Tuesday, March 1, 2022

ARNIE MOSSLER and The Suncoast Dixielanders - JAZZ AT THE BILMAR LP 68

 Was really enjoying preparing all this Dixieland music last weekend for Mardi Gras today and perhaps it is a favorite instrumental style music for me.  To share a story from this morning on the way to work, I always load the MP3 songs into my van stereo system--it usually takes a few miles to do it in silence.  But just as it finished and Arnie's (plays alphabetically) album starts up, I turn onto the main long road that our company is located on and an old black man with a crown hat (he must have just got from the Burger King in the same mall parking lot) waves his hand at me!  Yes, an early start to Mardi Gras today, enjoy!!



EW said...

Here's something soft and groovy:


EW said...

Any luck tracking down "Hits on Hits" by Dave Cavanaugh?

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

EW yeah on the way but an overseas shipment that just left a few days ago...going to combine w the Disney one. P.s. missed a cut on this post and levels were too high...I might remaster as already gave it back to Goodwill.