Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Headgrenade - s/t cd

Headgrenade hail from Reno, NV. First off I love the cover art for this cd, it would make a great T-shirt. Second, I have no idea when this was released and can't find a release date online for this so, I hope that I'm not violating my rules of posting stuff that is at least six years from being released, if it is sorry, and if the band or 702 have an issue with me posting this let me know and I'll take it down.

Okay now about the music. This is a great release all the way thru. I should point out that I own this on CD and the 10" version to, that's how much I liked this release.

Basically punk that verges into hardcore at times and it is damn good. The only song that I really didn't like was the first one "Fucky Sucky," I found it boring, but the rest of the album rocks. "Stamping Mill," "Rash," and "Headgrenade" are all great songs, My favourite song has got to be the cowpunkish "Hick Song," what a funny as hell song. It's worth listening to it just because of that one song.

At times they remind me of Black Flag and Custom Made Scare, especially the latter on "Hick Song,"

This was released on 702 Records from Reno, NV.

On a side note. I really miss the old 702 Record Store in Reno. I only made it in there a few times as Reno is a little ways away from me, but it was a great shop. R.I.P.


Brian Guy


brekinapez said...

A lil' Google action gave me the year 1996, and mention of a 2001 comp they appeared on with other Reno bands.

Brian Guy said...

Thanks for the info. Damn, I didn't think this was that old.


Brian Guy