Monday, September 26, 2016

VA - The State Of Things LP 85

Great comp.!  With:  The Icicle Works, Peter Murphy (does a Magazine song!!), Gene Loves Jezebel, John Cale, Love and Rockets (favorite in high school w gf), The Ramones, The Cult, The Fall, NICO (really!??), Bauhaus, The Bolshoi (search above bar) and The Hank Wangford Band.  Enjoy!

THE ILLUSION - st LP w Together (As A Way Of Life) LP

Sorry first my have some chop as using old method below in Rimshots post.  I can redo WAV later.
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ILLUSION - st LP 85 w I Like It Loud LP 86

The eighties band and keepers I would say for me.


THE HUES CORPORATION - Rockin' Soul LP 74 w I Caught Your Act LP 77

The first record is considered a crossover masterpiece (soul to rock) with the song "Don't Rock The Boat" you may remember.  Lyrics are outstanding!  Hard to find the second one.


More rocking post punk.  Great album.

WINDOWS - Is It Safe? LP 86 w Mr. Bongo LP 88

Instrumental stuff except for second LP where you get to meet that squirmy Mr. Bongo guy,..LOL

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This one I know is ultra-rare as I got it back in the nineties or so when off Ebay when England was getting all our old classic for the DJ's and club scene.  It features a very cool instrumental called "Smokin' Tidbits".  This seemed common as I also have another similar format record with its instrumental called "Toe Jam" by the band HAZE.  What prompted me on this one was that the locals in MN rereleased that album believe it or not so I don't have to rip it!  Yay! (but that's why I sold all my old punk records when I thought blogs were helping me out..didn't know how superior records are to mp3's then).  I do keep WAV's for myself however and will go back and remaster some if a request.

THE RIMSHOTS - Down To Earth LP 76

Back In The Days Of Soul was a Sunday radio show I used to listen to religiously for the last 3 years of college when I had moved back from the dorms.  I would take the bus and get records for a quarter from my original blog sponsor Cheapo records.  Some  are in rough shape so maybe next week I'll post them but hey, with my intense troubleshooting I did over last two weeks (my dad the army vet said that was his claim to retired w my mom also retired) it helped me get new technique that won't chop up the old 60s records anymore...just turn up the crackly know all the way and to it apart from each 3 hour software limited session that get's 5 or so records done.

THE LONG RYDERS - Two Fisted Tales LP 87

A CA scene classic I'm sure they have heard out West.  Great song tidbits again like all this weeks posts...hope you read some lyrics.

CHILDREN IN ADULT JAILS - Man Overcome By Waffle Iron LP

Miami punk...WOW cool scene down here and this says it all..start reading some lyrics I suggest.

CRASS - Entire...."Like it on not they just won't go away!",,, "Who Donnit? 7" Jimi

O.K. I would be a complete poseur if my google icon was from a Peace Punk group and I didn't put these guys up somewhere.  Mainly from one blog but a few double's I put in from Felipe's defunkt blog.  Here is my story:  Spring break of 9th grade, my new buddy at the local bowling alley and I decided to hang out first time as we hadn't seen each other's houses.  We went to my folks, stole a bottle of champagne and I hid it in my shorts in front of my mom asking for permission to sleep over at Sean's house...she didn't see it.  We went to his basement and I heard my first punk records ever in this order:  Youth Brigade (played twice as we drank the bottle and marched/danced back and forth), Crass (Christ the Album) and Flipper (Generic LP).  O.K. done.  If not familiar with them, start with "Penis Envy" with the female singer then vet the files as interviews and better write up's within.

I'll add one more piece from the Denny's Tidbits mag this month which is nationwide:
Barbed wire replaced standard piano strings in a piano built to mark the 70th anniversary of Korea's liberation from Japanese colonial rule.  The barbed wire came from the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) dividing North and South Korea.  The piano forms part of an exhibition sponsored by the Seoul Museum of Art to recognize the anniversary.  Its creator, Leo Seong-ha, says he was inspired to use the wire after seeing the Pope, who visited South Korea in 2014, receive a crown of thorns made of barbed wire. It made him realize it can be a symbol of war and division., but also peace.

Side Note:  My dad went during last year of Korean War in the Army but also went over there on a special Peace Mission much much later.

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Monday, September 19, 2016

marc riley with the CREEPERS and then as the CREEPERS

Wow! What a recent find this was for me.  Singer came from the Fall and when they dropped his name from the band (I left in so as not to confuse with the other bands of that name) and picked up a member of the Membranes.  This stuff is getting harder and harder to find.  Interesting sometimes what records I can find as is the records that are missing...leave link in comments if you have the other stuff I saw at Wiki write-up.  From Manchester like the movie I just saw called "Love Story' and he even sounds like my favorite Manchester band 'Stone Roses' that I think I posted here??
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JIMI HENDRIX - The Essential Volume Two LP 79 w Smash Hits bonus 69

I borrowed and never gave back in 4th grade this tape and Smash Hits from the older brother with tapes (other brother had only vinyl) and used to really enjoy it.  A year or two ago I saw this vinyl with the bonus Gloria 7 released only in U.K. at the time and snatched it up without hearing it until now.  I had forgot how much I enjoyed it!  He influenced so, so many artists and I can see why now.
My old actual tape extra songs:


Wow!  Just found this Fan Club release on the old Damned label New Rose!  It features rare versions of the master Alex's songs on one slab 'O vinyl and the other is a compilation of bands he produced!

Laura Nyro - The First Songs... LP 73 w New York Tendaberry LP 69 w Christmas And The Beads Of Sweat LP 70 w (w Labelle) Gonna Take A Miracle LP 71 w Season Of Lights..In Concert LP 77

A couple of these had way too many pops or indent marks during super quiet parts also and modern software I do not have, so a song or two will sound that way.   Also her releases are all out now with tons of bonus songs.  These were like a $1.50 each and I wanted copies for my laptop.  Oh yeah, also learned the previous post I did is actually the first songs album so another repeated effort on my part!
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DEAF SCHOOL - Don't Stop The World 2LP 77 w English Boys LP 78

This band amazes me and got me off my ripping chair moving around instantly!  They are a cross between Roxy Music and now I forget but have a really fast song and even a stripper type tune!
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JETHRO TULL - Stand Up LP 69

This is the last one I needed with Glen Cornick (R.I.P.) whose Momma was my apartment Superintendent that year I spent in CA seeing my favorite bands finally.