Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Glory Stompers - Tory Crimes ep

From Western Canada, Edmonton, Alberta to be per precise we have the Glory Stompers. They dish out three really good songs on this release.

Just one thing, to me to be an EP it has to have more than three songs, three songs in my opinion is just a seven inch record and EP is four songs or more. Not a big deal just my opinion, and regardless I enjoyed this release.

This was released in 1995, I think, on Pogo Stick Records.


Brian Guy


Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Hayyyyyy, I just watched this DVD as I just purchased it, with all that David Allen and the Arrows distortion, how can I nnot like anything with that word in it like Distorted Levels. Some great posts in this series, I got the trucker stuff cued up next AND I found a new local two song CD called 'Wheels' at a bar in the next town after a bike ride and dinner, I bought it for five bucks. The guy even had a can collection with some Billy Beer unopened...weren't we talking about this the other year, anyhoo. Enjoy! as JayIRC's buddy Milo says in Descendents.

Bernando said...

Great EP by a great band. Thanks

Jimmy said...

The singer from this band would a go on to front the Subway Thugs, The Lancasters, Alternate Action, and now Bishops Green.