Wednesday, January 11, 2023

BUGATTI & MUSKER - st CD 81 21 w The Dukes (Plus 3 songs) CD 82 16

 "Well here I am, I'm Back On My Feet Again" thanks to ClassicMusic20 for finally nailing this one from the Wanted List on sidebar.  Yeah, they helped write that last hit song for John Waite for the Babys/  They are a highly skilled song writing duo who've wrote for Sheena Easton, The Babys, Robert Miles, Jennifer Rush, Bucks Fizz, Air Supply, Lucio Battisti, Zucchero, Lisa Stansfield, and Brian May (for the Queen song "Too Much Love Will Kill You").


ClassicMusic20 said...

Are You Planning On Posting Anything in the Week? Notice you haven't did anything all last week

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

No, been taking the month off due to lack of rip software after massive PC crash. Wiped it clean and now runs a little better. Just got the old rip software (one left on Amazon UK) by the grace of God it showed up at my door two days ago. Been backing up all my WAV rips (lost the last two weeks due to shitty Amazon UK SS external memory 16 Tb SSD drive fucked up on me so had to wipe that clean but still files move and shows in memory but doesn't show the files. At any rate got me to get old motor drive 5 Tb from Toshiba that works like a charm as I just made one for my sister over the holidays. Thus I got one for myself and the blog as I needed to back up so doing now. Still moving this morning so looks like this week is off and I will need time to buy a backup DVD to copy my new rip disk as back up then install it so I can continue. Have copied/moved 3.5 Tb of WAV so far and well see if last early drive will fit the rest. Then one more drive of WAV that will require another 5 Tb and will add all the RAR's as latest folder is not getting backed up. Need at least two copies of all. Never had a month off from the blog since I started contributing in regularly in 2008. Anyways pinch yer sphincter a little while more and Robyn will show up as I got those. Wanted to delay the Jack Green stuff till St. Patty's day my holiday.

ClassicMusic20 said...

Ok, Thanks For Letting Me Know.