Friday, October 21, 2016

Miracle Legion - Blacksburg, VA Aug. 1992 (sbd) HQ MP3 w WESU 1986-12-31 (FM) MP3

These two shows were fresh in my home PC desk cache of recent finds (could be a year ago or so) which is offline.  I have covered a lot of this Southern USA bands material and they are well liked here at DU so I know this fits in well.  Enjoy!
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TRIPOD JIMMIE - Long Walk Of A Short Pier LP 82 w A Warning To All Strangers LP 86

REPOST Request:  I didn't realize when I first posted the 1982 LP here in 2011 that the whole album was recorded live outdoors no audience on the shores of Lake Erie...really explains a lot now as I listen to it again.  This is a side project for Tom Herman from Pere Ubu.  Gotta add now in listening again that first song is a great way to start your day!
Made up some campaign humor per above since it IS THE SEASON, some local guy says he's the watchdog for education. So the anti-campaign website is called, NOT  OUR WATCHDOG  So I says of course not, your's probably has four legs!  Did you know lion gamers use four legged chairs because it confuses the animal?  O.K. no, I'm hoping that I don't need to micromanage everyone I meet about every little thing as I have in the past especially during my profession as job searcher throughout my thirties paid time off letting the interviewer know about the latest technologies in their fields usually from my Popular Science magazine that month no lie.  Good for groups.

THE CAT HEADS - Hubba LP 87 w Submarine LP 88 w the (ex) Cat Heads - Our Frisco LP 90

REPOST Request:   Great band!
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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Maggot Sandwich - Get Off The Stage LP

REPOST Request:  Now this is the kind of punk like ZERO DEFEX with frantic quick shouted lyrics...yes I think the neighbors enjoyed listening to this one as much as I did!  I left up Mark Underground's original posts like I will do for all his since he is the founder and you can kind of see how the blog progressed in his eyes.  He posted the 7's by this local for him at the time Florida band and then got his friend to send this in.  My copy is from later from somewhere I found it.

MC5 - Back In The USA 70 CD w Teenage Lust Live 1-1-70 Saginaw, MI w Babes In Arms Vinyl w Kick Out The Jams w Phun City UK 70 w Sonic Revolution

A special post that is not quite typical because I got a lot of these as FLAC's or personal CD which I am way too busy to sit and upload for ye, but to congratulate one of the two best bands of the 60's beyond the 13th Floor Elevators for getting nominated this year to the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame along with the BAD BRAINS!!!!~!!!!!!!!   HOO-RAY~!!!  Three fingers and a smile! Thanks to MZA-GARAGE blogspot and our old 60's Standell's expert who I had a good dialog with for awhile PABLO!!!  Per the DVD I have, It Can Be Done Amigo!!!  And Amigas!!! CHEERS!!!
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Caterwaul - The Nature Of Things LP 87

SEARCH ABOVE FOR MORE and ADD-ON:  Wow I am really charged!!!  My old friend Joseph I from HUMAN RIGHTS and Bad Brains gets nominated into the HOF and then old member extraordinaire Camarillo Brillo sends this timeless California GOTH band's missing release he buys off EBAY and rips himself!!!  Love it when a plan comes together per the old A-Team quote.

or his original link in comments from prior stuff:

VA - Mutiny On The Bowery LP

REPOST Request:  This one's for and it features some recent bands I've posted on request and some old favorites of mine also so thanks for pointing that out: Adrenalin O.D., Children In Adult Jails, Chronic Disorder, Damage, Seizure, 76% Uncertain, Sharkey's Machine and Stisism!

CHILD SUPPORT - Come To Amerika LP 83

REPOST Request:  Not to be confused with the band Childsupport post previously.

Monday, October 17, 2016

VA - Sid And Nancy Sndtrk LP 86

Many key compilations this week starting out with this classic that I KNOW CORE MEMBERS WILL ENJOY if they are still around or just too busy parenting.  Includes:  Joe Strummer, The Pogues, Steve Jones, Pray For Rain, Circle Jerks (Yes!!!), John Cale and Gary Oldman's intense songs from the movie.  I recommend this link for the REAL tragic death story of Sid:


VA Just A Mish Mash LP 87

WELL, you may say, this blog veers all over the place but per another compilation right below post, I have found my validation enough to say NOT!  This compilation is a classic gracefully addressing this issue and even has recent new to blog artist, Marc Riley and (the Creepers).  If you like the music you can listen to the man weekday night's on his BBC 6 music radio show from 7pm UK time. More than worth a listen.
  Also another big Manchester band up there with Stone Roses called, It's Immaterial and posted here is looking for crowdfunding help to finance their lost third album  On 
Artists featured:  The Weeds, Janitors, The Waterfoot Dandy, Membranes, The Heart Throbs, Yeah Yeah Noh, Zor Gabor, The Creepers, Whipcrackaway, June Brides, Implied Consent, Rote Kapelle, Frank Sidebottom, Gaye Bykers On Acid.   

