Tuesday, February 15, 2022

CONDEMNED 84 - The Original Tapes 84 w Battle Scarred 7 86 w Face The Aggression LP 88 w Storming To Power CD 92 04

REPOST and ADD ON:  Yes!! Found the 92 rip to add in my unopened files. First song from the tapes is excellent but that follows from what was written before:  A big thanks to Bernando for this excellent Oi! music!!!  He calls the first album one of the purest and most complete releases in Oi! history and the band as an originator of the genre.     https://gofile.io/d/BfMa81

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despite being outnumbered by 1 to 5, the heroic skins, showing true british courage, somehow managed, against all the odds, to overcome the greaser and give him a good toeing, don't it make yer proud, god bless yer ma'am, stone the crows, strike a light, gor blimmey

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can you reup the link? been looking for this everywhere with no luck.

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