Tuesday, February 27, 2024

BRIDGE - st LP 81

 Like the band Illusion below is number 24 with that name on Discogs, here we have band number 33 with the name 'Bridge' and it is an interesting style holding on to some 70's style music into the 80's decade.  A nice request!


And now for some quick click updates with new links that also are at original posts to learn more:

Elkie Brooks:  https://bestfile.io/en/eAE2ZdSajCpaZSo/file

Grand Funk:  https://bestfile.io/en/m1ffEKhHq9DFexH/file

John Hiatt (my rips):  https://bestfile.io/en/YmsLPjWSnM8xeFo/file

John Hiatt (other blogs):  https://bestfile.io/en/J3dVUOcSueLGKlC/file

Fischer Z:   https://bestfile.io/en/QEcEkWwSAnUkJIJ/file

Toto (R.I.P. the drummer per ClassicMusic20):  https://bestfile.io/en/4LQm8N6mkC2HiP6/file

Richard Kerr (R.I.P. Dec. 11th,  2023 per ClassicMusic20 {thanks!]:  https://bestfile.io/en/sEGKbefKG0sy8SA/file

Sly & The Family Stone:  https://bestfile.io/en/3icu2fvVu1qxYVW/file

Grin/Nils Lofgren:   https://bestfile.io/en/iV3FY0TyyGMTduC/file

Lighthouse:   https://bestfile.io/en/m9tqPMtFXJfqoax/file

Erasure:  https://bestfile.io/en/J26PjuKT0jPyTb2/file

Joe Cannon (E.W. sent in another file added):  https://bestfile.io/en/3MWNtO2t44Zcs4n/file

Poole (I added the 'Alaska Days' album from youtube):  https://bestfile.io/en/2H5Z05vqenJ5mr9/file

Spider John Koerner (I added a bunch from youtube and a blog):  https://bestfile.io/en/9MAXPdXXWsMTpcx/file

Lindisfarne (thanks to Jon for adding files):  https://bestfile.io/en/RTZ0bnHmPdlB95D/file

Smith (added at Alan Parker recent post):  https://bestfile.io/en/yN6lYKhdTPiGMqq/file

Gayle McCormick (added at Alan Parker):  https://bestfile.io/en/aQtWm7PoRgHzjgj/file

Peter Pringle (I added a 7 for ClassicMusic20):  https://bestfile.io/en/IwTesHp4RthEWxu/file

Dionne Warwick (file added):  https://bestfile.io/en/B1MN0foInZxI3qz/file

Bobby Bare:  https://bestfile.io/en/FHEHhQ0sTLvr4Pk/file

Bobby Vinton (added a Goodwill Homemade CD to repost request):  https://bestfile.io/en/nk1MyAPnm0wQw2Q/file

Joe Tex:  https://bestfile.io/en/wQSOyfSJrdmn6bY/file

Roberta Flack:  https://bestfile.io/en/EeJS2erVUg3N6SW/file

Frank Sinatra (added a missed file during repost):  https://bestfile.io/en/5ernkLbXSNH9TXu/file

Bobby Darin (goes with Billy May and Frank above):  https://bestfile.io/en/NVdJ7K5ApNQtjSW/file

Carman:  https://bestfile.io/en/UplWJJWMWdtGl4P/file

The Godfathers:  https://bestfile.io/en/w3OxM8jFB0dQ9Nx/file

One Way feat. Al Hudson:  https://bestfile.io/en/G8gGphTvXHwjloe/file

Genya Ravan:  https://bestfile.io/en/eDPCTL11YdJSOjr/file

Foxy:  https://bestfile.io/en/sIgzpZZ9BHk7c5Q/file

Giogio Moroder:  https://bestfile.io/en/Cejf5GK8ACVGHm4/file

Hal Holbrook (BIG THANKS to our old friend Jungle Jim for sending in part two (of two) album for the Mark Twain series!!!):  https://bestfile.io/en/ZXmgnj9XDqYbt65/file

This new links are supposedly 'permanent' now on Bestfiles so keep sending in those dead link requests and thanks for helping out your blog with these requests!!!


Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...


Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...


mrRadio said...

Just wanted to complement the way you have presented your updated links here. It is very helpful to have them all listed like this in one place for review, even if you have also updated the postings separately. Also, it is very, very helpful that you have indicated here which posts have actually been updated and how they've changed. Sincere thanks for that!

Also, a comment about the supposed 'permanence' of your new links and I feel like I'm not really telling you anything you don't know, but it bears saying anyways. NO files in any Cloud should be considered permanent, it's just that some will last longer than others, depending, and these cloud services can and will change their policies at any time. What is policy now may very well not be the same tomorrow and if you have a lot in any one cloud there may not be enough time and effort available for you to respond to that situation, if it occurs, in a timely manner to avoid any loss. Looking in the bestfile.io FAQ it currently states that files will remain until they are NOT ACCESSED for 80 DAYS. That's not close to permanent or even ideal, but still better than the ridiculous 30-day policy that the now closed Zippyshare used to have and many blogs and users are still recovering from. It will take a long time and some are gone for good. I don't really have a solution to offer but my point was to call your attention to that 80-day bestfile.io policy if you missed it or it changed since you started.

The content, diversity, and quality of the LP rips you do here are unique, and invaluable!
Your posts are always a pleasant surprise. Thank you for responding to re-ups when needed.

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Hey there mrRadio yeah I fell for the wording so thanks it was hope against hope w my euro blogger friend Rawkindawg at Nordello who does his own rips too who tyrned me onto bestfiles so thought they mighta been different with real permanence to build their site and use the files in groupings for their own value added profits in the future when I’m gone or even now but nooooo they are similar to others that I’ve dealt w that had that same last download time after then expire but this one is longer which may help. I could have bought in to the monthly account at mega like the others but I have an old habit of using freeware like my mp3 converter or FLAC back to mp3 or 7zip or winrar or Switch sound converter to rip the CDs to WAV on a laptop runnin in safe mode sittin on a speaker LOL. Yeah I did use the scroll down at best file that said ‘permanent” but I guess only if you keep pumpin in the user dimes hey if you aren’t on sidebar I’ll add ya so thanks for your ongoing music interest ya I got that Hayley hit album from regular commenter Jim H who I met 8 years ago on a business trip to Boston at his Nuggets record store near the stadium and freedom trail and cheers anyhoo he also had Linda Lewis 3 vinyl to add to my quarter one I taped for my little sister back in college who absolutely fell in love with her you know it’s the frame (2) that you’re in as she says may the luck of my Kennedy Irish prized Illuminati cum Atlantis bloodline be witchew oh oh singing that sandwiches get with you song now that I brought it out of the rafters haha check it out! Cheers!!