Friday, December 2, 2016

Semantics - Bwana Junction LP 85

REPOST Request:  Anybody GOT the SST band from the same time frame?


Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

d. said...
I have to thank you, VCMDoYT! Once again, for all the effort to fulfill my focused or randome requests.

However, this one is a funny post 'cause I had in mind another band of Semantics! SST Semantics were 'mean' jazz-rock dudes!! On the contrary, this Semantics band played weird lite-jazzy synth-pop on Bwana Junction. They obviously existed in the same period. I am checking them out at the moment. Pure cut-out bin material, kinda playful.

NOVEMBER 24, 2015 AT 1:55 PM
Giovanni Venosta said...
hi there, is there any chance this item to be reuploaded?
i bought their first lp 30 years should be nice to hear how "Bwana junction"sounds.

NOVEMBER 30, 2016 AT 7:24 PM

spavid said...

And there's yet a third band named Semantics, which I'm sharing here:

It's a gem.