Wednesday, May 20, 2015

MODULATORS - No Slave To Fashion LP 83

This borders on some old second wave SKA music starting out with "the Liquidator" that the Specials covered that went into the Skinhead Moonstomp on that early Specials 12 EP that my friends and I would dance like crazy to in their bedrooms while listening to it--you know to get the blood movin'.  The next song than is about the famous MASQUE in U.K. that I know closed earlier than 1983 when this album came out.

BTW this weeks posts were spread as I ran out of time Monday due to my final dentist appointment in the morning so now I am on the regular 4 month cleaning schedule after four years with no coverage--luckily only had pull one back wisdom tooth a week ago to make it symmetrical on top.  Whew, will try not to get unemployed again and spend all the free money on records...LOL

Dave's Rap CD

I used to love making musical compilations for my sisters and friends and recently found this rap CD I had made for my Northern Pike and Bass fishing buddy when I had fixed an old camouflaged duck boat by taking off the old caulking and restored it with Marine Duty caulking so we could fish in our little "Melrose Place" neighborhood group back at my first of two properties.  I kind of like the flow of it but never labeled the songs so if you figure out a few don't be shy, just leave a comment here.  Songs are MP3's we were getting off of at the time of Limewire and similar services.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Rainbow Red Oxidizer - Recorded Lies LP 80

Yes!  Yet another "Pink Album" that shatters the musical conventions of the times it was released, in this case fifties standards,  You've got to hear "Wild Beast Planet Ruler" with the barking dog opening the mayhem!  Very punk and new wave.

Jeffrey Lee Pierce - Wildweed (1985)

Please thank Scot at the Dogspace blog for sending me this.  He also has posted it with much better description/story about the Gun Club singer here: Great blog!

O.K. here is a new CD rip of the album at 320 kb/sec that Scot sent me and here is his excellent write up about JLP:

and the Link:

Monday, May 18, 2015

Stitched-Back Foot Airman - Shake Up EP 87

Yeah, this is some fun cool old new wave fun stuff!  Too bad it's only an EP and I know not of them.
"Well I'm so tired of all those clowns they're a bunch of sick dogs in sick dog town"  LIES LIES

POND - Planetenwind LP 84

Some great Krautrock as it's called these days.  Very relaxing.

WET PICNIC - Balls Up EP 82

This one started out strong with one of those swinging Child Molestors type beats...well see for your self, the rest a bit soggy with 'serious' vocalist but great concept for sure!

PHANTOM OPERA - Lives Of Violence LP 88

This is some damn good punk with a raspy singer...just like next post of Bombsite band!  Double Whammy!!!!

Bombsite - RSD Extreme Noise 20th Anniversary 4 4-5 14

The drummer for this band is none other than the author John Mulhouse who resides at one of our side links at blog ( where he writes about old abandoned places in New Mexico and other spots.  He has commented in the past and that is how I met him but when I bought his new book, which I recommend called "Loss for Words and Other Stories" I emailed him and found out he knew my old mohawked friend Jason from the U of MN dorms who turned me onto his local Milwaukee legends in the Crusties and even traded me his "Cows and Beer" 7 inch from Die Kreuzen for my copy of Flipper's "Love Canal" 7 since I thought it was kind of gruesome.  I guess Jason had the band "Clutch" play in his basement before they got big along with Bombsite who were highly regarded in the Minneapolis local Punk scene out of the best record store in my hometown on Lake St. called Extreme Noise that Jason helped found before moving back to his hometown.  In fact I was born a literal "stones throw" from the Mississippi river...Clear as mud?

IPSO-FACTO - Communication EP 86 w Vol 2 Carry On Cass 92

This was our local Minneapolis Reggae Jam band who I got to see quite a bit at block parties and various local events.  The other local band like that who I have posted before and who played our high school all night graduation party was called Shangoya (they thank leader Peter Nelson on EP).
Link 1 of 2:
Link 2 of 2:

Kevin Rowland And DEXY'S MIDNIGHT RUNNERS - Too-Rye-Ay EP 82

The U.S. radio used to play the hell out of "Come On Eileen" and now you can too!

Frank Zappa - Overnight Sensation LP 73

I picked this up after seeing it had the namesake song for our occasional commentor Camarillo Brillo.  It is my only Zappa vinyl (of course I have Hot Ratz years ago).  I guess the sheer number of Zappa albums have made me shrink away from the thought but DAMN this is a classic!

GRIN - All Out LP 73 w I + I LP

Yes!  Two more from GRIN (search above box for a few more vinyl).  What a nice surprise to hear first song (on the album with the mouth you can flip for a surprise inside just see the picture in the file) but yes the song "Sad Letter" that I am more familiar with our old local legends called "Golden Smog" who made that song their own no doubt with Gary Louris singing it but yes, now I know where they got some of their style from with Nils Lofgren and Grin!

MONDO CANE Movie Soundtrack - Riz Ortolani and Nino Oliviero

Translated it means "A World Gone To The Dogs", a revolutionary documentary that are on a few favorite lists of friend's parents I know.

Paul Kantner And Grace Slick - Sunfighter LP 71 w Paul Kantner - Blows Against The Empire LP 70 w sequel 83 w RCA Special Radio Series, Volume 21 LP 83

REPOST and ADD-ON:  I started my interest with the RCA radio series and it led to these extra scratchy albums that took forever to clean.  At any rate you will find better versions on the CD rereleases--the first of the two series "Blows" won a Hugo Award for science fiction.
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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

TELEX - Neurovision LP 79-80 w st LP (Belgium Release) 80-81 w Birds And Bees (U.S.version of st) LP 82

REPOST and ADD-ON:  Just felt like ripping this one as I was working on a request last night. Numanesque with memorable songs w/a "Brainwash" song to rival the Spizzles "Brainwashing Time" or even Flipper's "Brainwash" and I haven't heard the one from Kinks.  Should make a comp.
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The Splatcats - Sin 73 LP 86 w Sandy, Candy and Hank EP 87 w Feelin' Bitchy LP 88

REPOST Request:

Monday, May 11, 2015

Luxuria - Unanswerable Lust LP 88 w Beast Box LP 90

Wow, love surprises.  Didn't know this was a Howard Devoto from Buzzcocks and Magazine project with one other person Noko.  Should have been used in the soundtrack to Beauty and the Beast movie
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