VA K-Tel Midnight Hustle LP 78

I was utterly flabbergasted and completely taken aback with this release!!!  I had found it the missing link for K-Tel's American Hit Parade music of the seventies from pre-disco year of stalemate 1978 when D.O.A. was forming with their "Disco Sucks" 7.  You see it was printed in U.K. and has all of our favorite 'hit' bands along with those classic K-Tel artists/tunes I grew up listening to in my mom's car on errands, etc.  I am sure this helped spawn 2nd wave Ska music on the Two Tone label with black and white racial unity and then the continuing Dancehall to follow that whole side of things next to punk coming from the bar band scene previously mentioned from 1975 when soul music in the USA had matured.  Amazing find at my sponsor store on the right.  Here are the artists you will know and love about half:  The Motors, City Boy, Blondie, Darts, Flash and the Pan, Boomtown Rats, Status Quo, Herbie Hancock, Boney M (huge poster in side everything MINT!), Exile (remember "Kiss You All Over" great K-tel hit!!!), HI-TENSION (I love this band but don't have the cool funky vinyl anymore somehow..did you know it was a 'British Hustle!!!  I collect Van McCoy!), Frankie Miller, The Dooleys, ABBA (Yes!!), BILBO, 10 CC (WOW key song Dreadlock Holiday!), Clout, Candidate and saving the biggest surprise for me and new target for collection, the late great IAN DURY in his band (KILBURN AND THE HIGH ROADS)!! Yes!!! Yes!!! Yes!!! (to quote Legs McNeil from Facebook and Punk Magazine).

VA - Laughing At The Ground 7 82 Propeller Product No. 6

This early Boston punk 7 comp. series (any GOT more??) kind of 'stuck' to my Agent Orange 7's when I was pulling them out so I thought I would give it a fresh rip.  The song 'Babble' is a cover by famous Boston band ala Husker Du (named after a "Do You Remember" board game) named 'Moving Targets' who have finally got some recognition.  I also love the Boston bands the Flies (Bob Dylan vocals upped several notches), Dogmatics (MTV O.D. classic song), Classic Ruins and the Velvet Underground built up their following there...great town!

The Pointed Sticks - The Real Thing 7 79

Well here is a band we all agree on from Canada that are as big as D.O.A., YYY, The Young Lions and Viletones now due to blogging.  Or even the Neos, House of Commons, Shanghai Dogs (Subhumans folks) and my favorite the Subhumans (who am I kidding all I've listed here are my favorites!).  I even bought tickets to the U.K. Subhumans and gave 'em to a kid outside the show when I realized it wasn't the band I loved.  The kid was so excited it was worth it!

THE INNOCENT - Livin' In The Street LP 85

Now this band is awesome 80's like a gillion of them I ripped for here as it is a favorite genre of mine 80's pop vocal.  Even a cool highway song--see around here we have those 'holy cross' showing-in-the-back window vehicles on the busy Tampa highways steering us (and me!) along my route to the record store to get this after missing the exit a few times...well I got the 3 store route down now.

The Creeps - Enjoy The Creeps LP

A great band in the neo-paisley revival of the 80's with Nomads, Shoutless and the Voxx record label with USA bands like Rain Parade, The Outnumbered, The Vipers, etc. etc.  Quite interesting the going's on in Sweden right now.  I don't think anybody is that stupid to believe the old tricks (land formations of events in the USA in a straight line or forest circles that kind of thing, destroying the water and recking the indigenious connections here in the USA with the Indians) that were stolen from the Druids during that genocide migration long ago.  Counting on the UN at the Hague this week to start the ball rolling against these Wall Street multi-death corporations!!!

MEMBERS - Radio EP 82

Now here we have one that the regulars around here have toted quite highly in their repertoire such a great band we have all enjoyed!

LEE ANDREWS AND THE HEARTS - Gotham Recording Sessions LP

Another rare one but 50's soul this time who I got on the same EBAY auction with the Edward's Generation 70's soul platter from a few weeks ago over 20 years ago when I was going there more.
Outstanding example as I love those tricky vocals or just vocals of any kind.

JUICY LUCY - Get A Whiff A This LP 71

What another awesome and pleasant surprise that even fits into a 'mini-theme' this week.  Contains the old radio hit song "Midnight Rider" from long long ago.  Not gonna catch...not GONNA catch..