Tuesday, February 8, 2022

The Dickies - Give It Back 7 w Studio Outtakes 7 w Hideous 10" 80 w The Incredibly Shrinking Dickies LP 79 w Dawn Of The Dickies LP 80 w Stukas Over Disneyland LP 83 w We Aren't The World Roir Tape 86 w Killer Klowns EP 88 w Great Dictations CD 89 w All This And Puppet Stew CD 01

REPOST and ADD ON:  I had to meet minimum on a Discog's order late last year and I saw a pristeen copy of 'Dawn of the Dickies' so I got it.  My original copy had a skip on "Nights In White Satin' a song that I only could understand the "I Love You' lyric over and over which really was helpful to me at the time like 'See My Way' was later on.  I sold off four boxes of old punk 5 years into blogging for $200  during a move--figuring my player had beat up them up and blogs had the stuff I hadn't done yet.  Didn't know how the prices would raise so much--uuugh!  I always liked the louder punk and 'Dawn' was a favorite.  The 2001 CD is autographed by Stan Lee from when I finally got to see them play with two Stan Lee's there!!    Also didn't realize that I hadn't ripped the ROIR tape before!   


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