Monday, December 5, 2016

Bugs - Tomorrow LP 80

An interesting band with a singer, "Bugs" who sounds like David Bowie!

BIG PIG - Bonk LP 88

Beat-box progressives taking a stand against name bearers and calling for unity.

BLIND OWL - Debut At Dusk LP 87

This is a very cool and fast at times synthy motivation sales-type band sound from Massachusetts.

KITTYHAWK - Race For The Oasis LP 81

Some of that Al DiMeola-type free jazz with a kind of cool sounding singer at times.

MONKEYSPANK - Daemons Flew Out Of My Mouth LP 90

Sure seems like 1990 was a great year for music.  Here we have a cool sounding gothy metally slap funk band as was the norm then on green vinyl!!

Hi-Fi - MOODS for MALLARDS featuring Ian Matthews and David Surkamp LP 82

Great eighties pop from the old 'Great American Music' mall store per the sleeve.  Sounds a bit like the fabulous U.K. band the Undertones with a Feargal Sharkey sounding singer at times.

Pets - Wet Behind The Ears LP 78

70's schlock.

STEPHEN STILLS - st LP 70 w st 2 LP 71 w Manassas 2LP 72 w Manassas Down The Road LP 73 w Stills LP 75 w LIVE LP 75 w Illegal Stills LP 76 w Thoroughfare Gap LP 78

Amazing man, amazing career...activist like his buddy Neil Young has been against GMO's and for clean water supplies.  From Austin, TX.  Last I heard he had recovered well from prostate cancer.
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Swans way - The fugitive kind LP 84 w EPs 84

Very impressive band here--could be played at the next high school dance!

WHOOPING CRANES - Hope 7 86 w That's What I Need LP 87

From NYC.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Semantics - Bwana Junction LP 85

REPOST Request:  Anybody GOT the SST band from the same time frame?

Max Demian - Take It Too The Max LP 79 w The Call Of The Wild LP 80

REPOST Request:  Sorry for long delay on first request as I must have got him mixed up with Max Webster.  This is great stuff---take it too the MAX!!!
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Tex Rubinowitz - Bad Boy 7inch

REPOST Request:  Thanks to Brian Guy here is what he said:  This is one of those records that I bought just because of the name of the artist. I guess I was hoping for a Kinky Friedman sound from this here record. Tex Rubinowitz was born on Oct. 10, 1944 in Abilene, Texas and grew up in the Washington, DC area.
I don't know how to describe this except it sounds like slowed down rock-a-billy, not bad just different. All in all I liked this seven inch record.  Released in 1979 on Ripsaw Records, Easton, PA  Enjoy,   Brian Guy

Haywire - Private Hell LP w Abomination LP

REPOST Request:  Thanks for Mark Underground and Count Yorga for original files!  Ex- Half Off band members.

The Doll - Desire Me 2x7 79

REPOST Request:  Thanks to old Isksp blog in Brazil for adding the original 7" rips to my rerelease 7

Big Wheel - East End LP 89 w Holiday Manor LP

REPOST Request:  Another staple nineties band like the Bambi Slam and Jonny Lives with "Jumpin' Beans" all over our "The Edge" radio.  From Louisville, KY.