Monday, October 17, 2016

VA - Laughing At The Ground 7 82 Propeller Product No. 6

This early Boston punk 7 comp. series (any GOT more??) kind of 'stuck' to my Agent Orange 7's when I was pulling them out so I thought I would give it a fresh rip.  The song 'Babble' is a cover by famous Boston band ala Husker Du (named after a "Do You Remember" board game) named 'Moving Targets' who have finally got some recognition.  I also love the Boston bands the Flies (Bob Dylan vocals upped several notches), Dogmatics (MTV O.D. classic song), Classic Ruins and the Velvet Underground built up their following there...great town!

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jonder said...

Thank you for this one! A rare track by Christmas (one of my favorite Boston bands, aside from Mission of Burma and the Modern Lovers). This EP also has a song from Thalia Zedek's earliest band, the Dangerous Birds.