Wednesday, December 15, 2021

LEO SAYER - Silverbird LP 73 w Just A Boy LP 74 w Another Year LP 75 w Endless Flight LP 76 w Thunder In My Heart LP 77 w st LP 78 w Here LP 79 w Living In A Fantasy LP 80 w World Radio LP 82

 REPOST Request:  What I wrote before:  He wrote Roger Daltrey a hit tune for his first solo album then recorded his first album in some of his studios as well as Apple Studios of the Beatles.  You may recognize some hits like 'Long Tall Glasses' from the 1974 album with the memorable line, "You know I can't dance, you know I can't dance" or more obvious the hits on the 1976 breakout album like "You make me feel like dancing" or 'When I needed you".

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angstytimelord said...
LOVE LOVE LOVE me some Leo! My favorite song of his has always been one of the lesser-known singles, "Raining in My Heart." But honestly, I pretty much like everything he ever did. The guy is just a great singer/sonwriter.

JUNE 17, 2019 AT 2:29 PM
Anonymous said...
Could you do this as a gofile biggie? Thanks tjb

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EricC said...
Those first three or four albums are among the best of the 70s singer/songwriter stuff, especially the first two with David Courtney writing the music. They wrote almost all of that first Daltrey album, and it was, by far, the best solo album Roger recorded.

NOVEMBER 18, 2020 AT 1:08 PM
ad said...
Could you please reupload this?..
Thanks a lot

DECEMBER 12, 2021 AT 7:01 AM