Monday, May 21, 2012

Vital Music Records Presents: Dumbrock Vol. 9 & 10 The Disco Years 2x7"

With the death of Donna"Disco Queen"Summer and Robin Gibb, of the BeeGees passing away this past week I decided to post the "Dumbrock Vol. 9 & 10 The Disco Years dbl 7."

Rats of Unusual Size - Carwash
Sea Monkeys - Stayin' Alive
Alice Donut - To be Real
Wives - More, More, More
Artless - Macho Man
Dogbowl - Disco Inferno

They all do their own takes on Disco. Personally I never got disco, ironically enough my grandmother bought me Rick Dees "Disco Duck LP" for one of my birthdays way back when. That was strange, oh well.

This was released on Vital Music not really sure when.


Brian Guy


Anonymous said...

According with the compilation was released in 1995, maybe early 96

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

That's funny Bri-Guy, I just had my paws on that LP yesterday at a Cheapo record store. Post it, I dare ya!d Nah..