Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Towers of New London, the El'n'Gee Bands Vol. I LP - va

Another Compilation this one features bands from New London, CT in the mid 80's.

The only band that I am familiar with on this is the Reducers, all the other bands are a complete mystery to me

Bands on this Compilation are Vacant Lot, Paisley Jungle, The Reducers, The Whales, Mindless Thinkers, Bomb Squad, The Hangmen, Motive 8, New Johnny 5, Artificial Red, Cartoons, Live Nude Girls and Blond Furniture.

There is a good combination of new wave and punk on this album to make it worth while to listen to. There is a volume 2 out there that I have not ever seen or heard, but would like to.

Audacity kind of freaked out when I ripped this, I think it sounds okay but if it sounds messed up let me know and I'll rip it again.

Released in 1985 on VSR of Jewett City, CT


Brian Guy



Bernando said...

Vacant Lot is the chissnitts. Thanks Brian

Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for this! Growing up in CT I got to see most of these bands. Would love to get some more tunes from the short lived Live Nude Girls. Please pass along if you have any. Thanks again. T.

Wrighteous said...

Wow, thanks for this!

Brian Guy said...

Glad that everyone liked this. I don't think I have any Live Nude Girls, other than what is on this comp. I hope I can find the second volume.


Brian Guy