Tuesday, April 12, 2022

B.W. STEVENSON - My Maria LP 73 w We Be Sailin' LP 75

 REPOST and ADD ON:  Was happy to discover an unlabeled test pressing was this Texas legend's 75 album as I have had many requests over the years to repost his hit album.  What I wrote before: Had to find out the origins of the 'My Maria' song that our local heavyweights the Gear Daddies used to cover all the time.   I think I will need to find more of his albums.  Died too early that's for sure.  He is from the same Dallas High School as Michael Martin Murphey posted a few weeks ago.



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Thank you very much for the new lot of treasures, and ennjoy the week:)

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I Have A Best Of Album (Mostly All Of The Tracks From His My Maria Album With A Few Extra Tracks From His Calabasas Album) And A 1977 Album Called Lost Feeling, Here's The Links, Oh Yeah, Speaking Of You Posting The Jim Gordon Album, He also played drums on his My Maria Album.

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