Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Steve March - LUCKY LP 77

 Making this submission from E.W. as the main post this week as it was all over the place and hard to classify but very appealing at the same time.  Taking next week off as I travel back home.  Cheers!



ClassicMusic20 said...

This Is A Comparison Between This Version and the One EW Posted, Try to Hear the difference.

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

ClassicMusic20 I am hearing it but don't know what you mean. This youtube link they are not the complete songs because someone made a 'sampler' of all the songs. Obviously this will make the songs different as they are shorter on the sampler. Please expound on your 'truth' bomb.

ClassicMusic20 said...

Sorry, What I Meant Was The Quality Is Different, The Youtube Clip Plays Previews Of Three Tracks (Which Are Ease Down Line, These Are The Times, And This Is a Love Song) I Was Looking At These Just Before You Did The Post (Which I Didn't Expect) I Actually Liked the Youtube Quality Better Than The Mp3 One's That EW Gave, If You Go To EW's Version And Compare to the Youtube Preview Version, The Quality Is Different, The One's You Have, The Quality's Not Great, Sounds Stronger On The Youtube Clip. That's The Reason Why I Requested It Awhile Back Cause I Wanted To Get It In Better Quality, And It's Also The Same Reason Why I Requested Peter Pringle's Rain Upon The Sea Album, Dunn & Rubini's Diggin' It Album, Nancy Shanx's Album And Bill House's Dancing With A Smile Album, Because The One's I Could Get, The Quality's Is Not Great, And It's Hard to Find These Anywhere On The Net, I Now Have Peter Pringle's Album In Better Quality, But I'm Still Looking For The Rest.

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

I am sooooo sorry CM20, here is the original link from E.W. https://www39.zippyshare.com/v/kZ6eunEk/file.html maybe when I remastered the file, I wrecked it. Can you compare the two for me? If you can tell something I did that destroyed the quality of the file, I would like to know. On this file I just took out a bunch of pops at the end on only one song as most of the rip was in good shape IMO. However, I like to use a little software boost and pop reduction lever setting was on too. Maybe that only works well when I record something from vinyl. This will be good feedback kiddo and I will look forward to your detailed analysis.

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

BTW I would expect you to share with me the Peter Pringle right???

ClassicMusic20 said...

I Checked EW's Version, The Quality Is The Same As Your Version, It's not your fault, I'm not blaming you, you didn't wreck anything, It's the file that EW Had, He got it from a person who recorded it in bad quality, I have the same Mp3 files of that Steve March Album that too, If you want, You could get the vinyl yourself and rip it that way, The quality will probably be better if you had it yourself, The only reason I request albums on here anyways is BeCause I Like what you do, I Like how you get the vinyl itself and have it in awesome quality, That's why I make requests on here, I hope I make sense here, Here's the Peter Pringle Link And Here's A Youtube Link So You Can Hear The Difference, Let me know what you think?

EW said...

Sorry to cause such trouble for everyone ... it's all free, you know?

Anyway, here's something I just ripped from vinyl. If you want to clean it up, feel free.



ClassicMusic20 said...

That's OK Man, All Is Forgiven, This Was An Album That Was On My Mind For Awhile, I Was Hoping To Replace That Version With A Better Quality Version, I Just Hope I Can Get That Version Somehow.

Anonymous said...

Steve March Torme - - Mel Torme's son