Wednesday, May 15, 2019

The Blackbyrds - st LP 74 w Flying Start LP 74 w City Life LP 75 w Unfinished Business LP 76 w Better Days LP 81

Well with Antonio from the sponsor store lending me the 81 release to rip, I decided to get out the soap and water and try to clean the Flying Start and Unfinished Business quarter records I had saved since college and which both got wet in my first house basement.  What a great surprise to find another 'Back In The Days Of Soul' hit in 'Do It, Fluid' as well as previously posted 'Rock Creek Park' notorious tune about having sex in the park after dark and famously sampled by Tone Loc.  As a bonus, I discovered that the Flying High record has not one but TWO famous M.F. Doom hiphop samples in the middle songs on each side!!  You can hear the rest of their stuff on youtube as I got what I wanted already.
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HEATWAVE - Too Hot To Handle LP 76 w Central Heating LP 78 w Hot Property LP 79 w Candles LP 80 w Current LP 82

Of course you all know the 'Boogie Nights' hit song on the first album but I also learned in ripping that this band did the all-time classic and another from the 'Back In The Days Of Soul' radio show called 'Mind Blowing Decisions" on the second album above.  All around great ear candy!
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QUINCY JONES - Sounds...And Stuff Like That! LP 78

Yes!! Found another Quincy albeit on cassette however in good condition luckily.  I really don't mind tapes as they are easy to rip with no pops to cut out and actually my best rip I think is a bargain cassette with the first two Jam albums on it...just sounds the best.  This release he has a variety of guests, which bringing talent together is really what Quincy was all about.

JOHNNY GUITAR WATSON - That's What Time It Is LP 81

Here's another Johnny I was missing from later period that Antonio at Rocketstar sponsor let me borrow to rip.  Great stuff like the rest!


This was a nice discovery as it was in a 'Leroy Hutson' the Man! vinyl jacket by mistake.  I think I got the better end of the deal as I thought it was the Man movie soundtrack.  Turns out Leroy, who took over on vocals when Curtis Mayfield left the Impressions really didn't get high Wiki ratings anyway so I will probably not collect him since I didn't recognize any hits.

The Crown Heights Affair - Foxy Lady LP 75 w Dreaming A Dream LP 75

REPOST and ADD ON:  The only difference here I believe is in the mix of the 'Foxy Lady' track.  I got the official release above for a quarter back in the early nineties when I was buying stacks and stacks of quarter records from Cheapo but the trebles were all 'washed out' but when I saw Antonio had the earlier promo version I had to borrow it and sure enough the washed out trebles are no more.  First Dee-Lite record I ever heard and I really like trying to sing the high notes, while the 'Feeling Tall' song is trip also.  You get both versions to decide until I can rip the rest of their stuff I collected.


I got a handful of this weeks new posts from Antonio at our sponsor store RocketStar Records on loan so I am posting right away (even though I have more by these artists waiting to rip) so as to clear off my holding folder on my desktop as it is getting too big.

DREAMS SO REAL - Father's House LP 86 w Rough Night In Jericho LP 88 w Gloryline LP 90

REPOST Request:  The 'hit' song was 'Jericho' back in the day but the 'Father's House' album has proven itself to be a bonified classic!
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The Belle Stars - Slick Trick EP 81 w Sign of the Times LP 83 w Iko Iko EP 83 w Indian Summer EP 83 w The Entertainer EP 83 w World Domination EP 86

REPOST Request:  Here is what I wrote before:   For Dottie Danger, this was always a favorite band of mine since High School.
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HOWARD DEVOTO - Jerky Versions Of The Dream LP 83

REPOST Request:  He is from the Buzzcocks early days and Magazine of course.

VA - Midwest Pop Explosion! - Quark Records 80 LP

REPOST Request:  Rare and awesome compilation (yes I will get to the Romantics REPOST but this is new early stuff by them!) from the Midwest legends:  The Romantics, Stiv Bators, Singles And Nikki And The Corvettes.

The Slugs - Non-Stop Holiday LP 88

REPOST Request:  Here is what I wrote before:  Well once again leave it to our skilled listener-followers (Neil Butler) of the blog for pulling yet another lost classic out of the AOR radio-neglected wreckage.

Savatage - The Dungeons Are Calling EP 85

REPOST and REDIRECT:  Instead of posting my other file by Savatage which I found long ago, I will try to convince you all to please check out this blog ASAP:
for the rest of the SAVATAGE releases as well as many other artists you will want to download.  Hell, I downloaded the Fela Kuti box set of vinyl they ripped with 25 files or so and then also I downloaded all the Savatage including their highest recommended 'Streets (A Rock Opera)' from 1991.  You see, this new blog has a lot of what I post and all of those artists releases some I don't have.  I also downloaded all 185 or so James Brown official releases!!!!   Reason you should go there now is that the blog is using Zippyshare and I know those links expire 30 days after last download.  They have thousands of links that will expire so take advantage now while they are new!  Here is my old vinyl rip:

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

RANDY PIE - Kitsch LP 76 w Fast bw Forward LP 77

These are a couple of really great studio funky albums with great funky keys ala Steely Dan.


SEARCH ABOVE FOR MORE and ADD ON:  O.K. I get it now, Paul was in the band FREE and then after this he was in the band I have posted before, 'Back Street Crawler' and then when he died at a young age (R.I.P.) the band dropped words in its name to be just 'Crawler' who I also have posted before.  May have to seek out the 'Blues' later 80's release since this is such great sounding stuff.
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I was surprised by this Good Will find as her nightclub singing is really spot on!

801 - Live LP

Well I'll be a monkey's 'Third Uncle' as that song is on here and also I didn't know Eno did the 'Baby's On Fire' tune that Mark Riley and the Creepers made famous also on here.  BTW this is week is all new rips with my new Ortofon Concorde MKII Club (eliptical) gear.

The Dramatics - Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get LP w The Best Of LP 74 w Their Greatest Recordings (For Military Personnel) LP w Joy Ride LP 76 w Shake It Well LP 77 w Anytime, Anyplace LP 79 w 10-1/2 LP 80 w New Dimension LP 82 w Me and Mrs. Jones tape 87.

Thanks to Antonio at our sponsor store RocketStar Records for lending me some of the later releases here (so I didn't need to spend hard cash!!!) but the real dope stuff is on the Best of and the Hits package specially for Military personel as it has some really cool early tracks like 'The Devil Is Dope'.  The first album shown title track is another hit tune from the old 'Back In The Days Of Soul' radio show that you can search for in upper left box this page.  As usual, I took the best rips of repeat tracks to avoid redundancy.
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