Wednesday, February 2, 2022


 This three vinyl bundle I got a couple years ago never had a song list which was O.K. for their first album but the 'early EP's' I had to leave unlabeled and haven't had time to ID them so if you know leave the list in comments.  Their website shows the first album is out of print and not available anymore.  I saw them play on that tour and had recorded a few tracks I recognize now for my old youtube channel but sadly could not find those to post (yet anyways!).  Enjoy!  

Song titles for Demos Added (Thanks to EricC!!) REPOST 2-3-2022:


EricC said...

You have put a challenge in front of me ... you fiend!

There are three early EPs, two indy releases, one on Sub Pop. This is a Sub Pop Release, so we can assume it is those three. There are 14 songs between those three. There are 13 on this LP.

The problem is, at first, there is no listing on Discogs. That is until you dig into the first album, and see some reissues.

They did a vinyl reissue of the first album in 2016, with this as an extra. Here are your tracks!

01 - Disco Sheets
02 - Lousy Pictures
03 - Modern World
04 - Wits Or A Dagger
05 - Secret Knives
06 - Dinner Bells
01 - Dear Sons And Daughters Of Hungry Ghosts
02 - We Built Another World
03 - Grounds For Divorce
04 - It's A Curse
05 - The National People's Scare
06 - Killing Armies
07 - Snakes On A Ladder

They dropped two songs that were in identical versions on the LP, and added one extra, I am assuming it was a b-side or some such.

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Awesome EricC!!!!! I will correct promptly when I get back to the office from lunch break now. I looked same place but must have missed that version somehow. Rush rush probably.