Tuesday, September 26, 2023

WHITEFACE - st LP 79 w Live At The Agora LP 79 w Change Of Face LP 81

A big thank you to ClassicMusic20 for just discovering this band and suggesting that it would be "a great pick to put on your blog' in his words and he is absolutely correct.  Starting out as a Wild Cherry sounding funky band then evolving into a more AOR band with a great live album in between.  For you fly skimmers that only download the main post, this week, like every week I try to completely blow your minds with each and every post but this week you'll be missing some great posts is you don't scroll down!



Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Check it out y'all. Add 'blogspot' to any on the list and see if you can download but I am going through the entire list and will be posting all that I find which is quite a few of the albums only: https://za.investing.com/magazine/old-vinyl-records-worth-thousands-today-3

Thad said...

Trivia: The bassist, Kyle Henderson, went on to co-found The Producers.