Friday, January 7, 2022

MFSB (Mother Father Sister Brother) - st LP 73 w Love Is The Message LP 73 w Universal Love LP 75 w Philadelphia Freedom LP 75 w Summertime LP 76 w The Gamble-Huff Orchestra LP 78 w Mysteries Of The World LP 80

 The greatest hits platter on the bottom has shorter versions of the hit songs--all included here--so I didn't do the rips after figuring this out, plus 'Greatest Hit's albums on vinyl ALWAYS sound worse than the original vinyl.  May have to redo the first album as it was pretty beat up and I used my worn elliptical trick which can be fuzzier--I would try again with the lower voltage 3 mV stylus I have with weight set at 3 lb. which eliminates the fuzz but can sound tinny.  Theme from 'Soul Train' TV show.


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