Tuesday, January 25, 2022


 Please discard my last post of this album a couple weeks ago.  I redid it and reinforced some lessons I had learned before:  (1) Vinyl was made for spherical stylus--not elliptical, (2) Elliptical stylus will reduce the number of pop's you need to take out, (3) Beat up vinyl get's better with more plays (that is why you see cracked off dust on each play), (4) Don't forget to set the anti-skate when changing the weight to identical settings, (5) Turning down record volume can help with pops and surface noise.  Yeah, I pulled my Marvin Gaye and Al Green rips (once again) and may correct again over time.  Over Christmas some of those old records were so beat up I got lazy and left on the worn elliptical and may have had different anti-skate and weight settings  Thanks to TerryG who pushed me to do better on this rip of this album that meant so much to him in the old days.  I am posting the WAV files as well as normal MP3/JPG's/RAR for him below.  Used the spherical standard settings I have used for over 13 years.  I experimented with elliptical many years ago but was wooed into replacing my tip finally to my chagrin.

WAV FILES (UNCUT!!):  https://gofile.io/d/Mq18YI

WINRAR:  https://gofile.io/d/Blsa5x


Terry G said...

Patrick--YOU'VE DONE IT! I listen to Collen Peterson and this smooth, warm, lossless rip, and I hear HEAVEN!
THANK YOU a million times for your extra restoraration effort. You've made this Colleen fan SO HAPPY!! :)

Kosta said...

thanks for this, nice country-rock