Friday, March 16, 2018

The Emotions - Rejoice LP 77 w Sunbeam LP 78

REPOST:  O.K. folks this post from last week was missing the cover shots of the second album (along with the cool pictures of this family group growing up and early names such as originally the Heavenly Sunbeams and then the Hutchinson Sunbeams that you will want to see with credits, etc.)  This one I ain't kidding gets better each time I hear the records.  Yeah, great group name for this tight family as faimily really does test your emotions.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

THE AFFIRMATIVE - Dance Poetry EP 86

REPOST Request:  For Tim Sanders from the band!

Dead Silence - Beginning Of The End LP

REPOST Request:  A lot of these tunes were on the split with Dissent.

SLACK - Bigger Than Breakfast LP 87 w Deep Like Space LP 89

REPOST Request:  Some good tight and funky music ala Royal Cresent Mob.
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JoBOXERS - Like Gangbusters LP 83

REPOST Request:  Some great New Wave featuring members of Subway Sect, Buzz and the Flyers!

BRANDMEIER - ALMOST LIVE (1/2 studio - 1/2 live) LP 84

REPOST Request:  I have to laugh as this nearby local record from 1983 which coincidentally reminds me of that long ago post of MONTE VIDEO 45 EP lounge act again or perhaps a punkier Rob Stoner.  But yeah as I am a University of Minnesota engineering graduate we heard the tales of F.I.B.'ers (EFfing Illinois Bastards) getting friendly ribbings from the Wisconsin Cheeseheads who had to put up with their Weekender antics travelling North clogging up the roads by Milwaukee.  Yes, there is a song about it ha ha.

GARY O' - st LP 81 w Strange Behavior LP 84

REPOST Request:  Peter Wolf plays keys on one of these.

Tom Dickie And The Desires - Competition LP 81 w The Eleventh Hour LP 82

REPOST Request:  Another swell request from angel!  Another comment states that the song 'Downtown Talk' is their favorite 'lost' new wave/power pop classics!

Monday, March 12, 2018

TERRY JACKS - Seasons In The Sun LP 74 w TERRY JACKS and the poppy family featuring Susan Jacks [K-tel] LP 76

This is some good stuff, that's why K-tel devotes a rare complete vinyl to just one artist.  Wish there were more of this kind of thing--I put the title hit song back to back in the song listing and you can hear how great the K-tel vinyl sounds!  Couple more familiar songs from my youthful radio listening.
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GEAR DADDIES - let's go scare al CD 88 w BILLY'S LIVE BAIT CD 90 w CAN'T have NOTHIN' Nice CD 92

Well I mentioned these guys had a big hit with 'My Maria' tune from B.W. Stephenson last week and it appears on the 92 release.  This was our college dorms most popular band when I went to school at the U of MN and our group of friends saw them the most times I would have to say and eventually in Austin for a big outdoor festival.  From Austin, MN the home of Hormel, Randy was the substitute teacher for the guys who were students and then they formed the group.  When they moved up to the Twin Cities, I got to play softball in a park league and played against the bass player in a game or two.  I filmed this band at a few block parties and they got very popular on my old youtube fact a few fanatics would comment.
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Last time I saw them play, they did a long stunning version of the Velvet Underground's 'Sweet Nuthin'" for an encore that topped a great show.  You will recognize the Halo Bender's singer here.

SYLVIA - Pillow Talk LP 73

More K-tel golden hit parade remember the title track right??  Up there with 'Painted Ladies" song from the compilations and yes this whole album rocks!

The Andrea True Connection - More, More, More LP 76 w White Witch LP 77

The first album title song hit I know intimately all the words from grade school and I was blown away with how good her albums are with the other songs!!


Yes, look at the hits from this K-tel sponsored band!

MARIA MULDAUR - Southern Winds LP 78

Another great K-tel artist that appeared on a compilation or two.

VA - 89.3 THE CURRENT 05

O.K. so a bunch of our great AM station below so here is a great FM station in the same radio market.  Features the bands:  Jolie Holland, Sam Shaber, Rogue Wave, The Owls, HEM, Sharon Jones And The Dap Kings, Andrew Bird, The Hold Steady, Chris Smither, Bettie Serveert and the Spaghetti Western String Co.

VA - Radio K Welcome CD Volume 3

Here we have below a few RADIO K compilation CD's I have won from Lois the office lady--who got to know me very well as I would win a lot by calling in to the station.  Eventually she got to meet my younger siblings during their annual A.I.D.'s walk along the Mississippi river as we happened to be at the park at the same time. Features the bands:  Land Of Talk, Matthew Dear, Fog, The Black Lips, Daughters Of The Sun, Andrew Bird, Deerhunter, Digitata, Signal To Trust, Bonde Do Role, STNNNG, Dosh, Menomena, Marnie Stern, Three More Swallows, Mouthful of Bees, Alela Diane, and Flavor Crystals.

VA - Stuck On AM 2CD 96 Off The Record Morning Show

My first compilation disc from who are a very good U of MN college radio station to donate money to yearly as they have a great archive of new music with the weekly top 7 artists and artists regularly play live in the studio like for this disk--all rare in studio songs from popular artists.  It features:  Rex Daisy, Big Red Ball, Balloon Guy, Lily Liver, Willie Wisely, The Hang Ups, Shatterproof, COWS, The Wahinis, Hammerhead, King Can, Arcwelder, Dylan Hicks, Interstate Judy, the Spectors, Mountain Singers, February, Barbara Cohen And The Little Lizard, Rhea Valentine, Babes In Toyland, Milk, Polara, The Vibro Champs, June Sunday, Savage Aural Hotbed, John's Black Dirt, Stuart Davis, The Kelley Deal 6000, 12 Rods and Smattering.
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