Tuesday, September 27, 2022

STEAMER - Look At Me Now LP 80 w st CD 82 w st CD 83

 ClassicMusic20 sent in the st CD from 1982 but I got the rest and happier for it!  Pretty consistant song writing on those albums and I think they must have been a teen idle band out of the magazine 'Dynamite' perhaps or made the roller skating rink circuit back in the day.  Kick ass!



ClassicMusic20 said...

Thanks for putting up my requests! The only requests I did last week was Randy Richards, Not really worried about him much since his second album has tons of copies on discogs. I think right now, You can try to look at my old requests from last year rather than Randy because there all still available and ready to buy. Bill House's "Dancing With a Smile" Karen Alexander's "Voyager" and Dunn & Rubini's "Diggin' It" I'd would love to hear in better quality, cause all I could are get are low quality versions. Not sure if your going to do Steve March's "Lucky" That was on my list before EW gave his link, It is cheap on discogs and I was looking for that in better quality. Right now with mp3 links, I'm going to give a link to Karen Alexander's Debut album that I have.

ClassicMusic20 said...

Thank you so much for putting up my requests! That Third Steamer Album Is So Hard to Find, Sounds totally different from the other two. I'm not going to make more requests in this week (I did requested Randy Richards 2 albums, But It's Not Something I'm Worried About) But I think right now, You can focus more on my old requests if you want, There all still available and cheap to get (Bill House's "Dancing With a Smile" Is something I would check out and Joe Lala's "All Night Lover") I'm not sure if your going to do Steve March's "Lucky" As I requested that before EW gave his link to you, It doesn't matter, You can do what you want, and I know this blog is for everyone, not just me. Since Karen Alexander's "Voyager" is on the list, I'm going to give an mp3 of her first album, enjoy!

Pete Cost said...

I get an "Error - Method not allowed" message when I click on Download on the Kraken page.
Any suggestions?
Take care and thanks!

ClassicMusic20 said...

Just Checked the Link, Works Fine for Me

Pete Cost said...

Works fine for me too now. Thanks!

Kosta said...

thanks for 1982 and 1983 , i didn't kmow about them..
i had their first lp and liked it a lot...