Monday, March 23, 2015

Dead Fingers Talk - Storm The Reality Studios LP 78

Another 'Diamond Reo' in the rough ha ha.  This one is very overlooked release I think since it was produced by the great Mick Ronson and we like him around here!

Dead Silence - Beginning Of The End LP

Early political punk band from Denver scene. lot of these tracks were on the split I posted before.

the rave-ups - Hamlet Meets John Doe EP 89

This is not the excellent band I posted a month ago or so as they have the hyphen in the name and also this is an early pre-nineties sound in this release:

TALES OF TERROR - Hallows Eve LP 85

The Pirates - Out Of Their Skulls LP 77 w Skull Wars LP 78 w Hard Ride LP 79 w A Fistful Of Dubloons 10 LP 80

REPOST and ADD-ON:  Just got the 10 inch cracker here!
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DIAMOND REO - Dirty Diamonds LP 76

This was a real ground breaking release when it came out...just read the back cover!

JOSIE COTTON - Johnny Are You Queer EP 81 w Convertible Music LP 82 w From The Hip LP 84

REPOST and ADD-ON:  Meant to bring this in last week as Josie got her start as a back-up singer for GEZA-X believe it or not and he engineers the two EP tracks here.  Really dig her stuff and just got the 84 LP to check out!

CHINA WHITE - Danger Zone EP 81

LEON RUSSELL - st LP w Carney LP 72 w Stop All That Jazz LP 74 w Will O' The Wisp LP 76 w Best of Leon LP 76 w LEON AND MARY RUSSELL - Wedding Album LP 76

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SHAKIN' STEVENS AND THE SUNSETS - Rock On With A Legend LP 70 w st LP 78 w st 10 EP 80 w The Bop Won't Stop LP 83 w Give Me Your Heart Tonight LP 82 w Greatest Hit

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Monday, March 16, 2015

SUPERNOVA - 7 93 w Ages 3 And Up CD 95

Absolutely loved seeing these locals to RADIO K where all the fans wore tin foil during the shows that were complete mayhem.  Lots of classics here like Chewbacca, Vitamins and many more!  P.S. believe it or not I barely have touched my nineties and oughts collection mainly bands off Radio K that I would win by listening to the radio.

Patriots - Land of the Free w split w Chicayne

REPOST Request:  I believe these are two different bands but I'll let you tell me.

THE NO - Pick Your No's LP 85

RITUAL TENSION - DEMO w I Live Here LP 86 w Hotel California EP 87 w The Blood Of The Kid LP 87 w Expelled LP 89


REPOST and ADD-ON:  Finally got the demo in some trades but it is only two songs.  At any rate I would have to say this is one of my all time favorite artists.
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Groundhogs - Crosscut Saw LP 76

Great stuff and looking for more so let me know.

TEX AND THE HORSEHEADS - st LP 84 w Life's So Cool LP 85


Holy Rollers - As Is LP 90

Didn't realize this was on Dischord so we'll see how long it lasts up here.  We try not to post labels that are still going, but in this case a little exposure wouldn't hurt.  My first pressing of "Flex Your Head" 2LP with the Wheat Cover is a favorite that I have been waiting to post some day...we'll see.

LORD BOY - Pleasure Bane EP 88

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