Monday, June 29, 2015

Eric Burdon Declares WAR LP w Eric Is Here LP w WAR - All Day Music LP 71 w The World Is A Ghetto LP 72 w Deliver The Word LP 73 w 1st Annual Congressional Black Caucus LP 74 w Why Can't We Be Friends LP 75 w Eric Burdon and WAR - Love Is All Around LP 70 76 w Galaxy LP 77 w The Music Band 2 LP 79 w Outlaw LP 82 w The Best Of The Music Band LP 82 w Lee Oskar - st LP 76 and Before The Rain LP 78

Quite a few of these had lots of pops to cut out but sounds O.K. to me, as always go out and buy the stuff you like.  I want to thank my little brother for giving me a few of these that he learned bass guitar to (yeah that's right the title holds here:  Me and Baby Missing a few but I did get to see them play with Isaac Hayes back in 2003 and they were always a favorite, so three fingers & a smile! Oh yeah, I got that st LP 71 on CD (not shown here)...forgot about that.
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ISAAC HAYES - Live At The Sahara Tahoe LP 73

I just found this double cassette release and decided to post it with my WAR post since Isaac from Texas and WAR from Los Angeles played together at UCLA in a football field on grass in 2003 when I got to finally see both bands.  Unity!
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Monday, June 22, 2015

VA - USA For Africa - We Are The World LP 85 w BAND AID - Do They Know It's Christmas EP 84 w The C.A.R.E. (Cleveland Artists Recording For Ethiopia) Session - The Eyes Of Children EP 85 w VA - Artists Against AIDS Worldwide - What's Going On EP w TIME ZONE feat. John Lydon and Afrika Bambaataa - World Destruction EP w VA - THE STOP THE VIOLENCE MOVEMENT - Self Destruction EP 89

Lots to be happy about these days around the 4th of July and here is one of them, artists stepping out from behind the mic's and putting forth a solid effort to a good cause.
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The Ventures - Au Go-Go LP

Well, I was thinking this Friday is when I vacation back to home town for July 4th with family but I guess it's next week so after listening to the Ventures post last week that has been so familiar to my ears and bones for so many years, and really digging on it, I found this in the record pile unheard to these virgin ears and couldn't help but feel patriotic and thinking any holiday post for the 4th of July is incomplete w/o Ventures!


What a great find!  This has Randy "Bisquit" Turner, singer from the Big Boys!

CARGO CULT - Concrete Island LP 86.rar

REPOST and New Better Rip:  I have always dug this band but find out they came out the same year as the other band above.  This is the soundtrack for the ultimate beach party!  Where the bonfire goes late, late into the night.

Strapping Young Lad - Aliens LP

Thanks to LoFi Larry for sending this one in along with the next post to scratch a couple off the Wanted List here.

Abra Kadavar - Nuclear Blast

Many thanks to LoFi Larry for knocking a couple off our Wanted List here at DU!

PASSION PUPPETS - Like Dust EP 84 w Beyond The Pale LP 84

Not what I expected, actually kind of good.

CARILLO - Street Of Dreams LP 79

CCCP - Fedeli Alla Linea LP 87

EASTERHOUSE - In Our Own Hands EP 85 w Inspiration EP 86 w Contenders LP 86 w Waiting For The Redbird LP 89

Actually have a nice song on here for the 4th of July!
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SHOGUN - John Kaizan Neptune And Mu'Ryo LP 81

CLUB NOUVEAU - Live, Love, And Pain LP 86 w TIMEX SOCIAL CLUB - st EP 86 w Vicious Rumors LP 86

O.K. here is where the new posts start for this week.  This two bands have some heavy DJ sounding stuff that went right along with my little rave weekend!

Checkfield - Distant Thunder LP 87

O.K. this was the first I pulled from my 'cut-outs' of the cut-outs pile as I thought it was sterile new age akin' to Windom Hill (although I hear there are some treasures with them) but this is on Chip Davis ' label and had a nice catalog of all his post C.W. McCall stuff like Fresh Aire and Manheim Steamroller and the like which according to my work mate ain't half bad stuff!

KANO - st LP 80

O.K. here's the little monster that got me pulling old disco rejects, since the first song had a bad skip, I pitched it but later I was able to edit that song and the first on side two to be playable and all the rest make you feel like you got your own little rave going on...I had just taped "Groove" from VHS to MP4 also so got my groove on!


Another pulled from the rejected disco pile.  Probably should have left it there but since I had a groove on with some other records, kept my private little rave going.


Another one pulled from the disco pile that actually has some interesting aspects to it!