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HIP HOP GENRE 50th Anniversary Celebration!

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 Didn't know which picture to put here so took one of my current 'studio'.  This 9-post mini-theme covers the Minneapolis Hip Hop Scene from 1995-2008 with this post of all my videos I took from this period for one of my old youtube channels.  Bands featured:  Atmosphere, Kanser Troupe, Black Blondie, Alchemist, Brother Ali, Busdriver, Chiapas, Mexico dancers, Cihuatl-ce, Ice Cube, Dialated Peoples, Dizzee Rascal, DJ Abilities, DJ Babu, Guerrilla Republik, Harmar Superstar, Heiruspecs, I Self Divine, Madd Illz, MC-VL, Radio Show REV105 (it starts with Phull Surkle & Casino Royale as did this presentation in 1995 and ends with live Billy Bragg ironically), Toki Wright, Redman and Method Man (short shout out to the Wu Tang Clan for starting it all), Tone Loc with the Bakuba Dabb (sp??) and the Unknown Prophets.


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I used to see this band a lot and hands down my favorite bass player (next to my little brother who had more of a jazz band at this time with Nasty Goat) is Pinkie Jiggles from this band.  I was floored to find out Dan Wilson from Semisonic (also big in the scene then) does a track on this along with many other artists who tie this nine post theme together.  Let the hip hop play!

KANSER - It Wrote Itself CD 03 w Self-Titled CD 05

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I'd say my favorite and one of the most seen by me bands in this whole MN Hip Hop 95-08 post connecting us all from Matthew's Park as he raps about all the way to my Southside residences by Minnie-APP!!  Check their vid's above" ...through my naked eyes, I see the rain falling down on me."

MICRANOTS - The Emperor and The Assassin CD 03 w I SELF DIVINE - Self Destruction CD 05

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One of his videos in post above was pretty popular on my old youtube channel and he autographed my CD!!

ATMOSPHERE - Overcast CD 97 w 97-99 CD 05

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I got this first CD from listening to their hit on Radio K, then saw them in the 7th St. Entry on MLK day gig with even earlier legacy scenesters who I had seen before Phull Cyrkle.  Then after that all their shows were sold out at First Ave and so one day downtown by the Metrodome I was taking a bicycle/light rail venture and turned the corner and there was SOUNDSET going on so I bought a ticket and a few videos are above with one live turn I filmed by them.  Was going to bring a 20 minute rap battle featuring Slug here on Community Radio KFAI I had downloaded from Grokster file sharing days but couldn't find it so that inspired me to bring in all my old hip hop vid's from my defunct Youtube channel.


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And yes our MN Hip Hop Scene from 1995-2008 also had some neighboring bands that fit right in!


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Another one like above from bordering states nearby the MN Hip Hop Scene 1995-2008 that I am featuring.


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Though only three songs I am including this as it is from 1995 where my posting period begins in MN scene.  I had seen Atmosphere's first gig on MLK holiday gig for their first CD above as found during my Radio K listening days and later met Casino Royale on our Freeride events when they formed on Halloween and St. Patrick's Day ending with Bike Derbies behind One-on-One bike in warehouse district of Mpls or bonfires at Minnehaha Creek after taking the Mississippi bike trail when we were stopping traffic or plugging in for a quick concert during the freeride along the light rail trail with bikes toting kegs.


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This freebie really sums up our MN Hip Hop Scene 1995-2008 that I am featuring.  It includes:  I Self Divine, Blueprint, Rob Sonic, Evidence, Psalm One, Aesop Rock, Brother Ali (on the CD cover with Slug from Atmosphere), Atmosphere, Doomtree, Eyedea [R.I.P] & DJ Abilities, Muja Messiah, Grayskul, Little Brother, Dilated Peoples, Abstract Ride, P.O.S., Mac Lethal and old skool CD I had none other than The Beat Junkies!

VA - MANCHESTER - SO MUCH TO ANSWER FOR (The Peel Sessions) tape 90

 I pulled this out while thinking about AJ at Theme For Great Cities who is taking a well deserved break from weekly blogging posts and I was thinking I had already ripped it long ago but no!!  Such a great old walkman tape from the early nineties with the opener track by the Fall 'Eat Yourself Fitter' that I could leave on repeat play like I did the WAV right after the rip going into infinity.  Must have subliminally been accepted into my subconscious beliefs because after 30 years (since college) I have finally done just that with the money-saving help of Morley Robbins Root Cause Protocol, Adelle Davis TV 1976, $40 lower leg bed grounding sheet and mousepad for during work, pedal bicycle commuting over last two years to work and anywhere else like a local block party I bumped into last Sunday down my block in the old downtown and then of course the Hopeson tongue stabilizer for $6.99 (same price for the 2 I got 2 years ago and haven't even used the second one) that cured my sleep apnea of waking up over 100 times per hour for many years.  Anyhoo, other bands included:  The Buzzcocks, The Frantic Elevators, The Chameleons, The Passage, Blue Orchids, Tools You Can Trust, Twang, A Witness, Big Flame, The Smiths, Happy Mondays, Inspiral Carpets, The Railway Children, Dub Sex, A Certain Ratio, A Guy Called Gerald, Ruthless Rap Assassins (gotta have some UK rap for HIP HOP 50th posting theme this week!) , Kiss AMC and New Fast Automatic Daffodils.

CHICAGO - I, II, III, IV, V, VII, 1982-1989 Greatest Hits CD 75 w X CD 76 w 18 CD 86

 REPOST and ADD ON:  My first post by this band long ago was their first when they were called Chicago Transit Authority, I think part of some records our President where I work brought in one day of horn bands he liked such as The Flock, Electric Flag & Ides of March--him being from Chicago and all (he turned me on to Wazmo Nariz, The Bongos and Magazine letting me record them at his house in the early 90's when him and his father were our Chicago reps before he bought the current company and rescued me on Facebook when I was down to my last penny working temp jobs).  Anyways, I had to hear more of their early horns and only had to buy III and V with the rest in great shape from Goodwill with the exception of the Greatest Hits LP their big hit album from 1975 which was jacketless from GW and in the worst shape I have ever seen a record.  However, was able to capture the 2 songs from their 7 (Make Me Smile & Colour My World) and two hits from the missing VI album that I chose not to buy.

SANDI PATTY - Songs From The Heart LP 84 w Another Time...Another Place tape 90 w Duets CD 05

 Well had to have some Jesus music type stuff for year end as that Mylon post has gotten frequent revisit-listens from me at least.  I think it is up there with my Glenn Miller AHO post.


 A tasty morsel for the 'disco album of the week' theme with songs like "I Just Can't Control Myself" and "I Never Felt This Way Before" along with the longer title track for the opener.


 REPOST Request:  What I wrote before:  Got this hard rock for a couple bucks to meet a Discog seller minimum and boy am I glad I did!  Will take some time for this one to settle in for me so I can talk more accurately about it.

CLOVER - Fourty-Niner CD 71 w Unavailable CD 77 w Love On The Wire LP 77

 A big thanks to Jon H for sending in the CD rips to add to my lone vinyl but the one with Huey Louis (Lewis).  I put the comments from all our members involved as a text as this whole post came together after all the connections were highlighted by Jon H., EricC and Classic for the Wha-Koo recent post which was sent in by Jon H. originally.

Rocky & ChyAnn - st LP 77

 Another fine E.W. request that I promptly obtained for post.  They call it electronic, rock, folk world & country which has a nice feel to it.


 PLEASE SEARCH ABOVE FOR MORE and ADD ON:  Gosh darnit' I knew I had this CD when I posted that comprehensive Roky Erickson post a couple of weeks ago and sure enough while pulling out the old hip hop for this week's anniversary year end post it turned up!

THINKMAN - The Formula LP 86

 REPOST Request:  What I wrote before:  THIS!!! Dear followers of the blog, is another great band that Rupert Hines was part of as one of the two guys pictured.  Great 80's vinyl!