Wednesday, November 3, 2021

VA - Return of the Living Dead (Picture Disk) Soundtrack with movie scenes

 REPOST Request:  What I wrote before:  Yes, indeed a classic movie of our scene in '86 with many people hearing Roky Erickson for the first time from this movie.   I had the 45 Grave EP Partytime and played it all the time in my room growing up...never could find much else by them, not until blogging came about.  This is the rip from the picture disk that had the movie quotes--as the standard LP just has the songs (we have posted everyone of these bands here in the past except Tall Boys):  The Damned - The Cramps - The Jet Black Berries - The Flesh Eaters - 45 Grave - TSOL - Tall boys - Roky Erickson - SSQ and some song versions are unique I believe to this soundtrack.

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frankies movie and television nostalgia said...
sweet soundtrack toa hard rock shit movie your the bomb dude



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Muy Bueno

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Dani said...
Could you re-post this? I been looking everywhere for it

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