Monday, July 23, 2012

Drunk & Disorderly - 16 Down Yer Neck Lager Top Lullabies LP - va

Okay it's OI! compilation time. All in all this is a pretty good compilation, but why does every OI! comp have "Drinking & Driving" by The Business and "Hurry up Harry" by the Oppressed? I understand that these are drinking songs on a drinking compilation, but couldn't they find a couple of different songs? Don't get me wrong these are classics and I like them both, but still....

My favourite song on this album has to be The Booze Boys "16 Pints Beautiful" a hilarious cautionary tale. Gonads, Anti-Heros Patriot, Kicker Boys along with the Booze Boys, I think have the best songs.

Chaotic Discords "Drink & Drugs" has to be the worst song on the album. It's just annoying as all hell.

Still this is a good comp I don't think there is anything that is unreleased, but it's fun. There are a few pops and clicks on this, as it looks like it's been pretty well used.


Brian Guy

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