Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Herb Albert and the Tijuana Brass Band - The Lonely Bull LP w Volume Two LP w South of the Border LP w Whipped Cream and Other Delights LP w Going Places LP w S.R.O. LP w What Now My Love LP w Herb Albert's Ninth LP w The Beat Of The Brass LP w Summertime LP w Rise LP 79 w Fandango LP 82 w Bullish Maxi-Single EP 84 w Diamonds EP 87 w 3 O'Clock Jump EP 89 w Greatest Hits LP w Greatest Hits Vol. II LP 73

 I first heard of this band from Soul Asylum's parody EP called 'Clam Dip and Other Delights'--the first rare Euro version--with Karl Mueller (R.I..P.) on the cover LOL.  I would see their vinyl at thrift stores all the time all beat up thinking they sucked but learning later that they were very popular so many were keeping the good copies.  I pulled this out last weekend to rip though still missing a 1967 album because I work with a guy--first I met that actully likes the band a lot (as good luck to send positive thoughts for the surgery which today I learned was a success) and so I started collecting every one I saw on lunchbreak over a couple years so I could pick and choose the best copies though a couple still beat up.   But most are mint which is hard to find for these 60's vinyl that I usually have to spray with alcohol to dry then play a few times to break off the hard caked on dirt. Too afraid I will spill the tub of cleaner for the Spin Clean method and not sure if that works as well on hard caked on 60's stuff.  Anyway still a back breaker to cut out the random pops and the first album had some groove wear.



And here are Herb Albert's peep's from A&M records that he helped start for above post.  Includes:  Herb Albert and the Tijuana Brass, Sergio Mendes and Brasil '66, Wes Montgomery, The Sandpipers, Jimmie Rodgers, Julius Wechter and the Baja Marimba Band and Claudine Longet.  This was the first time I had heard Claudine and really dig her sound so in looking at my back stock discovered I have 3 of her albums from Goodwill!!  Looking to get one more before I post but she really must have influenced David Lynch who got Julee Cruise for his Twin Peaks series who has the sound of this French woman but is from my home state of MN.  Also have many many Baja, Wes and will try to post new Sergio before I leave for a week off to my high school 35th reunion where some of my old favorite bands are coming out of the woodwork like the Jayhawks for a large free show at the lake (I saw them last time they did this 28 years ago as it was in my old neighborhood).  



REPOST and NEW RIP:  Well I had just posted this but in looking to repost it per the comment I found that only three of the WAV files had transferred to my storage drive and nothing else!  Luckily all the others that week made it but I have determined that my storage folder size should not exceed 1.5 terrabytes from now on!  I also learned from a comment later on that Willie played with Captain Beyond on their third album as main vocalist!!! Wowza, I am big on that band and filmed every single song they did on their last tour that opened up in my neighborhood bar but that bar is now closed.  Rip is better too as are the new pictures!               https://gofile.io/d/8Q1SxU

BILLY FALCON - Falcon Around LP 80 w Pretty Blue World CD 91

REPOST and ADD ON: This here post is for Angstytimelord per her comment last time that she lost the cassette for the 91 album and sure enough it popped up at Goodwill a few months ago!  Now to find the other two mentioned in the comments and we'll ALL be golden!


Josie Cotton - Johnny, Are You Queer 12 EP 82 w Convertible Music LP 82 w From The Hip LP 84

REPOST Request:  O.K. you the repost, now go get her most recent release, it rocks!!


PAT METHENY GROUP - Offramp CD 82 w Still Life (Talking) CD 87 w Secret Story CD 92 w Pat Metheny Unity Group - Kin (----) CD 2014 w PAT METHENY w CHRISTIAN McBRIDE w ANTONIO SANCHEZ - DAY TRIP CD w The Road To You (Live In Europe) CD 93

 REPOST and ADD ON:  Once again Goodwill provides like with all the rest.  This time a LIVE CD shown on the bottom picture...ooooh boy!  Enjoy!     https://gofile.io/d/ysSAkG              

INXS - Listen Like Thieves LP 85 w Kick LP 87 w X LP 90 w Welcome To Wherever You Are CD 92

REPOST and ADD ON:  Found the CD on bottom still with same singer so should enjoy!


SPIKE JONES AND HIS CITY SLICKERS - The Best Of Vol. 1 LP 67 w The Best Of Vol. 2 lp 77 w The Craziest Show On Earth! LP 77 w The Wacky World Of CD 88 w Featuring Spike Jones LP w Spiked! CD 94

REPOST and ADD ON:  Found the 'Spiked!' CD on bottom picture at Goodwill.  What I wrote before:  Ha ha, I could listen to these tunes all day long like one song with an actual sneeze as the chorus or any of the others (except side two of the very early 'Featuring' album that has no funny noises).  I guess the red album is a reissue of the original Best of so I went with the minty first press original.  A real stereo tester with a huge assortment of silly sounds!


Mink DeVille - st LP 77 w Return To Magenta LP 78 w Le Chat Bleu LP 80 w Coup De Grace LP 81 w Where Angels Fear To Tread LP 83 w Sportin' Life LP 85 w Willy DeVille - Miracle LP 87

 REPOST Request:  I never mind reposting these type artists that are core for the blog.  What I said before:  Earlier stuff has a good punky sound out of the fifties but "never self consciously retro".  Covers Moon Martin's tune "Rolene" as the Brains did also.  Mark Knopfler produces the Miracle LP and Willy dedicates it to Mark and his wife Lourdes for getting him out of "Dire Straits".

LINK RESTORED 7-27-2021:  https://gofile.io/d/hW23pa


 I'll admit I remember the name but haven't heard but the opener song from this Goodwill find.


LEE RITENOUR - Feel The Night LP 79 w Banded Together LP 84 w COLLECTION CD and w DAVE GRUSIN - Harlequin LP 85

 REPOST and ADD ON:  Really starting to get my ears around this fantastic musician and looking forward to the Goodwill fund of his Collection on top picture with hits over his career.