Tuesday, May 23, 2023

DELANEY & BONNIE - Home LP 69 w Genesis LP 71 w DELANIE & BONNIE AND FRIENDS - Comin' Home/Groupie (Superstar) 7 69 w The Original (Arista Album) LP 69 w To Bonnie From Delaney CD 70 w Motel Shot CD 71 17 w D & B Together CD 72 w DELANEY BRAMLETT - Mobius Strip LP 73 w Sounds From Home CD 88 and BLUE DIAMOND - Giving Birth To A Song LP 75

I will borrow words from other blogs whose writing I put in a Text file in the file:  Though Delaney and Bonnie Bramlett never found the commercial audience for which they strived, they did achieve a high-level of recognition among their peers. It was Byrds-man Gram Parsons who first introduced George Harrison to the duo’s music, and Harrison brought Eric Clapton into their rapidly growing family. Clapton immediately became Delaney & Bonnie’s biggest supporter, inviting them to open for Blind Faith as well as performing on the pair’s subsequent albums and tours. 

For certain, within Delaney & Bonnie’s albums was the inspiration and impetus for Clapton’s own solo career. The rich mixture of gospel, soul, R&B, country, and folk that he used to great effect on his self-titled debut (as well as 461 Ocean Boulevard and Slowhand) was rooted in these freewheeling sessions with the Bramletts.   
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The Vanishing Point MP4:  https://mega.nz/file/tAlVABgT#BwBxCwg44sXmWAYllXPq6nY_MQtKiMk9A_ECP6qU_nk                


ClassicMusic20 said...

Did You Know When I Was Talking to Someone About 2 Months Ago Regarding Derek & the Dominoes "Layla" And That Person Tells Me "I Never Liked That Song" And I Get Confuse and Tell Him "I Always Liked That Song, How Come You Don't Like It" And His Answer "Too Long and I Never Liked Eric Clapton's Singing or Guitar Playing" Weeks Later, I Tell Him About Eric Being Listed As "The Greatest Guitarist" And He Was Like "I don't get the big deal about Clapton. Never liked his playing or singing." However, He did tell me "Just his opinion" But What's Not to Like About Eric? Eric Is Multi talented and Tons of People Used Him On Their Records Cause of His Talent. So Hearing Someone Say That About Him Is Weird, What Do You Think When You Hear a Statement Like That?

will m. said...

Claudia Lennear's album is on Uloz....haven't pursued the vinyl as of yet.

will m

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Hi ClassicMusic20,

I first heard the Derek album in high school and I was floored at how good it was then and taped it then went on to other things. Over this year I have discovered Bobby Whitlock's album which I also really dug and that Duane Allman was involved as well and totally dig his stuff and have posted some solo. Yeah, Layla is one of those songs that just drags on and on so if you have reservations then it really stings the guy I guess. I began to really appreciate Clapton however, when I dug into his solo vinyl around the time that I posted J.J. Cale. I like a guy like Eric who rides the wave and props up the good stuff. That also makes me totally dig him and then I stream captured a cool Cream back home in U.K. large concert DVD and that solidified his cool playing in that group of talented individuals. Now I find this connection and WOW, he finds this totally smooth Southern USA professionals with super soul and props up yet another homage to American Blues that he so loved. There is super depth to this material and I will re-listening all this week on my 6.7 mile bicycle ride to work. Yeah we all got tired of the overplayed radio hits that is a corporate-controlled feedlot if you ask me and so maybe that is how this guy see's Eric in that group but sounds totally ignorant to the bulk of Eric's efforts and career. I give everyone the benefit of the doubt however as I know the extensive poisoning the USA feeds them in their bellies and blasts out of their minds. He might also be bitter about UK taking the blues and presenting it back to USA but hell, Eric had the utmost dignity about it and became immersed in it while upping the bar set. You can certainly hear Eric singing in Delaney's songs or visa versa. The top carry away are the classic songs that were made. Hell, he even propped up Bob Marley in a big way. Maybe the guy is racist? Who knows, don't listen to him...Ha Ha

ClassicMusic20 said...

