Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Shoes - 7 78 w Pre-Tense Demos 78 to 79 Black Vinyl Shoes CD 78 w Present Tense LP 79 w Tongue Twister LP 81 w Boomerang LP 82

 REPOST Request:  Apparently from the comments, the Present Tense album with songs like 'Too Late' was a big early hit on radio stations during that early New Wave push.

LINK RESTORED 11-11-2021 (Added the 'Black Shoes' CD rip from another blog):

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Let's Find H-Man A Wife said...
Shoes are local here in Illinois but I discovered the Shoes in DC on WHFS and loved a few of their songs.

FEBRUARY 6, 2015 AT 11:40 AM
Douglas Rafael said...
Thank you very much! :D

APRIL 27, 2015 AT 3:01 PM

AUGUST 17, 2017 AT 8:40 AM
angstytimelord said...
Saying that I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this band would be like saying that the Atlantic Ocean is just a tiny little bit wet. The first time I heard them was when the "Present Tense" album was out, during the summer before my sophomore year in high school. I was 14 and that was the year when I was really discovering different music and getting into a lot of the early new wave and power pop bands. The first time I heard "Too Late" on the radio, I was hooked. Sadly, I never got to see them live, but I have all of their albums on vinyl, and nearly 40 years later, I'm still in love with their music. Everyone should have a little Shoes in their musical life!

AUGUST 17, 2017 AT 12:45 PM
Anonymous said...
Uneven, but when they're good they're lots of fun to listen to. Thanks.

AUGUST 17, 2017 AT 11:55 PM
Anonymous said...
thanks so much for the repost!! thanks again for everything you do!!

AUGUST 20, 2017 AT 5:45 PM
Andy L said...
Awesome post people,I have two worn out copies of 'Present Tense" from my teenage years and never seen it on CD .Very grateful to hear this magic power pop album again, and the other stuff of Shoes too - those records never made it to New Zealand that I saw.

APRIL 11, 2019 AT 2:18 AM
EricC said...
Begging for a re-up!

APRIL 24, 2020 AT 1:07 PM

APRIL 28, 2020 AT 10:57 AM
ad said...
Please please re-up this
Many thanks in advance

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