Tuesday, July 7, 2020

LILITH - Boston Ride LP 78

A couple of comment requests for this week and this is pretty cool and raw sounding.  Starts out with a VERY FUNKY tune called Funky Tale and later they cover Pick Up The Pieces by AWB...just found out the Forever More is AWB early daze!!!

TOM BEE - Color Me Red LP 79

This honcho is from New Mexico I gather and does a fine cover of 'I Fought the Law' with some other hard rockin' funk experimental  tunes.  A nice requested item I went out and got on Discogs from Japan over 4 months ago it was delayed due to Covid19!!  Was so happy to finally get it last Friday.

MANFRED MANN - The Manfred Mann Album LP 64

Not to be "rapped up like a douche' about it but Colin at Rocketship Records said as he sold this to me that this was the only good record they ever made....remember the song in the movie Stripes??!


Love that cover--concept and this is the first female lead band on Capricorn records.  Great album.

FOREVER MORE - Words on Black Plastic LP 70

A very cool experimental RCA artist here with a couple of real gems for tunes.  Turns out they became the Average White Band!

HIRTH MARTINEZ - Hirth From Earth LP 75 w Big Bright Street LP 77

REPOST Request:  Still looking for a live album or anything else by Hirth.  Real funky musician with a Wolfman Jack--Dr. John--Root Boy Slim kind of vocal along the edges from Los Angeles scene I believe.  Robbie Robertson produced the first album and played guitar on it!!!

D.J. Rogers - It's Good To Be Alive LP 75

Another cool and funky album with a cool cover.  Also features the tune, "Love You Forever" from the "Back In The Days Of Soul" radio playlist.

BOBBY WOMACK - Greatest Hits LP 74

Three more tunes from the old 'Back In The Days Of Soul' radio playlist but of course since this is a greatest hits album.  Includes: (1) 'That's The Way I Feel About Cha', (2) 'You're Welcome, Stop On By' and (3) 'Lookin' For Love'.


REPOST Request:  Sorry, I only could find the later EP shown and so missing the top EP shown which according to Bernando who originally posted them is much harder punk sound.

They're Playing Our Song Orig. Cast Rec. LP 79

Love the art too!


REPOST Request:  Got to open and then rip this shiny new Good Will record and dang it, pretty cool for a singer-songwriter who always wanted to make this opus as first time effort.  A good internal theme for the blog in the title!        https://gofile.io/d/602QiD

THE SOUTHER, HILLMAN, FURAY BAND - st LP 74 w Trouble In Paradise LP 75

REPOST and ADD ON:  Got the earlier album but not as 'hard rock' as the latter I had posted.

Charles Wright And The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band - Express Yourself LP w/o Charles - Together LP and In The Jungle Babe LP

REPOST and ADD ON:  I added the two shown without Charles (first tune on 'Together' is 'Sorry Charlie' so I guess they had a falling out).  Great funky band with more to find!

THE NEON JUDGEMENT - Horny As Hell LP w BLOOD AND THUNDER LP 89 w EP 89 w Games Of Love EP w Mafu Cage LP

REPOST and ADD ON:  Added the top platter shown and a doozy!  Album also had a rare sleeve showing all the 'WAX TRAX' and 'PLAY IT AGAIN SAM' Chicago label releases at the time.

Red Rockers - Condition Red CD w LP w Guns Of The Revolution EP w Good As Gold + Schizophrenic Circus 2CD 95

REPOST Request: Early Clash sounding band.

IRON CITY HOUSEROCKERS - Love's So Tough LP 79 w Have A Good Time (But Get Out Alive) LP 80 w Blood On The Bricks LP 81

REPOST Request:  From Pittsburgh, PA of course.

Robert Ellis Orrall - Fixation LP 81 w Special Pain EP 83 w Contain Yourself LP 84

REPOST Request:  One of the core 80's artists for RCA from the old Blitz compilation.

THE HITMEN - Aim For The Feet LP 80 w Torn Together LP 81

REPOST Request:  Many first heard this great band on the 'Exposed' compilation.