Tuesday, February 20, 2024

The Planets - Lines 7 79 w Goon Hilly Downs LP 79 w Spot LP 80

 Request:  Hoping Amy is still around to hear her request as it took me some time to get the 7 inch with one bonus tune not on the albums.  Not going to compare them to other 80's bands but you will hear similarities.  From Liverpool, Merseyside, U.K.  Good stuff thanks again!!



Babinga said...

Thanks SO much..been looking for this for awhile now

Anonymous said...

Am I still around? Yes, but I was not ready for that! This is the most beautiful day. Not a second did I expected this. There are no records I have been looking for that long. Decades? Nevertheless, you'll never understand the joy that this brings to me. But now my quest is over, I feel empty! :D


P.S. Yes, I know how much work you must have put into this, like I said, I've been searching for years and found nothing.