Tuesday, January 25, 2022

OCEAN - Put Your Hand In The Hand LP 71 w Give Tomorrow's Children One More Chance LP 72

 I had bought the later album for the cover alone in a store long ago and it was a good price.  I then just received the first one from Discog's last week--not knowing I had already heard and enjoyed the title track from a compilation I posted a long time ago!!!  Well, I really love this hippy-commune type band and all the songs are really good.  Was reading just recently a nature hiker/biker like myself complaining about those who go to nature only for exercise--ignoring all the critters and plants and in a hot and bothered rush.  I agree and saw it for myself on my normal bike trails on the weekends.  We used to use the 'On Your Left' shout out on BIKING LANES up north but I learned quickly that it sure don't work on dirt salt marsh trails on wildlife preserves.  I use "LOOKING TO PASS" as I calmly and in good humor pass walkers or bikers on the trail.  I let one guy last weekend on his 'HELL RIDE' (as Mike Watt would call it, from med's or in a hot and bothered rush) bike around me and sure enough he yelled it out, 'ON YOUR LEFT" causing a couple to go opposite ways and stop him in his tracks...haha told you so DUDE!!  This album might help his kind if they would only stop to listen.


WAV files:  https://gofile.io/d/iqhELe


Siobhán Long's sister said...

Canadian band.


Terry G said...

WOW! The band, Ocean, is kind of a best-kept secret--especially that second album with that cool, nature-inspired album cover.
Everything you've related in your personal write-up of the feel of Ocean's music resonates perfectly. We are both nature lovers. I'll take the time to stop and really look at a tree--heck, I'll hug it!:)
Patrick, any chance of posting the WAV files for these, or just the later album, please? THANKS for all you do, regardless. :)

EW said...

Hi ... any chance you might have this one?