Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Plastic Patrick and Hickoids - Fun While it Lasted 7"

This was one of those records that I almost flipped right past and then I did a double take and saw the word Hickoids. I thought could this be Austin, TX Hickoids on maybe some kind of split that I'd never seen before? There was no insert, but I decided to buy it on a hunch.

After getting home and doing a little research, yes this is the Hickoids, but for some reason they added Plastic Patrick on the front of the name.

The music is pretty much straight up country music, but it's really good. The song on the flipside "Ragged but Right," reminded me of my grandfather who really wanted to be a hobo and not a husband and father. I guess to each his own eh?

I hope that people enjoy this as much as I did.

Released in 1988 on Matako Muzuri Records of Austin, TX


Brian Guy



peskypesky said...

not sure who Plastic Patrick is...and that sure doesn't sound like Jeff Smith on vocals. but good Hickoids rock underneath.

Brian Guy said...

yeah, this is kind of a weird one. To me it kind of sounds like Jeff Smith, but I'd love to know what the whole story on this release is. Anyone know?


Brian Guy