Friday, May 6, 2016

Octopus - From A to B LP 96

Want List Request:  The person who sent in this link also has three other releases by this band and can send if anyone is interested.

WIPERS - The Power In One LP 99

Request:  I had a request for the last three Wipers release starting with this one but could not find the last two in my files, 'Herd' and 'Silver'.  Please post link in comments if you have these.  Thanks:>}

Ellen Shipley - st LP 79 w Breaking Through The Ice Age LP 80 w Call Of The Wild LP 83

REPOST Request:  She was quite well connected with lots of guest musicians like Good Rats drummer, Rick Derringer guitar, backing vocalists like Desmond Child with partner Rouge on a different album, Hall and Oates, Rose Stone from Sly and the Family Stone, Chic female vocalist, etc. etc.
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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

VA 7 77 CBS NOTEBOOK For Students Only

What a joy to hear the raw versions of these old radio songs from my grade school day such as "Time Bomb" from Lake who I have posted before.  Such an odd song that went on and on or even "Hot Summer Night", I seriously haven't heard this since one of those nights from my wee youth and then we have a new rawer version of the Ram Jam song who I posted their LP a month ago.  I was lucky to have parents who liked music!!  And yeah, I had one of these same Notebooks.


YES!!! I finally found the version of 'Leroy Brown' from the radio back in 3rd grade or so growing up in a household/car full of hit songs of the day.

CAFE JACQUES - International LP 78

O.K. when I put up the Anthony Phillips last week with Rupert Hines, a requester reminded me Rupert also played in this band that had Phil Collins has a credit in so I pulled it out early for a rip.


From Cleveland, OH this band had a few hit songs as you will hear.

Certain General - Holiday of Love 12 w Split w November's Heat (L' Invitation Au Suicide, 1984)

REPOST Request:  These guys are currently touring (!!!) so thanks to requester!

COURAGE OF LASSIE - The Temptation To Exist LP 86

NAPALM - Tolle EP 80 w It's A Warning 7 82

REPOST Request:  Thanks to Wildevilman for these!  Napalm were a Punkrock-Band from Hamburg.
They existed from 1979 - 1982/83 and the members were Lui (Voice), Martin Witte (Guitar), Frank (Guitar), Arne Wagner (Bass) & Kai Reder (Drums). Ralf Kirstan said NAPALM were the forthcoming 'German Punk & Hardcore Discography' as "one of the best german Punkbands ever!"The abnormally entertaining qualities of the voice from the Singer speaks for itself and were at that time unique in the scene, and theiy handled all instruments in a high standard, especialy in the second Period. A brillant little piece of raw & wild punkrock.More Info can be found here (in german): Napalm

Massacre Guys - The Rider 84 w Behind the 8-Ball 1984

REPOST Request:  Thanks a ton to JayIRC for original posting of these hot platters~!

BATTLE ZONE - Way Of Death 7 89 w Right To March 7 90 w Nowhere To Hide 91 w Arson Around With Matches 00

REPOST Request:  Thanks to Bernando for sending in all this Oi!

Mighty High - st LP 79

REPOST Request:

ZK - Tip Von Twinky 7'' 79 w Eddie's Salon LP 81 w Leichen Pflasterten Ihren Weg 1982 LIVE

REPOST Request:  After the live LP in 82 they went on to form Die Toten Hosen.

off broadway - ON LP 79 w Quick Turns LP 80 w Bad Indication CD

REPOST Request:   AKA The Thumbs.
Please refer above to the title and click there for a link to this PEZBAND-type ("Meika" was the radio hit I remember) cultish power pop band era along with the Bay City Rollers were tops around my fourth grade class, "Full Moon Turn My Head Around" the guy at our monthly record show said it's got to be the perfect song.

Close Lobsters - Foxheads Stalk This Land LP 87 w What Is There To Smile About EP 88 w Headache Rhetoric LP 89

REPOST Request:  A classic band!
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LUSH LIFE - Animal Nightlife LP 88

REPOST Request:

GORILLA ANGREB - Discography 2006

REPOST Request:  Thanks to JayIRC for original post.