Wednesday, September 16, 2020

THE VELS - Velocity EP 84 w EPs 84 w House Of Miracles LP 86

REPOST Request and ADD ON WAV FILES!!!  This Philly band seems to get more repost requests over the years having won many fans on line thus this time I am including the WAV files that an old requester had asked for long ago.  Enjoy!   
MP3 (320kb/sec) and JPG files:

WAV (1400kb/sec) masters:

Tuesday, September 15, 2020


Thanks to Zigzag Wanderer for sending in the second album to add to my rip of the first!

DUROCS - st LP 79

The band's name definition is on the inner sleeve:  "A breed of large vigorous red American hogs.  Noted for superior intelligence & exceptionally large ears and genitals."  And a funny cover...ha ha. Rock w synthesizers.  A fine album.

Doug Clark And The Hot Nuts - NUTS TO YOU LP

 This old sixties Southern USA touring band were the source of songs like my 'Ding-A-Ling' or the smarmy 'Gay Caballero' that you have heard in movies like Animal House, National Lampoon movies, etc.  Classic but over the top dirty too--albeit somewhat subtle about it.

REVIVAL - st LP 72

 They do a real good job of living up to their name.

LOVE SCULPTURE - Blues Helping LP 69

 Guy on the far right is Dave Edmunds who I am getting ready to post.

The Love Band - The Oneness Space LP 75

 Spiritual music with female and male singers, probably was one of the bands that made 'Tis the Gift to Be Simple' popular as it was an old Shaker song from last century.  We learned it in grade school music class and I think it was used years later in a Superbowl or other major public performance.

JOE WISE - A New Day LP 70

 Cool old folk bordering on 'Jesus Music' with a few songs from our old church music book.  Great title track.


 Bordering on 70's Hard Rock sound, the name really says it all....good record!


 They really know how to pluck them fiddles!! Really cool tricked-out guitar sounds!

THE OUTLAWS - Platinum and Gold Collection CD 03


VA - Stars Of The Grand Ole Opry 2LP 26-74

 So yeah after all those posts I did for 'O' Brother Where Art Thou' leading up to a cast concert in downtown.  Turns out that is the new Grand Old Opry and this minty Goodwill find highlights the history of the old location.  These song versions are the best quality I have heard as I have posted many of these songs already so you should know them from:  Uncle Dave Macon, Pee Wee King, Bill Monroe, Minnie Pearl, Eddy Arnold, Lester Flatt, Lonzo and Oscar, Chet Atkins, Hank Snow, The Carter Family, Del Wood, Martha Carson, Johnnie and Jack, Grandpa Jones, Kitty Wells, Jim Reeves, Porter Wagoner, Don Gibson, Archie Campbell, Skeeter Davis, George Hamilton IV, Hank Locklin, Sonny James, Jim Ed Brown, The Browns, Dottie West, Bobby Bare, Connie Smith, Dolly Parton and Jeanne Pruett.

GARBAGE - st CD 95

 Very innovative debut for its time and 'Stupid Girl' won a Grammy while Butch Vig goes undercover as their drummer (We know about him!).

LUSH - Split CD 94

 Have NOT heard this band since the old Alternative Edge radio days so this will be interesting.

FALCO - Greatest Hits CD 99

 Been meaning to hear more FALCO (r.i.p.) and this Goodwill CD has it all!

TIM CURRY - Read My Lips LP 78 w Fearless LP 79 w 79 EP w Simplicity LP 81

 Added the EP with three songs from the Fearless album in slightly different mix or edit.  Here is what I wrote before:  Ahhhhh...yeah, he "had me at hello" with the first opening track, a choice cover of the Rough Trade song "Birds of a Feather" and then the song "Brontosaurus" could have been a later period Butthole Surfers track.  This guy is loaded with talent, just check out his starring role in "Rocky Horror Pictureshow" or the follow up movie "Blue Money".


 This compilation from Good Will has a few old songs I could use!   Artists include:  Ben E. King, Jimmy Ruffin, Dobie Gray, The Shirelles, Percy Sledge, Gene Chandler, Aaron Neville, Mary Wells, Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes, Eddie Holman, The Tams and the Drifters.

VA - Modern Rock CD 82 83 84 85

Ha ha this one was missing a lot of CD's from those bad people that steal the CD and not the case at Goodwill but probably is the reason I am seeing them at the overstock store on their way overseas.  You can see the Depeche Mode CD2 on the middle so I posted by itself below.  Luckily it was the best songs that made it and not the overplayed stuff so here is who is on this:  Spandau Ballet, The Fixx, The Pretenders, Go-Go's, Haircut One Hundred, Bow Wow Wow, Madness, Naked Eyes, The Motels, A Flock Of Seagulls, Adam Ant, The Waittresses, Matthew Wilder, Eurythmics, Power Station, Arcadia, ABC, General Public, Corey Hart, 'Til Tuesday, Katrina And The Waves, Romeo Void and Icicle Works