Tuesday, March 22, 2022

GENYA RAVAN - st LP 72 w They Love Me, They Love Me Not LP 74 w Urban Desire LP 78 w ...And I Mean It LP 79

 REPOST Request:  Yes, she is indeed thee GENYA-UAN article with punk beginnings and one to be celebrated in our and her time!   She produced the first and best Dead Boys album believe it or not!



Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Anonymous said...
tahnks a lot master

OCTOBER 15, 2014 AT 3:15 AM

MAY 11, 2021 AT 1:46 PM
Lefteris said...
You Are The One! A Big Thank You! With Respect from Crete-Greece! Lefteris.

MAY 11, 2021 AT 6:43 PM
Mr_Crass said...
Genya fans should also remember she produced the first (and best) Dead Boys LP!

MAY 11, 2021 AT 11:46 PM
Guitarradeplastico,scraping oddities said...
Many thanks

MAY 12, 2021 AT 4:36 AM
christos_fc said...
can you please re-up this one? especially They Love Me, They Love Me Not.

MARCH 20, 2022 AT 3:30 PM
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christos_fc said...

thanks so much for all the great efforts. even the reposts!

Pete said...

Wonderful offerings today!
Thanks so much!
Please let me know if I can help by e-mailing you my 40,000+ LPs list.

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Hi Pete,

Thanks for the comment, yeah I try to keep going with my Goodwill albums and a few key discog buys here and there. I would be curious of your list however it wouldn't be a help to me unless you searched in my above left search bar to see if I have them already then cross those ones off your list...that would be a help. Maybe I could once over it first or something to make the task less daunting but that would be easy for me only if I crossed them off with a pen or could somehow (easily) delete them via computer if a text list or maybe even on MSWord as I don't have Abobe. Interested enough to take a look at least but DAMN that will take a lot of time for me away from rips and especially at work where I am on the grid. CHeers!

Pete said...

Updating tomorrow (have to include a new batch) and will e-mail to pjmont@goowy.com unless you prefer some other addy. Keep up the excellent work!