Monday, February 26, 2024

DIANA ROSS - Surrender LP 71 w & THE SUPREMES - The Number 1's CD 03 w Let The Sunshine In LP 69 w Join The Temptations LP 68 w The Supremes 1963-1969 Time-Life tape 87 w The Wiz OMPS 2LP 78

 REPOST and ADD ON:  O.K. added the cassette above from a series of rock 'n' roll cassettes that I will feature in the coming weeks...ooops forgot I need a new tape player as my old duel deck that I did this on is in perpetual head rotate from side to side.  Will have to try that new Goodwill web site that I noted started when my VHS broke so made mental note back then to try it when ready as prefer a deck with auto-tracking and would be easier to search online than go to stores as I did in the past when I have a gas vehicle and not pedal-bike only which I prefer BTW!!

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