Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Romantics - st LP 79 w National Breakout LP 80 w Strictly Personal LP 81 w In Heat LP 83 w Rhythm Romance LP 85

REPOST REQUEST SEARCH ABOVE FOR MORE and ADD ON:  After posting the early early stuff by them I had a request to re-up what I had by them (missing a later album).
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NUTZ - st LP 74 w NUTZ Too... LP 75 w HARD NUTZ LP 77

SEARCH ABOVE FOR MORE and ADD ON:  After I posted the 'Live Nutz' a few weeks ago, someone had to hear the 77 LP so I reposted the rest.
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NEGAZIONE - LoSpiritoContinua LP w 100% LP 90

REPOST Request:  I think this is the same band.  Search above for more as I couldn't find those others that Mark had posted long ago before my time but if you have the files please post at zippy.

NASH THE SLASH - Dreams And Nightmares LP 79 w Children of the Night LP 80 w Decomposing 33 45 78 EP 81 w And You Thought You Were Normal LP 82 w American Band-ages LP 84 w The Million Year Picnic LP 84

REPOST Request:  My old vinyl rips are included here until I have time to dig out the vinyl I kept by Nash in my bottom bin of 'keepers' and do a new rip.  Also have extra pictures I have found on-line of releases that I am still seeking so let me know if you GOT them and post a link in comments.  Thanks again to Lydia Lunchable a friend from facebook who recorded for me the 81 EP at three speeds!  Also search for Nash's first band called FM here at the blog.
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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Beatnik Termites - Lineage 7inch

REPOST Request:  Thanks for Brian Guy for the original post, here is what he wrote:
This seems to be a tribute to the Descendents all the way around, from the songs, name of the 45 and the record label.
I really enjoyed this, I have to admit that I like the Descendents, I probably don't listen to their music as much as I should. What you have is two songs "Suburban Home," and "Minute" which I'm not sure was actually a Descendents song, but was written by Bill Stevenson.  Cleveland, Ohio's Beatnik Termites released this and I'm glad they did this is a really good 45 and if you can find it pick it up.   It was released in 1996 on Coolidge Records of Wycoff, NJ
Cheers,  Brian Guy         

FACE DANCER - This World LP 79

Great concept here and banner release!  Slip on your 'gameface'...LOL

INDUSTRY - st Mini-LP 83 w Stranger To Stranger LP 84

Another one of the those neglected bands back when the chain store BEST BUY had vinyl but nobody cared back then.  Not bad offering here.

IDLE EYES - st LP 84 w Love's Imperfection LP 86

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IDYL TEA - How I See This Table EP 86

intimate strangers - Charm LP 86

These guys are A--O.K.

PERFECT STRANGERS - Protected In America LP 86

Actually had a request for one of this band's 7 inch singles which I don't have but hopefully this awesome album will fit the bill for now.


More of a fast country fun punkish.


Rockin' stuff.

JETHRO TULL - This Was LP w Minstrel In The Gallery LP 75

SEARCH ABOVE FOR MORE and ADD ON:  Well just one more Glen Cornick (r.i.p.) album to get called  "Stood Up" and I will be appeased in my limited Jethro Tull collection.  Glen's mom was my apartment 'Super' back in 2003 the year the veil opened up for me and I saw all my hero punk bands in Los Angeles while working for a Japanese technology company in the 'Valley'.  She used to tell me stories about the locals like Keith Moon who would hang out at their bar on the Thames.  The later album was recommended as among their best from non-Glen era.  BTW he got kicked out from Jethro Tull for partying too much.
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REX SMITH - Sooner Or Later LP 79

SEARCH ABOVE FOR MORE and ADD ON:  Earlier known as just REX.



THE McCOYS - Infinite McCoys LP

Some cool 60s trippy music.