Wednesday, November 29, 2023

HIP HOP GENRE 50th Anniversary Celebration!

 1 of 9 POSTS for this year's Hip Hop 50th Anniversary Worldwide Celebration.         Didn't know which picture to put here so took one of my current 'studio'.  This 9-post mini-theme covers the Minneapolis Hip Hop Scene from 1995-2008 with this post of all my videos I took from this period for one of my old youtube channels.  Bands featured:  Atmosphere, Kanser Troupe, Black Blondie, Alchemist, Brother Ali, Busdriver, Chiapas, Mexico dancers, Cihuatl-ce, Ice Cube, Dialated Peoples, Dizzee Rascal, DJ Abilities, DJ Babu, Guerrilla Republik, Harmar Superstar, Heiruspecs, I Self Divine, Madd Illz, MC-VL, Radio Show REV105 (it starts with Phull Surkle & Casino Royale as did this presentation in 1995 and ends with live Billy Bragg ironically), Toki Wright, Redman and Method Man (short shout out to the Wu Tang Clan for starting it all), Tone Loc with the Bakuba Dabb (sp??) and the Unknown Prophets.


ClassicMusic20 said...

Nice to See Some of Your Collection and What Is That Editing Software You Have Open on Your Computer?

Anonymous said...

It’s the 2004 version of Audio Cleaning Lab in U.K. made called Magix! My other version that crashed w no backup CD made and CD long gone ore moves n” such but Windows 3.1 and if you erased the wrong cut u just hit UnDO in edit menu and you find your place again but current version I use loses its place so you have to zoom out to FONGd the cut to zoom back in on but it has a fixed working tools box window on the sidebar always a quick back and forth motion now which makes my amsidextrous edit from tool bar scissors highlight and erase buttons easier too so that’s good. I tried a later software rev a decade ago and the complicated it too much and never used it again or sold it off I don’t remember. Seemed like I found the last one on the web just like my obsoleted high volt DJ’s choice Ortofon S-120 stylus where I got the last ones in the world in my safe now and that ain’t good. Heck I don’t know if they box up soundcards with RCA jacks last ones I saw in Best Buy were technocratic generic boxes with like two rows of 4 USB jacks he’ll they probably made “em get ride of the FireWire (1/2 the size of the usb for video streaming and capture. I know Sam Ash and Guiter Center stopped carrying pre-amps on their shelves in store anymore but hey I buy on EBay now my Pfan-Stat, Adya Clarity and Gruv-Glide like my shower filter , BR fluoride-Free toothpaste, Taurine, Bee Pollen at Amazon…so it goes

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Info! I Did Notice It Looked a Bit Old and When You Said It's from 2004, It Makes Sense.