Tuesday, June 22, 2021


 REPOST Request:  What I had wrote before:  Never heard of him back in the day so thanks to the person who requested this and got it onto my wanted list.  Every song is sounds pretty awesome on this one and good lyrics.  Enjoy!                         https://gofile.io/d/mSqxsN


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kingpossum said...
Thanks so much. This is Willie's only major label release. A&M had no clue how to market him and he got overlooked as a result. After that bad experience he self-released dozens of records and continues to to this day.

Willie gigs constantly in the OH-WV-IN region, always a solid draw with a high energy show. One of Columbus's finest who chose the indy route to avoid record label headaches.

Other great vinyl releases to look for (though difficult to find) are Not A Butterfly and the earlier We Love Noise.

SEPTEMBER 1, 2020 AT 1:26 PM
Anonymous said...
I wrote you a mail a few weeks ago, through the mail that is on your profile, where i asked you if you could please repupload the STONEGROUND Album


Now i ask also for the repupload of the ALMMAN JOY


I would be very pleased if you could do it

Thanks a lot


SEPTEMBER 2, 2020 AT 10:33 AM
Anonymous said...
Dude is a legend with a deep and impossible to find catalog. There's even a tribute single:

Willie Phoenix Tribute Machine features members of: New Bomb Turks, Operators, Howlin' Maggie and Watershed


SEPTEMBER 12, 2020 AT 10:39 PM
Anonymous said...
Plus he just did a livestream: https://williephoenix.com/watch/

SEPTEMBER 12, 2020 AT 10:47 PM
punk said...
Hi, any chance for a reup?

Also, could I request/ask if you have this:



JUNE 14, 2021 AT 9:47 PM

D said...

Had his vinyl back in the day......played "No Signs Of Joanna" till I wore out the grooves. Been looking for ages for anything by Phoenix, a local legend for sure.
Thanks so much. Hope one day the rest of his discography will surface.