Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Christopher Cross - st LP 79 w All Right EP 83 w Another Page LP 83 w Every Turn Of The World LP 85

REPOST and ADD ON:  Found the first classic album with 'Ride Like The Wind' and 'Sailing' as well as the EP with Arthur's theme and another memorable tune I had heard before.  Michael McDonald makes a really cool kind of surprise appearance in 'I Really Don't Know' then again in the first hit.



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Bruce Brodeen said...
I'm Christopher Cross uber-fan...and my name is attached to this statement! This is a GREAT Yacht-cum-AOR album, incredible arrangements(courtesy of Michael Omartian, as usual w/ Cross in this era). One of this strongest albums. Come on, give up for the man! ;-P

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Advanced Acupressure Clinic said...

Thanks for showing Christopher Cross some love here... especially including the hard-to-find All Right EP and his underrated Every Turn Of The World LP!