Tuesday, December 6, 2022

LUTHER VANDROSS - Never Too Much LP 81 w Forever, For Always, For Love LP 82 w Busy Body LP 83 w The Night I Fell In Love LP 85 w Give Me The Reason LP 86 w She Won't Talk To Me EP 88 w Live Radio City Music Hall CD 03 w st CD 01 w Dance With My Father CD 03 w Never Let Me Go CD 93 w Power Of Love CD 91 w This Is Christmas CD 95

 This post is in three parts:  Luther, Change and Jimmy below who he produced and played on.  I know Jack from T.S.O.L. has admitted to being a fan but I am hearing this stuff for the first time except for 'Change' band below as you will see.  A good start to the Christmas season for me as he has a CD for the season and next week will be my final post of the season with some Christmas stuff as I have the last two weeks off from work and so will not be able to post anywhere.  Enjoy!



richsoul said...

thank you so much for the time and effort. thank you.

Anonymous said...

Do you have What Is This (self titled on MCA records, 1985)? They had a decent hit with a cover of I'll Be Around. Not on CD

EW said...

Here's a good one by the band Sandalwood (and I stuck Tommy Roe's "It's Now a Winter's Day" on the same rip: