Monday, March 2, 2015

BLOTTO - Across And Down EP 80 w I Wanna Be A Lifeguard LP 87 w flexi w Video

A band that get's better with more listens.  I also converted a VHS I found to MP4 to check out!
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SLUGGO - Contradiction7 83 w st LP 91

fear of darkness - THE VIRGIN LAND LP 86

Great gothy stuff:

FROZEN GHOST - st LP 87 w "Nice Place To Visit" LP 88

From Toronto, CANADA
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GRATEFUL DEAD - 1986 Cosmik Messengers LP Swede Boot 10-30-70 Show 2 w More Cosmik Messengers LP Swede Boot 10-30-70 Show 2 Stoneybrook

O.K. folks my error, I thought this was some other band than the Dead, but that's O.K. a cool boot from Sweden released in 1986, I think the Cosmic Messenger shows up time to time on this though, kind of a giggling Goblin-type vocal.

Mystic Moods Orchestra - Cosmic Force LP 73

This is pretty cool stuff using  a first time 1/2 speed analog master technique for better sound or so they thought back then.  Anyhow some trippy stuff for you early new age fans.

URBAN VERBS - st LP 80 w Early Damage LP 81

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Early star in the punk scene:

WRABIT - st LP 81 w Tracks LP 82 w West Side Kid LP 83

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Voodoo Ceremony In Haiti LP 74

A real live Voodoo ceremony in Haiti!

FUMES - Knock Out The Axis LP 93

Up With People - Livin' On LP 74

Golden Grass, The Grass Roots - Their Greatest Hits LP

Smash Palace - st LP 85

Someone mentioned this one last week in a comment so I had to hear when I saw it at the store in the dollar section:

NEW ENGLAND - st LP 79 w Explorer Suite LP 80

These guys are pretty decent but I don't know anything about them.
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PETER GABRIEL - Plays Live 2LP 83

My junior high school buddy got me into collecting early Peter Gabriel studio albums but I have never seen this live double album with some of the classic early tunes until yesterday.  The biggest surprise for me was that Larry Fast from last weeks band Synergy is back up piano and synth alternating with Peter Gabriel playing the same but also vocals.
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ELVIS COSTELLO - Danger Zone EP 85 no 81 of 1000 w LP Live Toronto 3 78

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THE GODFATHERS - Texas Chainsaw Massacre LP 87 88 89

Didn't realize this was an official EPIC release with some greatest hits on it.  Stuff you've heard in my previous post just search in upper left corner box: