Monday, September 24, 2018

EUROPEANS - Vocabulary LP 82 83 w Recognition EP 83 w Live LP 84 w Recurring Dreams LP 84

REPOST and ADD ON:  Classic new wavy stuff that I'm sure the majority here will enjoy!
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WILD DOGS - st LP 83 w Man's Best Friend LP 83 84

Released in 1983 during the heyday of THRASH metal, these guys were kind of an anomaly all on their own touting the NWOBHM type of metal just on the tail end of that movement.  Great music and lyrics makes these two keepers for now.

Werewolves - st LP 78 w Ship Of Fools (summer weekends and no more blues) LP 78

REPOST Request:  Wish this band hadn't shot their wad all at once..they're pretty damned good!!

VA - Thank God It's Friday 2.5 LP 78

This one's handy for the cover name itself but still has some great music on it includes the bands:  Love and Kisses (posted both their albums in the past), Pattie Brooks, Donna Summer, Paul Jabara, Cameo, The Commodores, Wright Bros. Flying Machine, Marathon, Sunshine, Santa Esmeralda (in line to be riposted!), D.C. La Rue, Natural Juices, Diana Ross and Thelma Houston (have some dollar albums waiting to be ripposted!).  All songs list BPM rate!  Forget labels, this one's a jam!!!
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A solid release with quite a variety of styles.

Small Talk - st LP 81

REPOST Request:  'A weird hybrid of bar rock and power pop and their ballads are much better than average too'.  In the comments.

PEARL BAILEY with Louis Bellson and his Orck. - The Best Of Pearl Bailey LP

Some pretty funny songs with Pearl's wisdom.

MOXY - Ridin' High LP 77 w Under The Lights LP 78

REPOST Request:  Going to borrow Bruce the requester's words for this:  "Ridin' High" is an absolute 70s rock classic and their best...produced by Jack Douglas. "Under" was the last one w/ a 'new' singer who....joined Loverboy less than a year after this was recorded.

Freewheelin' - st LP 79

REPOST Request:  Some interesting 70's HARD ROCK from Chicago with a slow studio side and nice live side.  Scratchy though since it's so ancient.

Fred Frith - Gravity LP 80 w Speechless LP 81 w The Technology Of Tears 2LP 87 w RENE LUSSIER - Nous Autres LP 86

REPOST Request:  Now keep in mind when all files don't fit into a 200 MB space I put the extra in other folders.
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FRANCK POURCEL - The World Is A Circle LP 72 73

Yet another Frank (albeit spelled differently) with a timeless groundbreaking instrumental (e.g. Frank Mills 'Music Box Dancer' or Frank Zappa 'Peaches En Regalia') called "Popcorn' which I now must find in it's redone New Wave version as it was always such a staple song at our high school dances.

CHUBBY CHECKER - Limbo Party LP 62

Nice novelty record as his mainstay was as a rock 'n' roller.


A scratchy dollar record but good enough to learn the Bossa Nova to and a good definition on the back cover.

BLACKFOOT - Strikes LP 75 w Tomcattin' LP 80

This Southern USA band did the classic 'Train, Train'.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The Windbreakers - I'll Be Back EP 85 w Terminal LP 85 w Run LP 86 w At Home With Bobby And Tim LP 89

REPOST Request:  For Thad who is from Jackson, MS where this band calls home. Time of the year for windbreaker jackets!
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YAWP! - The World According To YAWP! LP 92 w The Only God 7 w Son of Yawp! 7 94

REPOST Request and ADD ON:  Found a couple 7's unopened so thanks to whatever blog posted those.  For Hood Mel!


REPOST Request:  Early Buddah Records CA punk release as it was a radical change from their Soul vinyl history.

JETHRO TULL - This Was LP 68 w Stand Up LP 69 w Benefit LP 70 w Thick As A Brick CD 72 w Living In The Past 2LP 72 w Minstrel In The Gallery LP 75

REPOST Request:  Good suggestion to repost for the coming seasonal changes.  You may want to find Aqualung by adding 'blogspot' to that title and searching it at google since I never had that one, you see Glen Cornick (R.I.P.) the original bass player who left in 71 is who I focused on ever since his mom was my Super at my CA apartment in 2002/3.  She said her husband died in WWII as RAF and she held down the bar on the Thames afterwords where she told me Keith Moon and all his musician friends would hang out at regularly.  I had her sign the Thick as A Brick CD at the time as it was all I had and she agreed to do it even though Glen is not on it.  Great lady!
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