Thursday, April 12, 2012

Death Sentence (BC) - Not a Pretty Sight LP

The first LP from this Vancouver, BC band. "Death Squad" and "Dawn of the Dead" are two of the best songs off of the album in my opinion. The album a lot like the last release seems to be kind of a cross over album with both Metal and Punk elements to it.

This was released in 1985 on the Undergrowth label.

I borrowed the album cover art from discogs,com since the person that owned my copy before me thought it was a good idea to draw all over the cover.


Brian Guy

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biopunk said...

This was definitely crossing-over.

I'd call this one "thrash" and Stop Killing Me, very "metal-ish".

"Death Squad" is a fave of mine, with "Fake" and "R.C.M.P." too.

It also was put out on the Fringe label in 1986.