Tuesday, November 30, 2021

MOTHER'S RUIN - Godzilla EP 79 w ...Want More LP 81

 REPOST Request:  Thanks for former posting member here Wildevilman from Germany for posting these classic albums.  Check out his blog on the blogroll on sidebar below.


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Anonymous said...
This is cool, but originally the singer was in another band with her twin. I actually found some old footage of a rare song they did back in the day. I was top of the charts when first released- extremely RARE:

NOVEMBER 18, 2008 AT 1:17 AM
Anonymous said...
Cheers for this lads. The only thing I'd heard of theirs before were the 2 songs on Swiss Wave The Album.


NOVEMBER 18, 2008 AT 8:26 PM
Anonymous said...
Oi! Can you please re up this link? Thanks!!!! Great page!!!!

AUGUST 13, 2015 AT 11:14 AM

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Blogger Stathis said...
Thank you very much for everything. Can you, please, repost these 2 Mother Ruin's LP & EP?
Best Regards

February 8, 2019 at 2:06 PM

FEBRUARY 15, 2019 AT 9:05 AM
Anonymous said...
Great, thanks a lot! Could you please re-post Hungry For What, Chin Chin and TNT? Would be appreciated very much!

MARCH 9, 2019 AT 5:47 AM
dieter said...
hi, is it possible to reload these two records? Thank you!!

JULY 3, 2021 AT 5:26 PM

JULY 7, 2021 AT 2:28 PM
Unknown said...
hi can you repost this rare record with a new link? thanky you, Luca

NOVEMBER 23, 2021 AT 4:21 PM