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Au Pairs - 1979 - You 7 w 1980 - Diet 7 w Playing With A Different Sex LP 81 w CD Bonus Trax 92 w Live in Berlin LP 83

 REPOST Request: Finally got these files (7s from Felipe's defunkt Brazil blog Isksp)organized! Enjoy!


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AUGUST 13, 2015 AT 4:57 PM
Paul C said...
Just came across your blog,some cracking stuff here.All the best for 2017 mate.

DECEMBER 31, 2016 AT 1:09 AM
Thanks to Felipe from the Isksp blog for the write up's in the singles and also to Bernando here for the original posts and Mark Underground who posted the Live album saying it was very good.

JANUARY 3, 2017 AT 1:44 PM
Anonymous said...
Great stuff, Viacomclosedmedown! You've hit one of the groups which I have documented extensively, so here we go for Au Pairs fans:

First up, Live at Berlin Tempodrome 20.06.81 during the Women's International Festival. The later official release included only half the tracks played on that day, being a re-issue of a common vinyl bootleg which omitted seven whole tracks for space reasons. See for yourself; here's the tape setlist of the gig:

01 Game *
02 Let's Make Love *
03 Sex Machine (Dear John)
04 Love Song
05 She's Nothing *
06 It's Obvious *
07 Headache For Michelle
08 Music *
09 Armagh
10 Repetition (Written by David Bowie)
11 So Cool
12 Come Again
13 Piece Of My Heart (Written by Berns/Ragovoy)
14 (Domestic) Departure *
15 (Kerb) Crawler *

* = omitted from later official release. The omission of the last two tracks was particularly unfortunate as both were on the Au Pairs' very first single. Get this fullest version of "Live in Berlin" (missing only Diet and Set-Up) from the great 433 here:

433 also gives us another ultra-rare cassette bootleg, the Au Pairs' final show from 1983, mostly probably at the Vienna Frauenklang Festival, 3-5 February 1983, a gig which included a couple of tracks only otherwise available as 1983 demos on the Stepping Out anthology (marked *):

01 America
02 Set-Up
03 I Make You (aka Music)
04 Sex Without Stress
05 This Country (aka Runs With Honey*)
06 Lion Love (?)
07 Communication (aka Headache for Michelle)
08 Beast Of A Machine (?)
09 Get Out Of The Way (?)
10 Fiasco
11 From the Land Of The Setting Sun (aka Hokka He Ha*)
12 Obvious

Get it here:

And a third gift from 433 is a very rare Dutch 1984 12" EP from Dutch funk group Dojoji with Leslie Woods on vocals, produced after she'd left the Au Pairs, breaking up the group. The Dojoji EP track Kiets Lorren is a version of the Au Pairs' song This Country aka Runs With Honey from the last gig, also on Stepping Out as a 1983 demo. 433's links are mediafire, all live as of 28/01/17.

A lossless rip of Dojoji is available here: (mega links, also live).

After 433's great contributions, here are the many lossless Au Pairs gig recordings passed to me (thanks!) by the great StevieD: (mega links, also live).

And, last but absolutely not least, here are the indispensable Stepping Out Anthology and the BBC Sessions, mp3 320 or lossless: (mega links, also live).

There, that'll keep you busy. Cheers, Dave Sez.

JANUARY 28, 2017 AT 2:58 PM
Anonymous said...
Hey and completely forgot to say thanks for the Roches - links all still live, and a real treat!

Cheers, Dave Sez.

JANUARY 28, 2017 AT 3:10 PM
Josh DeSlasher said...
This looks like a treasure! Request for a reupload. Thanks for all that you do.

NOVEMBER 6, 2021 AT 12:54 AM

Josh DeSlasher said...

Thanks again! Great tracks.

Do you have any albums by the band 20/20? Specifically "Look Out!" from 1981?