Tuesday, March 15, 2022

THE RAYBEATS - Roping Wild Bears EP 81 w Guitar Beat LP 81 w It's Only A Movie LP 83 w DANNY AMIS - Whiplash! EP 82 w The Overtones - Red Checker Wagon 7 80 w LOS STRAITJACKETS - SING ALONG WITH CD 01

REPOST Request:  I am combining all these old posts as one although forget I had the James White and the Blacks too.  I moved some of my comments from the old posts to the comments and here is from very first post of my Raybeats rip off a cassette I had in high school:  Another spin off band from James White and the Blacks...anyone GOT the EP to share???!!  Band also had Danny Amis from the Overtones before he got kicked out to more success in Los Straitjackets.  And what a great tune about one of the lakes in the Twin Cities chain of lakes...Surfing Lake Calhoun which was ludicris at the time but now is filled with Wind 'Surfers'.         

RAYBEATS:  https://gofile.io/d/jha1l6

DANNY AMIS:  https://gofile.io/d/NiECXt

THE OVERTONES:  https://gofile.io/d/itSOoz

LOS STRAITJACKETS:  https://gofile.io/d/NF5NRH

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Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

A big thank you to who emailed me these four songs a couple weeks ago after I had posted this band featuring Danny Amis on gits! I had figured there were more tunes to it until I looked it up last night and saw the songs were complete so I grabbed the cover shots at discogs today.

PSI said...
You're welcome.

MAY 1, 2018 AT 12:19 PM
Anonymous said...
Twin City local band?


MAY 10, 2018 AT 10:43 AM
PSI said...
From what I understand, The Raybeats were based out of New York.

MAY 10, 2018 AT 12:21 PM
Kenny Arena said...
Hi, any chance you could re-post The Raybeats LP's? Thanks!!

JULY 5, 2016 AT 10:30 PM
Cochise said...
could you repost this one - I feel a need to rock out to Jack The Ripper.....many thanks

FEBRUARY 25, 2018 AT 9:38 AM
FEBRUARY 27, 2018 AT 8:44 AM
Cochise said...
Thank you for the re-post - really looking forward to this

FEBRUARY 27, 2018 AT 9:10 AM
Anonymous said...
I passed on The Raybeats back in the day, but I'm going to give then a listen now. Many thanks.


MAY 27, 2018 AT 4:57 AM
Rodrigo said...

Thank you so much for these albums, unfortunately the link is no longer available, if it's not too much trouble, could you upload it again?

Thank you!!

MARCH 3, 2022 AT 3:22 PM

Some killer Agent Orange style instrumentals! He was in the Overtones and the Raybeats and went on to fame and fortune in Los Straitjackets. Here is a great link about the man:

Jason said...
Please re-share! I cannot find this recording anywhere.

FEBRUARY 3, 2019 AT 12:25 PM
Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...
Dear Jason,

Link has been restored my friend!

FEBRUARY 6, 2019 AT 10:21 AM
Jason said...
You're the tops! Thank you!!

FEBRUARY 6, 2019 AT 4:08 PM

I was very excited to see this one last week at Goodwill because Danny Amis from the Raybeats and the Overtones plays the DiPinto guitars along with Eddie Angel.. I had posted Danny's solo record to very good comments long ago. Also maybe my timing is good what with Jonderblog's post of Kingbee's legend Jamie James also in Dennis Quaid's band after Harry Dean Stanton died. Also coincidently, another blog I follow, SPANISHBOMBS posted the Kingbees album as well all within 2-3 days of each other. Now you have some great guitar rock-a-billy type bands to enjoy because next week is all perhaps boring USA historic big band and marches type stuff for the 4th of July fireworks.
Anonymous said...
I had only heard the Raul Malo "Black Is Black" song but now I can hear them all! Thanks!

JUNE 22, 2021 AT 8:02 PM
jonder said...
A swarm of Kingbees! Must be synchronicity or somethin'...

JUNE 22, 2021 AT 8:15 PM
Anonymous said...
Rock(abilly) On! - Stinky

JUNE 23, 2021 AT 11:03 AM
funkiss said...
hi i want this this lp but not available for france , pls you can buy and post thx https://www.discogs.com/fr/Byron-Keith-Daugherty-Back-Door-Man/release/6255373

JUNE 25, 2021 AT 12:11 PM
Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...
Hi funkiss,

I just went to Discogs and it said: Unavailable in United States

JUNE 25, 2021 AT 1:17 PM
funkiss said...
I just went to Discogs and it said: Unavailable in United States'' i see strange situation this seller is from usa , me im banned for sending private message on discogs, if you can send him private message , thanks

JUNE 25, 2021 AT 1:59 PM