Wednesday, May 29, 2024

The Don Ellis Orchestra - Electric Bath LP 67 w At Fillmore 2LP 70 w Soaring LP 73 w Live At Montreux LP 78 w The New Don Ellis Band Goes Underground LP 69

 Time to school you kiddos in what I would call on some of these:  futuristic space jazz.  Some real depth here in the sound and his influences. 
   Per Discogs:  Real Name: Donald Johnson Ellis  Profile: American band leader, composer, arranger, producer, trumpet player.  Born: July 25, 1934, Los Angeles, CA, United States.  Died: December 17, 1978.

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Jungle Jim said...

Cool picks for a space-jazz introduction.
Don Ellis - "Soaring" is my favorite, of course we all remember
the tune "Whiplash", from the awesome movie of the same name!