Tuesday, September 27, 2022

VA - Stereo 101 Twin Cities Rocks! LP

 So very pleased with this record find!!!  My Minnesota music facebook group had someone post this one up with all different versions of the contributing artist hit songs!!!  That means new version of radio classic 'Evil Woman' by Crow, new version of the Yanni band Chameleon hit 'Stranded' and my sister's old favorite band who got their own day proclaimed in Minneapolis, The Flamin' Oh's doing their hit 'Everyday'.  I also remember from listening to this old radio station KDWB or even KQRS on the rock station 'On My Way' by Dareforce.  Other bands on this many of whom I have posted in the past:  The Mary Jane Alm Band, Cortez, Sussman Lawrence, Crash Street Kids, Whiskey River, The Phones, The Metro All Stars and Jesse Brady.                 https://krakenfiles.com/view/2u8MMFQ7gU/file.html

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D said...

hey there...any chance of a re-post
on the Hugo Largo albums?
hope so,