Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Jean-Luc Ponty - Electric Connection LP 69 w Aurora LP 76 w Imaginary Voyage LP 76 w Enigmatic Ocean LP 77 w Cosmic Messenger LP 78 w A Taste For Passion LP 79 w Live LP 79 w Civilized Evil LP 80 w Mystical Adventures LP 82 w Individual Choice LP 83 w Open Mind LP 84

 This is only as sampling I obtained from Goodwill over many years--just recently buying the Live album for completest sake.  Was surprised by all his collaborative albums back to the early 1960's and of course working with Frank Zappa.  Am posting him now since I don't know many violin masters in music (although my father used to play to us growing up on occasions) but since my buddies over at jonderblog just posted a first in series on violins wanted to support that effort..here is their link:  https://jonderblog.blogspot.com/2024/06/a-history-of-violins-1973-1979.html.

Per Discogs:  Real Name: Jean-Luc Ponty

Profile: French jazz musician (violin and keyboards) and composer.

Born 29 September 1942 in Avranches, France. Father of Clara Ponty.