Thursday, September 19, 2019

the new haven women's liberation rock band, the chicago women's liberation band and a cast of millions - MOUNTAIN MOVING DAY LP 72

Chose to highlight this rarity that I had heard rumored about back at MN's dual bimonthly record shows I would regularly attend.  Boy does it sound good and have intelligent lyrics for today's women.  I should mention there are some swears as it was groundbreaking work.  If you need a new cause to fight for how about we go after the USA pedo-fostercare network and court system that the news media and judges hide by design, like the recent little 5 year old girl in AZ raped twice in foster care.and crippled for life after the new'dad' showed up drunk to get his free check  (mother pleaded each time with the judge pulled from her mom who ordered not to disclose--article is already pulled).


REPOST Request:  AAAARRRGGGHHH you skalywagers!!  After so many reposts, I have just bought the first vinyl by them for $12 of Discogs from U.K. so wait a week or two and I will repost after checking it and perhaps re-mastering a little if needed as it is an early rip for me back when I was in denial about doing this and left in all the pop's and dead space.  Nice comment 'tis for U!

Red Beret - First Impression LP 84

REPOST Request:  For LoudandNasty who says it is harder to find this punk classic on the internet which I can believe as that is where I got it long ago.

Glee Cast CD's 1 and 2

I didn't save the CD-making WAV files before MP3 conversion or put in 'the' collection for this one as I picked these up at Good Will a few weeks back just because it was my Atlanta nieces fave show and I watched it with her a couple times.  I didn't listen as I can't during CD rips but sounded like maybe it has the original artists and not the cast singing.

SAQQARA DOGS - World Crunch EP 86 w Thirst LP 87

REPOST Request:  Well I had just reposted this last month but down again as it is a fave due to the thrill of the hunt or sound of pursuit to has...kinda neat for a blog you hunters!

The Smarties - Whole Buncho Weirdos LP '86

REPOST Request:  I guess per the comment I am the only blog who has heard of this classic punk band?!  Remember the little candies called this?  Enjoy!

THE POGUES - Peace And Love LP 89 03

SEARCH ABOVE FOR MORE and ADD ON:  Broke out a couple brand new vinyl to take a break as this week was an all week back-breaker--having pulled out 3 bands with scratchy vinyl every few seconds that software macro does not catch!  You could call it an old fave as I got it on CD when it came out having my old first house neighbor friend since 7th grade in cut-through yard letting me tape his CD of the one before and my bro letting me tape a tape of first one he got while spending last two years of his local college but in Cambridge UK when buddy brought me a flyer at a college party and I bought the house across the street from him in our old hoody first tier Mpls. suburb by the creek--where our little 'Melrose Place' neighbor friend group was playing Bass Fishing video games in one of two houses and then 'taking it to the street' by fishing in waders down the block catching big Northern Pikes challenging each other and I got a Bass Pro Shop plastic bass boat with electric motor that my dad helped walk across to the dead end by the old mink farm and take my mom out fishing on a Friday night as we watched fireworks not far away at my old high school Friday Varsity football night.  I re-caught a large dogfish in the same spot as I had before in a flow-age in the creek by the golf course and my mom helped bring it in the boat! This speaks to my Scotch/Irish/English (or Norwegian overlords along with Scots on the plantations in Ireland as my dad disclosed to me on his 75th birthday LOL--I'm sure so that I could be a big Viking fan or something)  side.


Decided to open this one finally and what a treat!  I was made ADMIN with others in Slim's facebook group (I mentioned how Slim was only one who let me follow to the basement of the 7th St. Entry next to Prince's First Ave club and talk with him as I had a beer while he tuned up and played a little guitar for me) who brought this about to help Slim Dunlap from the Replacements and his 2 great solo CD's plus I think someone said an early local to MN band was 'Riff Raff' (?) but don't quote me, after his stroke several years ago.  Got lot's of locals helping finance his med expenses & w songs!

Gassenhauer - st 7 85 98

REPOST Request:  Along with the Discords as first per comment, here is what Brian Guy wrote when he first posted this:  Okay despite the name sounding a bit German this band is actually from Notre Dame de Grace, which is in the West end Of Montreal, Quebec.  According to what I have found on line and what the back of this seven inch says this was one of the first skinhead bands in Canada, I don't know if that is true or not, maybe someone can let me know.

What we have here is two songs "Drunken Skinhead," which is a take off of the song "Drunken Sailor," and a live recording of "N.D.G.," which is about their hometown. "N.D.G." is a slower ballad type of a song, reminds me of what The Dropkick Murphy's would do many years later.

This was recorded in 1985, and was released in 1998 on the Blind Beggar label.

A very good listen.


Brian Guy

Walter Egan - Fundamental Roll LP 77 w Not Shy LP 78 w hifi LP 79 w The Last Stroll LP 80

REPOST Request:  Early producers were Lindsay Buckingham and even Stevie Nicks helps out on the second album as he was part of the Fleetwood Mac entourage.  The last album is produced by none other than Earle Mankey from the Sparks--you can easily hear his studio sound akin to Steve Albini (my first show ever, to open he lit a brick of Black Cat firecrackers in the tiny 7th St. Entry!)

The JOY of BELLY DANCING LP 75 - George Abdo and His Flames of Araby Orchestra

REPOST Request:  Immediately when I put this on, I associate the song type as akin to the old classic by Frankie Yankovic and his Yanks called "Who Stole the Keeshka!" and I think someone covered it here as I remember another version perhaps by the Swamp Zombies or other eclectic folk band.  Anyways great fast paced stuff here and I wish it had the dance step guide.  Last time I saw a belly dancer, one of my little brother's friends brought her to one of my annual house parties and I passed out during the dance with a big, big smile on my face as it was the end of the night!  True story.

