Monday, April 14, 2014

TOM ROBINSON BAND - Power In the Darkness 2LP 78 w TRB Two LP 79 w Sector 27 LP 80 w 7's 80 w North By Northwest LP 82 w TR sings War Baby EP 83 w Hope And Glory LP 84

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Philip D'Arrow - st LP 79 w Sub Zero LP 80 w ROCK JEMS from D'Arrow - MLP79


SIMON TOWNSHEND - Sweet Sound LP 83 w Moving Targets LP 85

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Walter Egan - Not Shy LP 78

RUPERT HINE - The Wildest Wish To Fly LP 84

Pierre Moerlen's GONG - st LP 79

Sitting in on this one is Steve Winwood from Traffic, Mike Oldfield, Didier Lockwood and Mick Taylor from the Stones.

DAVID GEDDES - Run Joey Run LP 75

Alright, since we're doing some of those early seventies hits here is a classic, Run Joey Run!

Thunderclap Newman - Hollywood Dream LP 73

Has that sixties classic "Something In The Air" that I have on my made for TV sixties double CD!

TIM FINN - Escapade LP 83 w st LP 89

This dude is from the early ground breaking New Wave band Split Enz from like New Zealand.  NOT the later one on MTV.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Eugene Chadbourne - Vermin Of The Blues tape w The Eddie Chatterbox Double Trio Love Album w Shockabilly - Greatest Hists EP 83 w BONGWATER - Too Much Sleep Tape bw Breaking No New Ground tape

Finally some more posts from the Noise New Jersey studios involving former regular at MRR magazine, Eugene Chadbourne and Kramer.
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The Joe Ely Band - Live Shots LP 80 w Lord Of The Highway LP 87 w Dig All Night LP 88

Openers for the Clash!!
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Joe Jackson - I'm The Man LP w Look Sharp! LP w Live 1980 - 86 2LP

Repost with LIVE 2LP Add-On:
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Ian Hunter - st LP 79 w Welcome To The Club 2LP Live w All American Alien Boy LP 79 w You're Never Alone With A Schizophrenic LP 79 w Short Back N' Sides LP 81 w All The Good Ones Are Taken LP 83

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B. WLCH - Three Hearts LP 79 w The Other One LP 79

Well, last time I put up Bob after his passing, someone wanted it taken down.  Let's see how long this time.