Thursday, April 12, 2012

Death Sentence (BC) - Stop Killing Me LP

I remember being a young lad and first seeing the video of "Danger Zone" on Munch Music's "Pepsi Power Hour" back in the Mid-80's and thinking WOW this band is pretty good. It took me a couple of years to actually buy the album and hear the rest of the tracks which we equally as good and a little bit more punk rockish.

This is not to be confused with the other bands with the name of Death Sentence this band was from Vancouver, BC.

Released on Fringe Records in 1988.

This was the last real release from the band of new material, there was a reissue, at least that's what I believe it was of a CD in 2009 that had What I believe to be previously released material. Hopefully some one out there can set the record straight on this. If memory serves me correctly Pete Cleaver died of a drug OD.

Kind of a downer to end the post on sorry about that.

Brian Guy

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