FOXY - Get Off LP 78 w Party Boys! LP 79 w Hot Numbers LP 79 w LIVE FOXY LP 80

REPOST Request:  Good call on this one as I had forgot their name and was thinking of FATBACK for some reason who I am still trying to collect. Five guys from Cuba who left after Castro took power...goes nicely with George below!

FUNK, INC. - st LP

Well, with top Funk album below how about a top FUNK instrumental album with the funky drummer like old James Brown used to do in the 50's with some TOP instrumentals.


CONGRATULATIONS TO MR. GEORGE CLINTON FOR HIS LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD THIS YEAR!!  This rip was an all week backbreaker as he is very popular dance music purveyor and those get needle drops all the time on favorite songs which creates pops.  I wonder if anyone exists that has all these and the EDDIE HAZEL solo (that I don't have) but have them in mint condition?  The clock is ticking folks on our cultural relics and we all know a good vinyl rip is a better sound then a CD rip...I use my hands to tell folks CD can be mastered as good a vinyl but then reach my hand in toward them and say 'but vinyl puts you in the room'.  Prince's First Ave club used to have weekly dance night called 'One Nation Under A Groove' (No. 1 Funk album of all time!) and George brought his band many times for multi-night sold out shows so he really helped the club stay open when it almost closed!  I tacked on a few songs from the Greatest Hits CD from 1987 I have wore out (Aquaboogie was unsaveable) so you can swap song labels and replace stuff on first album and maybe a few others that were beat up.  From the old 'Back In The Days of Soul' Sunday night radio show regular playlist with Chilly Charles DJ:  Aqua Boogie, Flashlight, Chocolate City, P-Funk, Mothership Connection and Up For The Down Stoke all got lots of play.  Isley's back up 2!
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Thursday, September 12, 2019

THE ISLEY BROTHERS - 3 + 3 LP 73 w Live It Up LP 74 w The Heat Is On LP 75 w Harvest For The World LP 76 w Go For Your Guns LP 77 w Showdown LP 78 w Winner Takes All 2LP 79 w Go All The Way LP 80 w Inside You LP 81 w Grand Slam LP 81 w The Real Deal LP 82 w Between The Sheets LP 83 w Kiss And Tell EP 84 w Live At Yankee Stadium LP 69

What a classy cover shot, too bad I had qty. 2 of record one (side B below).  This is a 50's band that then  toured with Jimi Hendrix and made regular appearances on SOUL TRAIN to forge a killer new sound and has been an obsession of mine since I first heard 'Brown-Eyed Girl' and 'Lover's Eve' and 'For The Love Of You and Voyage To Atlantis' and 'Groove With You' that all made the 'Back In The Days Of Soul' radio playlist on Sunday nights during college years.  My old SST-obsessed friend Fred had the same wide-eyed loving reaction to the 'Need A Little Taste of Love' just like when I played him the Rimshots 'Superdisco' as we laughed after words at how incredible the sound was that we were hearing.  Anyways, I had posted all the vinyl in the title after ripping it with my old CIRCULAR S-120 Ortofon stylus that digs INTO THE GROOVE further but pulled it same day as I thought I had discovered an interference sound or thumping bass or something which I don't remember.  Well, long story short I pulled out the mp3's from my yellow 'redo' folder and it sounded just fine!  Well, I will let you all be the judges and I probably will redo it as I have been enjoying the new elliptical Ortofon Concorde Club Jan. 2018 series now offered (however 8 mV instead of 10 mV for the old S-120 for the Serrato PC thing which I don't use) that I am liking almost as much as the circular that someone jsut told me is what 33 RPM is made for??  But main reason for the post is the ISLEY BROTHERS just announced NEW TOUR DATES in the USA and I missed them last time.  I added the live 1969 vinyl pictured--which is a new rip--and will let you know I have collected them so long that I had to separate new from old sound by starting with 3+3 LP so I will have to do the older stuff as well for which I have a lot (you get a taste of it however in the 20,000 plus free show for the local fans that I tacked on to the end as a reminder.
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O.K. so I got these free from Good Will but is free really free, maybe not so much.  It took me all day to do that top little stinker there and that is one reason why I am still not finished with this week's posts.  I figured it is important history for the 'Jesus Music' movement--this being the band that is the most famous purveyor--at least in their early years.  However the one that really killed me and had me getting up from the chair just as much to take a break was the whole of the Parliament vinyl and George Clinton vinyl that I am still working on tonight but may just have to be next week.  I guess I am hard on myself and akin to my deceased Aunt the Carmelite nun in Colorado who flogged herself repeatedly which is normal for the sect.

THE EDWIN HAWKINS SINGERS - Live At Yankee Stadium LP 69

Thought I would separate the cool 'Jesus Music' band from the mega post above.  Here is where I say that I got shorted record 2 and instead got another copy of record one...ah well such is life in the wild.

RED AND MURPHY - riding around on saturday night LP 76

Chhaaahhh!  Yes take me to a fancy Dairy Queen for a large butterscotch shelled vanilla please!  My mom's high school voted the very first location by her house the 'Best New Hangout' when she was editor for the Southwest high school paper and would meet my Dad on the street cars that we gave to Mexico City when the bus system got more popular that I would take to First Ave and Goofy's shows.