Friday, August 29, 2014

Jeremy Morris - Alive LP 84

REPOST Request with Better Rip:  The skip is now harder to detect for this great album and overall sound is better.

TRUST - Antisocial LP 80 w Marche ou creve LP 81 w Paris By Night LIVE LP 89

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Doctor Hook And The Medicine Show - Doctor Hook LP 72 w Belly Up! LP 73 w Bankrupt LP 75 w A Little Bit More LP 76 w Revisited LP 76 w Makin' Love And Music LP 77 w Pleasure And Pain LP 78 w Sometimes You Win... LP 78 w Rising LP 80 w Players In The Dark LP 82

REPOST and ADD-ON:  Since I had just posted the Ray Sawyer solo LP and wanted to hear their other singers again and also I couldn't wait to hear the Bankrupt LP I just found--one of the best!  I used to also have their LP where the Rolling Stone hit song originally appeared--I had bought it for 25 cents but it wasn't in the best condition so I sold it back in the nineties, dang!  It was the first I had heard them and it had a great cover picture with all the guys downtown drinkin'.  Oh well, fairly complete.
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REPOST Request:  Well since I just posted Sator Codex of course someone wants this one.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Movies - Bullets Through The Barrier LP 78 w India LP 80 w Motor Motor Motor LP 81

REPOST Request and ADD-ON:  How about that--what a surprise--now I have two colored vinyl's from 1978 with a song called Horror Movies (the other is of course the Misfits - Horror Business 7 in yellow as the black vinyl pressing is very rate).  I like the Famous Bollocks song by that name as well being an old fan of the Horror, Inc. Friday monster movie show during this time I guess it suites.
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Sator Codex - Wanna Start A Fire LP w Scales To Skin 7 86

REPOST Request:  Thanks to Bernando for posting this originally--new wave synth side project from the members of Sator.

Monday, August 25, 2014

DUKE WILLIAMS and the EXTREMES - Fantastic Fedora LP 74

Still catching up on some old themes here with headliners and support bands and male solo.  Next two weeks more of the same with female solo and male solo titles.  Really dig this one, extremist that I am!

Sandii And The Sunsetz - 1980-1983 LP

Venus And The Razorblades - Songs From The Sunshine Jungle LP 77

Jules And The Polar Bears - Got No Breeding LP 78 w fenetiks LP 79 w solo - 1983 - Watch Dog w 1980 - Bad For Business w The Eternal Return (1985) w Economy Package EP 80 w Demo-itis LP 86

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WAZMO NARIZ - st 7 78 w Things Aren't Right LP 79 w Tell Me How To Live LP 81

Old link (note in my first post of these two a few months ago, not all the songs were properly divided so you may want to redownload):
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Update on Wazmo...he was in a movie with Wall of Voodoo man Stan Ridgway...check the comments on this post here:


From Dr. Hook!

Richard Lloyd w Tom Verlaine w Television

Richard Lloyd:
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Tom Verlaine:
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PETER CASE - Echo Wars LP 86 w The man with the Blue postmodern fragmented neo-traditional Guitar LP 89

REPOST and ADD-ON:  Found another one from the old Plimsouls man!
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The Joe Ely Band - Live Shots LP 80 w Lord Of The Highway LP 87 w Dig All Night LP 88 w Joe Ely - Musta Notta Gotta Lotta LP 81

REPOST and ADD-ON:  If he used to open for the Clash, he can't be half bad.
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