Monday, November 12, 2018

VA - Ronco Rock 'N' Roller Disco LP 79

Wow another total 'missing link' album right during the time roller skating rinks thought they had a steady thing and punk had become Public Image.  Can you believe a compilation like this by K-tel's chief rival Ronco trying to up the game by bringing in Punk/New Wave into the Hit Parade band line up's??!!!  People must have started getting violent in rinks like it was Rollerball movie or  Features these bands with underlined ones I have posted here:  The Gibson Brothers, Kandidate, Dollar, Bill Lovelady, Flying Lizards, The Jags, Voyager, The Real Thing, Jimmy Lindsay, Jasmin, The Buggles, B.A. Robertson, The Boomtown Rats, Sparks, The Jolly Brothers, Heatwave, The Ruts, Public Image, and Racey!

THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND - The Road Goes On Forever 2LP 75

Very happy to finally have some Allman Brothers on vinyl seeing that I live in 'Dickey Bett's Country' down here in know original guitarist for the band who wrote the all-time classic 'Ramblin' Man'.  He tours steady all his life but had a stroke and was recovering from it when he slipped in his back yard on Little Sarasota Bay and cracked his head open but his surgery went well, he is off the respirator and doing great! Talking, laughing and complaining but still has a ways to go.  Still got a pick with his name on it someone at the old defunct now sponsor store here in FL gave to me after I posted 'The Almond Joys' album and was grateful I did...kind of a hero's welcome!

THE O'JAYS - Live In London LP 74 w Family Reunion LP 75 w Survival LP 75 w Identify Yourself LP 79

This is only later period stuff by them since I wanted to hear their 'Back In The Days Of Soul" radio hit I used to hear on the playlist for the show on Prince's first radio station he loved KMOJ called "Living For The Weekend".  I have posted earlier compilations with studio versions of some of their earlier hits you should have like 'Back Stabbers" which is covered live here like most the early hits.
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THE VENTURES - Wild Things! LP

SEARCH ABOVE FOR MORE and ADD ON:  Love finding these oddball Ventures albums...they have so many.  This one absolutely essential what with their Peter Lorre sounding voice injected cover of one of punks first tunes, Wild Thing!  It makes soooo much sense to me, had to be done this way!


Well, a quite timely find from a week or two ago after someone commented on the Brains post their association with this band.  Remember their hit, 'Keep Your Hands To Yourself" to start it off!

THE BROTHERS FOUR - By Special Request LP

If you will remember the comp. I posted from a couple of weeks ago you will find another tune by this band, who have some original song concepts here and quite likeable.

Dick Hyman - The Kaleidoscopic Keyboard Stylings Of 2LP 73

Mixed him up with Arthur Lyman at first the guy who did the 'Taboo" series.  Anyway decided still to rip it before sell back due to the coolest of all cool sticker in upper left, a "TWO-FER' The Price Of One".  Since I am such a coupon man who regularly uses this type of coupon.  Yeah, they got my number alright!  Son of coupon clipping father of ten.

Cocteau Twins - Garlands LP 82 w Lullabies EP 83 w Head Over Heels LP 83 w Peppermint Pig EP 83 w Sunburst And Snowblind EP w Treasure LP 84 w The Pink Opaque LP 85 w Victorialand LP 86 w Bluebell Knoll LP 86 w Heaven Or Las Vegas LP 90 w Stars & Topsoil A Collection (1982-1990)

Found this for super cheap but forgot I had downloaded all their early stuff at the 80's On Speed blog so you get all those rips too up to the album I first heard them on "Heaven or Las Vegas" that I had taped way back when it first appeared.  Take your pick.
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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

HARMLESS - Protect Us From Evil LP

REPOST Request:  This puppy smokes from the get go with an homage to early Butthole Surfers as the opening track and then just gets better and better from there.  This is hilarious well thought out original music--download immediately and you won't be disappointed!

DIRE STRAITS - st LP 78 w Communique LP 79 w Making Movies LP 80 w Love Over Gold LP 82 w Brothers In Arms LP 85

REPOST Request:  Their debut st LP is considered one of the best in rock 'n' roll as they really were in 'dire straits' and had leveraged their credit to the max.  I post this now and sell this stuff off as it is outside the scope of the blog because I remember 'Skateaway' was the AOR radio hit song going when I completely switched off all mass produced rock 'n' roll
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Run Westy Run - Plowed Into God plus 86 w 7 w st LP w Hardly Not Even LP 88 w Green Cat Island LP 90 w Cockroach Park

REPOST Request:  R.I.P. one of the brothers Kyle last year or so.  Used to dance my ass off to this band (and later band IFFY) who had made it onto SST and had Peter Buck from R.E.M. produce an album.  These guys and the COWS really did put on great 'mosh fests'.
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Divine Horsemen - Snake Handler LP Handful of Sand EP w Devil's River LP 86 w Middle Of The Night LP 86

REPOST Request:  Chris D. from Flesh Eaters with female accompaniment.
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Monday, November 5, 2018

TOP - Emotion Lotion LP 91

Got this at the dollar sale a few months ago and really like it.  Reminds of the Stone Roses Manchester sound that took over around then.

Radiohead - Planet Acoustic CD 95 96

This was a favorite Radiohead live album import I really grew to love the band by this after seeing their first tour at First Avenue.  Reflected personally my right brain dominant crooked lazy eye then.

WARTIME - Fast Food For Thought EP 90

This is a pretty cool Henry Rollins side project similar to those long punk trippy songs coming out at the time with Jello Biafra and D.O.A. similar side projects while I was discovering Hawkwind.

VA - New Route Sampler 4

Great 'Edge Radio' compilation tape and funny that Bob Mould is not even on the tape, it includes:  Happy Mondays, Christy McCool, Lush, Alice In Chains, The High, Pylon, Lilac Time, SPOT 1019, Ferron, The Rembrandts, Blake Babies, Soup Dragons, Exene Cervenka, Soho, Pop Will Eat Itself, Spin Doctors, Trash Can Sinatras, They Eat Their Own and Baby Tapeworm.


One of those long lost 90's bands that should not have been.  Great radio tunes!

HAWKWIND - Best Of 90 w In Search Of Space LP w Psychedelic Warlords CD w Xenon Codex LP w Doremi Fasol Latido CD 72 w Amazing Music CD 76

Well this compilation of tracks is from many different sources and only one vinyl rip of mine (In Search Of Space) that was in such rough shape that I fortunately had the songs from other analog tapes and a CD I no longer own but on tape.  The 72 and 76 albums are from other blog rips and I substituted some tracks to avoid multiple copies from the Cd I mentioned.  Great band that is still going who simple just 'get's it!".  I bought Xenon when it came out...kind of summarizes where I was at with music at the time during the time of the Mellow Fellow's stone groove Friday radio parties.
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