Monday, October 17, 2016

VA - Laughing At The Ground 7 82 Propeller Product No. 6

This early Boston punk 7 comp. series (any GOT more??) kind of 'stuck' to my Agent Orange 7's when I was pulling them out so I thought I would give it a fresh rip.  The song 'Babble' is a cover by famous Boston band ala Husker Du (named after a "Do You Remember" board game) named 'Moving Targets' who have finally got some recognition.  I also love the Boston bands the Flies (Bob Dylan vocals upped several notches), Dogmatics (MTV O.D. classic song), Classic Ruins and the Velvet Underground built up their following there...great town!


jonder said...

Thank you for this one! A rare track by Christmas (one of my favorite Boston bands, aside from Mission of Burma and the Modern Lovers). This EP also has a song from Thalia Zedek's earliest band, the Dangerous Birds.

Steven Watson said...

I'm searching this out for the Dangerous Birds track but I'm also interested in hearing the songs by V; and Christmas. Jonder mentioned that Dangerous Birds was Thalia Zedek's first band, and I thought that too until today. I discovered a few hours ago that her first group upon arriving in Boston from DC was White Women. The only song they recorded was called "Midge" and it appears on a Propeller cassette from 1981.
Thanks for uploading this EP!