Wednesday, November 17, 2021

PALACE MUSIC - Lost Blues And Other Songs CD 97 w Viva Last Blues CD 95 w st CD 94

 Bonnie 'Prince' Billy's road weary singing style was a huge comfort to me during my unemployed days in the oughts and gave me strength for sure!  I first heard his 'Ohio River Boat Song' on Radio K as it was a top 7 song for many many weeks so I bought the top early days CD that it was on.  Other empowering tunes to help you deal with reality hits are 'Horses' and 'More Brother Rides', songs that just make me jump around smoke a lot of weed...ha ha just kidding sort of.  I have his later stuff too using his name above but keeping separate for now.  "I'd be riding horses if they let me..."  Some of the Radio K CD's artists I am gradually starting to convert for my vehicle.

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