Hey Thanks For the Feedback! This Guy Is a Nice Guy, And We Do Get Along Fine and I Even Give Out Some Facts of Stories Behind the Songs That He Didn’t Know About, But He’s a Hardcore Rock Fan, He Does However, Likes Some of the Stuff That I Like (And Some Black R&B Music Too As Well) Not Into Folk Music Cause It Makes Him Sleepy, But He Has a Friend That Likes Folk Music and When His Friend Plays Those Songs on Guitar, He Calls It 'Enjoyable' He Also Can't Stand Country Music, He Does Like Some Country Rock (Eagles, Firefall, Poco) As Long As They Don't Have a Twang In Their Voice, If It Has a Twang, He's Not Into It. He's Also Not Into Rock Bands When They Do Ballads and Word Example ‘Even Though It Made Them Successful, They Wimped Out After That Ballad’ or Doesn’t Like It When They Change Their Sound, An Example With Def Leppard 'I Use to Like Them, But They Kept Changing Their Sound, I Stop Buying Their Music After That' And I Told Him Later 'I Don't Mind When Bands Change Their Sound Actually' And His Words ‘I don't want all of the songs to sound alike either. But to totally change the style of your music is not for me. All bands evolve their sound to a certain extent. Just look at the Beatles. In the end, a band can do whatever they want musically but that doesn't mean I will remain a fan of them.’ He does like a few changes (Black Water by The Doobie Brothers For An Example, Not into the Michael McDonald Era Cause He Made Them Soulful, While the Tom Johnston Era Rocked Out More) But not a lot, And he did say to me ‘It’s Okay to Disagree’ So He’s a Nice Guy, But A Very Hard Core Rock Fan, I Didn’t Realized That Until I Mentioned Styx “Babe” Which He Said To Me ‘He Doesn’t Like It Cause ‘It’s a Ballad’ But Preferred Their Previous Ballad ‘Lady’ (Not a Ballad Though) Cause 'It Has Guitar’ So Yeah, You’re Right Viacom! Don’t Let That Get To You, But I Do Laugh at that When He Makes Those Statements. And With Your Conversation Regarding Corporate Radio, Yes, I Don’t Listen to Corporate Radio Anymore Cause They Play the Same Songs Over and Over, I Don’t Mind the Songs, But I Don’t Like It When They Play It Too Much. I always hear Journey, AC/DC, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Dr. Hook’s “Cover of the Rolling Stone” and Never Their Other Stuff, And here in Canada With Canadian Bands, They keep playing Glass Tiger, April Wine, Triumph etc, And I Heard in the U,S, They Never Play Those Guys Anymore. And I Never Hear Paul Davis, Ambrosia, England Dan & John Ford Corley, Dan Fogelberg etc. All of the Good Stuff On the Radio, Just the Same Stuff Over and Over. I Just Do My Own Playlist or Listen To Independent Radio, And Speaking of That. Here’s Two Independent Radio Stations That You Might Like? One That Plays New Music From Old Artists Like Eric Clapton That You Don’t Get To Hear on a Mainstream Station, and Another Station That Plays Rare Classic Singles from the Past, I’ll Link Them Up To You, And I Also Found This Goodie, Classic Billboard Magazine, You Can Go To Any Year That You Want (70s/80s) and See What Was on the Charts at the Time, And Obscure Artists That Never Went Anywhere, It’s Good Stuff In There, Let Me Know What You Think? Cheers

Guitarradeplastico,scraping oddities said...

Many thanks

EW said...

Here's my vinyl rip of yet another Delaney record:



Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Awesome, thanks E.W.!! Missed this one but it looks very cool--I will cut/edit the songs and add it in time. Do you have his first first solo, 'Something's Coming"...I decided to pass on getting it after another blog gave it a 'D+' rating but it might have one or two good songs per their post.

EW said...

Here you go ... I had it on CD so it's already broken up:


ClassicMusic20 said...

What EW, You Have That? I Was Looking for a Better Version of That as the One I had kept cutting the intro off and I had to mix a Youtube Version With That, Thanks!

ClassicMusic20 said...

I Also Have Two Other Bonnie Bramlett Albums (One from 1978 and a Christian Record That She Did When She Became a Born-Again Christian, Joe English Is On Drums On That Record and She Was the One That Gave Him His Recording Deal, She's Even Doing Backup Vocals on His Debut Album That I Sent You) Here's the Links and Enjoy!! By the way, Did You Know She Had a Stroke Back in March, She's in the Hospital Right Now Recovering, Hopefully She'll Get Better. I Found That Out on Her Personal Facebook Page If You Look It Up.

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Ahhh, E.W. and ClassicMusic soo grateful for your contributions here--you really make the blog!! Very happy to put this one to bed now and will repost soon enough with all your great contributions soon! Cheers Buoys! Also thank YOU Guitarradeplastico,scraping oddities for your years of regular comments...it keeps me afloat! Cheers to all!!

steptoelloyd said...

Many thanks for reposting the shaky lps.
I'm looking for the lp "the Track Years" of his...do you have this or any other rare lps of his please?