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DELANEY & BONNIE - Home LP 69 w Genesis LP 71 w DELANIE & BONNIE AND FRIENDS - Comin' Home/Groupie (Superstar) 7 69 w The Original (Arista Album) LP 69 w To Bonnie From Delaney CD 70 w Motel Shot CD 71 17 w D & B Together CD 72 w DELANEY BRAMLETT - Mobius Strip LP 73 w Sounds From Home CD 88 and BLUE DIAMOND - Giving Birth To A Song LP 75

I will borrow words from other blogs whose writing I put in a Text file in the file:  Though Delaney and Bonnie Bramlett never found the commercial audience for which they strived, they did achieve a high-level of recognition among their peers. It was Byrds-man Gram Parsons who first introduced George Harrison to the duo’s music, and Harrison brought Eric Clapton into their rapidly growing family. Clapton immediately became Delaney & Bonnie’s biggest supporter, inviting them to open for Blind Faith as well as performing on the pair’s subsequent albums and tours. 

For certain, within Delaney & Bonnie’s albums was the inspiration and impetus for Clapton’s own solo career. The rich mixture of gospel, soul, R&B, country, and folk that he used to great effect on his self-titled debut (as well as 461 Ocean Boulevard and Slowhand) was rooted in these freewheeling sessions with the Bramletts.   
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The Vanishing Point MP4:  https://mega.nz/file/tAlVABgT#BwBxCwg44sXmWAYllXPq6nY_MQtKiMk9A_ECP6qU_nk                

RITA COOLIDGE - st LP 71 w The Lady's Not For Sale LP 72 w Fall Into Spring LP 74 w Anytime...Anywhere LP 77 w Love Me Again LP 78 w Satisfied LP 79

 REPOST and ADD ON:  Figured I would post this to support the Bonnie & Delaney main post above since she was one of the singers with them in the movie 'The Vanishing Point" also posted above.  Still need to find the album by the other Ike singer in the movie, Claudia Lennear and you can check out a cool blog post with famous people she knew in big pictures here:  https://themotart.blogspot.com/2016/08/claudia-lennear.html 

One other thing is that I added the 1977 and 1979 albums but the 1977 album is a real humdinger that I am keeping for sentimental reasons with two songs from my youth that totally stuck in my head for days on end I recall with 'We're All Alone" mainly (one of those rainy day songs) but also the opener "(You're Love Has Lifted Me) Higher" albeit a rough vinyl copy.  https://gofile.io/d/B0LxWl             

SAVAGE REPUBLIC - Tragic Figures CD 82 w Loose 'N Lethal CD 83 w Tragic Figure CDEP 84 w Trudge CDEP 85 w Ceremonial CD 86 w Live Trek 1985-1986 CD w Jamahiriya CD 88 w

 REPOST Request and ADD ON:  Finally organized all I had downloaded from other blogs for this band so may be some new things.  Great USA band and here is what discogs says and remember some of these members also were in 17 Pygmies (I should have brought in to post Africa Korps as I had no idea they were a continuation of that band except spelling is at issue):  Independent band from the Los Angeles formed in the early 1980s, still active. Formed by UCLA students Mark Erskine and Bruce Licher (the latter also responsible for the graphic design), who were joined by Philip Drucker (a.k.a. Jackson Del Rey), Jeff Long and Robert Loveless. The band was originally named Africa Corps but changed its name shortly before the release of their debut album in 1982. After several line-up changes, e.g. with Drucker leaving and later rejoining, creative tensions in the band led to a split in 1989-1990. The band reformed in 2002 for a reunion tour and has remained active with a different line-up than the original one.   Members:

Mark Erskine : drums, percussion, bongos, vocals

Jackson Del Rey : vocals, guitar & percussion

Thom Fuhrmann : bass, trombone, keyboards, vocals

Greg Grunke : guitar, bass, dulcimer, vocals

Bruce Licher : guitar, bass, percussion, vocals

Jeff Long : vocals, bass & guitar

Robert Loveless : keyboards, bass, mandolin, percussion

Ethan Port : guitars, percussion, metal horn, voice     


VA - Music To Party By LP 66

 This has some classy tunes that I don't think I have many of since I do have most of the artists.  Includes:  The Limeliters, Roger Miller, Carol Channing, Vic Damone, Della Reese, Living Brass, Sid Ramin, Pete Fountain, Chet Atkins and The Dukes Of Dixieland.  https://gofile.io/d/0JcNfs

