Monday, July 23, 2012

Spit - Persecution of Genius LP

I had never heard of Vinnie or Vinny Spit before a trip down to Las Vegas, the the early '90's, to visit my grandmother who was living there at the time. The UNLV radio station at the time had a great punk rock show that played a lot of stuff I had never heard of one of them was a cut off of this album.(last I heard they where playing shitty jazz, just what the world needs another jazz station) I honestly can't remember which track it was, but it made an impression on me. It took me several years to track a copy of this album down, and I was glad that I was able to find it.

So this record is vile and depraved, but a little more sophisticated than GG Allin or the Mentors. At least I think that's probably how Spit feels about it. Songs about Tipper Gore, remember this was around the time the PMRC was at work trying to make sure that kids like me wouldn't become satanist or some such bullshit. A lot of songs about sex and phone sex.

If I remember right Vinnie was from Newark, Delaware.

I wonder what ever happened to Vinnie? I had heard that he was going to make a go of it in the world of adult entertainment, but who knows.

Released on Nailed to Sound in 1991.


Brian Guy



pelao said...

Great band, thanks for this... by any chance do you have other albums by Spit?

Brian Guy said...

I wish I did, this is the only thing that I have ever been able to find from Spit, but I'll keep looking if I find anything I'll post it.


Brian Guy

Anonymous said...

Hi Brian,

The Spit link is dead :-( Any chance of a re-up?

Just rediscovered Spit having listened to 1988's Festive 50 - the Road Pizza track is a CLASSIC.


J in Liverpool

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for re-post. You can't beat some middle of the road stuff in the middle of the week :-) Great stuff!!! J in Liverpool