Monday, October 17, 2016

VA K-Tel Midnight Hustle LP 78

I was utterly flabbergasted and completely taken aback with this release!!!  I had found it the missing link for K-Tel's American Hit Parade music of the seventies from pre-disco year of stalemate 1978 when D.O.A. was forming with their "Disco Sucks" 7.  You see it was printed in U.K. and has all of our favorite 'hit' bands along with those classic K-Tel artists/tunes I grew up listening to in my mom's car on errands, etc.  I am sure this helped spawn 2nd wave Ska music on the Two Tone label with black and white racial unity and then the continuing Dancehall to follow that whole side of things next to punk coming from the bar band scene previously mentioned from 1975 when soul music in the USA had matured.  Amazing find at my sponsor store on the right.  Here are the artists you will know and love about half:  The Motors, City Boy, Blondie, Darts, Flash and the Pan, Boomtown Rats, Status Quo, Herbie Hancock, Boney M (huge poster in side everything MINT!), Exile (remember "Kiss You All Over" great K-tel hit!!!), HI-TENSION (I love this band but don't have the cool funky vinyl anymore somehow..did you know it was a 'British Hustle!!!  I collect Van McCoy!), Frankie Miller, The Dooleys, ABBA (Yes!!), BILBO, 10 CC (WOW key song Dreadlock Holiday!), Clout, Candidate and saving the biggest surprise for me and new target for collection, the late great IAN DURY in his band (KILBURN AND THE HIGH ROADS)!! Yes!!! Yes!!! Yes!!! (to quote Legs McNeil from Facebook and Punk Magazine).

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