VA - Super 20 International LP 76 w VA - Super 20 Powerplay LP 79

 Well those folks in Europe sure got a lot of hits we didn't in the USA which is why I grabbed these two for cheap to fill out a discog order.  I have lots of Ronco and K-Tel like this but this post reminds me of AJ's recent Aussie compilation post that had a lot of bands he wanted to hear more from--just like this compilation so if you GOT please do share.  Here are all the artists: Silver Connection, Maxine Nightingale, Gene Cotton, Love Generation, Easy Connection, Johnny Wakelin, Gilla (she rocks!!), Bryan Ferry, Captain & Tennille, Cat Stevens, Roger Whitaker, Brotherhood Of Man, Carpenters, Micky, I Santo California, The Stylistics, The Real Thing, Penny McLean, Boney M, Adriano Celentano, Kevin Keegan, A La Carte, Dschingis Khan,  Amanda Lear, Marc Seaberg, La Bionda, Baccara, Eruption, Amii Stewart, Robert Palmer, Sagagossa Band, Bernie Paul, Manfred Mann's Earth Band, Promises, Nick Straker Band and The Teens!    https://gofile.io/d/3TzXvS


 This was a request I had buried in a comment for a another artist I had just reposted.  Here it is from the Suzanne Fellini repost by Angstytimelord:  I seriously LOVE this album. I had it back when it came out, and I played it to death! I remember hearing "Love on the Phone" around the same time that I first heard "Still Sane" by Carolyne Mas. Never did find the Mas album, but I loved this one to bits!


KARLA BONOFF - st LP 77 w Wild Heart Of The Young LP 82

 Found both the same day at Goodwill a few years back and wow does the first album have a nice clean buzzy guitar sound that sounds really good on vinyl so enjoy!


Alice Stuart - All The Good Times CD 64 02 w Full Time Woman LP 70

 Well, this post got started from that flyer right above that my MN music history group posted for a venue that lasted not much more than a few years.  From discogs:  Blues and folk singer-songwriter and guitarist, born 1942 in Chelan, Washington, USA.

She toured the UK with Van Morrison and throughout the United States with Mississippi John Hurt.

Alice Stuart blazed the trail for women in Rock and Roll as one of the only females in the country to write her own music, front a male band, and play lead guitar on national and international circuits during the 1970s.

Already in 1964 she recorded her first album "All The Good Times" with popular folk songs for Arhoolie Records.

In the early seventies she recorded two albums for Fantasy Records "Full Time Woman (1970) and "Believing" (1972), the latter as Alice Stuart & Snake.

After a long hiatus devoted to raising her family, Alice resumed her recording career in 1996.



 Some mellower instrumental music but have to say--this is the thickest, strongest album cover I own!


Aretha Franklin - The First 12 Sides LP w I Never Loved A Man The Way I Loved You LP 67 w Aretha Arrives LP 67 w Take A Look LP 67 w Lady Soul LP 68 w Aretha Now LP 68 w Soul 69 LP w This Girl's In Love With You LP 70 w Spirit In The Dark LP 70 w Greatest Hits LP 71 w Amazing Grace 2LP 72 w Aretha's Jazz LP w Ten Years Of Gold LP w Who's Zoomin' Who LP 85 w James Brown And Aretha Franklin - Gimme Your Love w Int. EP 89

REPOST and ADD ON:  A nice seller added to my order the 'Freeway of Love' EP shown on bottom with extra mixes of that great tune!  Enjoy the Queen of Soul!!


ROBERT HUNTER - Tales of the Great Rum Runners LP 74 w Tiger Rose LP 75

 REPOST and ADD ON:  Friend of the Dead is a friend of mine.  Added the later Tiger Rose album--both are very good as expected with the Grateful Dead's involvement.