the good EP rip as I don't have it anymore & my early rip kinda sucked as I was a monkey behind the controls back then & self-taught.  Also threw in a rip of early version of EP by the Pessimist Club blog even though a monkey rip too!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

ANTiSEEN - 15 Minutes Of Fame LP 99 w Blood Of Freaks 7 88 w From the Vault of Antiseen EP w Mean Woman Blues 7 w My God Can Beat Up Your God 7 90 w Eat More Possum LP 93 w Nothing But Puke - split 7inch w Raw Shit LP 88 w Seducer split 7 w Southern Hospitality LP 91 w Two-Headed Dog 7 w The Best of Antiseen LP 08

REPOST Request:  Someone wanted one of these but you get all in my stock overload and that's a good thing because this band is just what the doctor's all good!
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Lothar And The Hand People - Presenting (Reissue) LP 68

From Denver, CO, band uses the theremin.

GOLD - No Class Whatsoever LP 80

Some great rare prog rock from Miami, FL!

It's A Beautiful Day - st LP 69 w Marrying Maiden LP 70 w Anytime And Choice Quality Stuff EPs w Live At Carnegie Hall LP 72

REPOST and ADD-ON:  Per my comment on the compilation post last week, had to hear more from this San Francisco band notorious for losing the coin toss to be the extra band with the Grateful Dead at Woodstock...Santana was the other end of the coin toss who won and went on to be famous. Yikes!
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THE FLOCK - st LP 69 w Dinosaur Swamps LP 70

Some great early Jazz Rock from Chicago.  Thanks to my boss, Brad for bringing me his early jazz prog rock stuff like these guys, Tower of Power, Cold Blood, Scarlet Architect (family friend of his) and some more to be ripped!
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HOOKFOOT - st LP 71 w Communication LP 73 w

REPOST and ADD-ON:  More for shore from this hard rock band!!
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Smack - On You LP 84 w The Collection State Of Independence 2XLP 88 w

REPOST and ADD-ON:  I like the Collection version of "Criminal"...what a great song!
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CONFRONT JAMES - Just Do It Extended Mixes LP 94 w Chemical Exposure EP 95 w Test One Reality LP 95

REPOST Request:  This is Greg Ginn from Black Flag's side project that REALLY reminds me of Foetus.
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COLD BLOOD - st LP 69 w Sisyphus LP 70 w First Taste Of Sin LP 72

Great female led hard-rockin' band!
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WIDOW - Gone Too Far LP 85 w Rockit LP 85

REPOST Request:  Great female led hard-rockin' band!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

VA - Non-Skid Rock LP

Just a classic rock compilation that is becoming harder to find with rawer versions of the radio classic songs and some real bad-ass tracks by:  Santana, Blood,Sweat And Tears, It's A Beautiful Day, Trees, Johnny Winter, Flock, Tom Rush, Al Kooper, Leonard Cohen and Mick Softley.  I will feature the Chicago band Flock and It's A Beautiful Day next week or so.

Exchange - Into The Night LP 88

Just a great skilled musician group with a sound that just jumps out of the groove at you!

EDGE CITY - By The Water EP 86

Don't know much about this band but they have some great songs here.

Scarlet Architect - st EP 82

Early Chicago post-punk band....great sound!

TOWER OF POWER - East Grease Bay LP 70 w Bump City LP 72 w st LP 73

You don't see the early two albums around as much these days but I'm sure you've heard their hit on the third album "What is Hip?"
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