Tuesday, April 5, 2022

BAD MANNERS - No Respect 7 flexi 80 w Special Brew 7 80 w Looney Tunes LP 80 w Walking On Sunshine 7 81 w st LP 81 w No Brains 7 82 w Samson and Delilah 7 82 w Forging Ahead LP 82 w Gosh, It's... LP 82 w Klass LP 83 w Mental Notes LP 85 w Live Lyon 88 w Football w Heavy Petting LP 97 w Stupidity LP 07 w Ska Podcasts!

REPOST Request:  Part of a ska request from Mexico but I did forget the VA - International Ska Festival LP I had ripped but can get if Mr. Marmol Drex wants it I will bring it in to work where I post.  Love these guys and have seen them at First Ave club a couple of shows that blew me away!!!!  More to be buy from these guys for sure!             https://gofile.io/d/qAlH7A 


Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Longy said...
I'll never forget the first time I saw this band. Full of skinheads and punks. 2 skinheads birds had a full on punch-up and they were so big and evil looking,no-one broke it up. Any of those punches landed would of knocked me clean out I reckon! Bad Manners just carried on playing as they these two knocked the crap out of each other for a good 10 minutes down near the front. Bouncers wouldn't go anywhere near them either. Surreal but funny (and scary) all at the same time. Great live band!

MARCH 26, 2009 AT 12:22 PM
Ah,everyone loves a good cat fight lol

MARCH 26, 2009 AT 1:56 PM
Longy said...
Your not wrong Mark lol

MARCH 26, 2009 AT 2:31 PM

Anonymous said...
Your my Hero for this Thanks !!

JANUARY 20, 2011 AT 1:31 PM
Anonymous said...
Best cover ever

JANUARY 21, 2011 AT 9:58 AM

JUNE 8, 2015 AT 9:56 AM
Anonymous said...
all links are deleted

JUNE 19, 2015 AT 7:06 AM
KrackermaN said...
I used to have a couPle of these B.M. gems,but that was 35 years ago. I can't find them anywhere,and Zippy's saying "the file has expired..." damniT! Could you re-fresh them on Zippy?

By the way:I love you,man!

MARCH 21, 2018 AT 11:53 PM
Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...
Hi KrackermaN,

I would love to but Bad Manners are one of the bands that will take down my posts. Happens every time so I guess I should respect the bands wishes.

EricC said...

Thank you for SO ... MUCH ... SKA!

I have a lot of it, being a big 2nd wave fan, but some holes have been filled.

I need to rip a lot more of my vinyl someday, in my copious free time.

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

You are free to post here as one of the Crew anytime EricC...you told me a while back your scene and with your many comments I've read I know I would like! Just need a computer w line in usually next to line in RCA jack which is speakers then a $20 preamp to plug in your turntable then a two prong red white RCA wire that combines to one black to line in. I could upload my Windows 3.0 ACLAB Magix software as I didn't like the later upgraded version. Also could send the WAV to MP3 freeware.

EricC said...

I have ripped a lot of Iowa alternative stuff already, both vinyl and tape. I have a decent, if elderly, USB turntable, and a really nice USB tape deck. I'm a part time musician, so I have more sound editing stuff than I can use.

I'm just kinda busy. My wife and I are writing two albums at the moment, plus dealing with regular life.

You posting all the MN music makes me remember that I have to go digging into the vinyl and get out the Tete Noires records I have.