Wednesday, October 22, 2014

VOX POP - More Drugs Than Elvis - Live KPFK Radio LP 80

REPOST:  Pulling out some true classics here--this one is my choice for repost featuring Dinah Cancer from 45 Grave and others just check the label on the picture.  I think it needs a new rip tonight.  I have already re-ripped a few for Halloween next week so stay tuned!

Viv. Akauldren - Witness EP 89

REPOST Request:  Nice choice!  This a great lost classic.

The Hollowmen - So Long LP 85

REPOST Request and Remaster:  For Mona's Ghost, welcome to the blog!  I cut out dead space and increase volume a little--this is a pretty good classic.

MI-SEX - Graffiti Crimes LP 79 w Computer Games LP 79 w Space Race LP 80 w Where Do They Go LP 81 - 84

REPOST REQUEST:  Oops forgot to bring Graffiti Crimes--will try to bring in this week.
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VA - Live At Target - A Document - 2/24/80 with Flipper, Nervous Gender, Factrix & UNS (aka Z'ev)

REPOST:  Starting to pull out a few classics for Halloween!  This one I haven't reripped but will tonight so hang on.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Joe Pop-O-Pie - Joe's Second Record EP 84

GLASS MOON - st LP 80 w Growing In The Dark LP 82 w Sympathetic Vibration LP 84

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MOON - Questionable Places And Things LP 90

Yo - Charm World LP 85 w Once In A Blue Moon LP 86

SCOUNDRELS - Don't Cry For The Moon LP

Intergalactic Touring Band - st LP 77

TYLA GANG - Styrofoam 7 76

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AFFIRMATION - Identity Crisis LP 85

Pork Dukes - Telephone Masturbator 7

THE KINGBEES - She Can't 'Make-Up' Her Mind 7 81

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NEW ADVENTURES - Come On 7 79 w st LP 80 w Radiator LP 83

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STUNTMAN by Edgar Froese LP 79

TRAX - Watch Out! EP 77

A little too discoey for my taste but maybe some good drivin' music.