Tuesday, April 16, 2024

The Dillards - Wheatstraw Suite LP 68 w Tribute To The American Duck LP 73 w Back Porch Bluegrass CD 63 w Live...Almost CD 64 w [With Byron Berline] Pickin' & Fiddlin' CD 65 w Copperfields CD 70 w Roots And Branches CD 72

 Want to feature the vinyl I have pictured in the first two pictures that I had found at Goodwill long ago because they definitely are the sanctified platters but I have to wonder who the Grace Slick style singer is since they don't show her on the cover (at least I don't think so but could be a mislabel on the vinyl since I had trouble splitting songs on side 2 of Wheatstraw...anybody...Beuhler?).  I listed the other stuff from youtube last to keep a focus on how cool the vinyl sounds to me.  Per Discogs:  US progressive bluegrass and country rock group based in Los Angeles, California.

The group was originally based around singer-guitarist Rodney Dillard, and his banjo playing brother Doug Dillard, who both grew up in Salem, Missouri. Accompanying the brothers were mandolin player Dean Webb (2) and bassist Mitch Jayne. In 1962 the group moved to Los Angeles, where they met producer Jim Dickson, and secured a record deal with Elektra, eventually releasing five albums for the label. In 1967, Doug left the group and hooked up with Gene Clark, recording two albums as Dillard & Clark. After Doug's departure, banjo player, singer and songwriter Herb Pedersen joined the group, and they shifted to a more country rock style. The group had several more lineup changes in the 1970s, recording for the Anthem, Poppy, and Flying Fish labels. The group continued performing well into the 1990s, with Doug and Rodney also releasing albums with John Hartford.


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