Thursday, August 5, 2021

AVOID COViD damage with Vitamin C and Food Grade NEBULIZED Peroxide at 1% with saline and drop of Lugol's 5% Iodine



Sandi Hook said...

Avoid covid? You mean avoid rebranded flu, cos that's what covid is, FLU, nothing else. vitamin C, zinc, garlic, bananas all good for healthy living and avoiding FLU. Covid has never been proven to exist, no virus has ever been isolated ever. Doctors lie, just like venal politicians, scientists lie too, money talks and who owns Big Pharma? same bastards who own the mainstream media, who pull the strings in the town halls, senate, etc.
Fresh water and sanitation eliminated the old diseases, this didn't please the doctors and big pharma - no profit in healthy people, let's make 'em ill - vaccines were invented for profit, germ theory invented for profit, Louis Pasteur was a Charlatan, Edward Jennor a Charlatan. History is written by the liars, the moneymen and the psychopaths.

"Those who do not have power over the story that dominates their lives, the power to retell it, rethink it, deconstruct it, joke about it, and change it as times change, truly are powerless, because they cannot think new thoughts." Salman Rushdie

rev.b said...

Sandi Hook, yeah right. LOL! How's the weather in St.Petersburg, Kiev, Beijing, or more likely, yer mom's basement? BTW, have you ever tried My Pillow? It’s the best pillow EVER and only 49.95, buy one and get the 2nd one FREE, just pay additional “shipping and handling!” Trolls, so charming...

Crab Devil said...

First and foremost, thanks for the blog.

I myself am agnostic as to whether any specifc supplements
or practices might make things better for someone who's
come down with covid. Still, our Sandi Hook over here
seems to be saying things that don't make sense. For
example, to claim that history is written by liars is to
suggest that nothing can be known about history, not even
that it is written by liars.

In any case, you didn't actually say "avoid covid." What
you actually said was "avoid covid DAMAGE." Sandi Hook
may believe that covid damage is neither more nor less
than influenza damage. But there are many long-haulers
who would, in turn, reply that Sandi Hook is both
ignorant and deranged.

Spy Smasher said...

Sandi, please provide evidence that your claims are fact using reliable, tangible sources. The onus is upon the one affirming their claims are true, and that would be you. Otherwise you're just spouting off a bunch of nonsense not backed up by any factual, reliable evidence. And no, I'm not going to do your research for you. You made the claims, you provide the sources. I'll wait.

angstytimelord said...

Sandi, I'm gonna say the quiet part out loud. You are a LIAR.

Oh yeah, and you're stupider than warmed-over shit, as well. Begone, troll.

Anonymous said...

“Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.”

― George Carlin

Truly astounding how profoundly ignorant; makes me weep. All I can say, "Sandi Hook" (so fucking clever, aren't you) I truly hope you never have to suffer what so many of us have in losing people to this scourge. And, oh yeah, fuck you.

rev.b said...

A document like the one pictured in this post has to be published in an accredited, peer reviewed medical journal before I’d be willing to seriously consider it. Just because it references Dr. Fill-in-the-Blank doesn’t mean diddly. The only supplements I've read about that may have a benefit in regards to Covid are Vitamin D and Zinc, both involved to keeping your immune system as strong as possible. Other than that, vax up, wash your hands and avoid crowds. (The new chip that came with my double dose of Moderna has been working great, more than doubling the channels I get!) For those who get seriously ill, the consensus as of now seems to be monoclonal antibody treatments. Overall, probably the best thing to do is to follow Dr Feelgood’s prescription! As for Sandi, I imagine Spy Smasher's going to have a long wait ;-D

Anonymous said...

Get the shot, you will be safe... opps nevermind, now get the next round of shots (and help mutate the China virus further). Opps I can say China now, the PC police will come and call me vulgar names for not following the agenda which for some reason has invested heavily in making covid shots. After investing heavily in the China institution that made the virus. Then the mask brigade (which does not work, and only makes you sick sucking in more CO2) gestapo marches forward (get the shot that has only been half tested) and starts demanding you lose your job if you don't get the jab (but the vaxxers already should be safe cause they got the shot right!).

What do I think, I think eventually everyone will eventually get this virus and most will live with little to no effect. I am not sure about what side effects the vax will give folks (now and down the road). The constant fear porn will be pushed front and center by the MSM and old folks with conditions will die. Politicians and big liberal money will control the narrative for reasons above my pay grade (but you can bet it entail taking freedoms away). We have politicians that like to put covid criminals in nursing homes where the undocumented help keeps the air circulation vents contaminated and festering. Nobody is clamoring about shutting down the open border. Sunshine and fresh air is better than being forced into masked home alone, places that props suicide statistic spikes. I live in a place where they (the government) coerced people (under the guise of helping them) take shots for syphilis never intending to actually help them (watching them fall apart over a decade or more). Now they politicians are pushing not allowing people to work, fly, travel without the card saying they safe (funny they gripe about having to prove they can vote, but this is ok). Minorities are less likely to have received the "vaccine", will they once again be denied the ability to provide for their families? All again for something that is over 99+ percent recoverable (and virtually non-lethal to the young). The harm to economies is off the charts, you can not sustain governments paying trillions to not work without causing future generations to pay for it (even the compound interest is more than they will be able to pay).

Me I will choose freedom (for me and my family), even if it kills me.

angstytimelord said...

@Anon I'm sure that you'll be saying the same thing when you're in the hospital dying of COVID. Oh wait, no. You won't be able to speak because you'll be hooked up to a ventilator struggling to breathe. Enjoy your freeDUMB. It won't last long.

I've given up on your kind. We can't fix stupid, but there's no excuse for your ridiculous ignorance and flat-out lies.

Anonymous said...

Cut and copy response...

Insert Fear Porn.... Call them names... Blanket call their points "Lies" (without pointing out what they "fibbed" about).

Congrats Angsty, you covered all bases perfectly. End sarcasm

For more free minded folks, do your own homework. Points I covered include ---

1. Get the shot you will be safe... False (Real life example was the Texas State Senate that fled the state recently and got Covid, after being Vaxed). Fact, even with a vax, if given a good concentration, you can still get Covid.

2. Certain politicians shied away from naming the virus came from China (thus not to offend China)... True , I am not a Trump fan, but he got constantly attacked for breaking this PC rule.

3. The US pumped a butt-load of money into the China research under Obama. True ... millions upon millions. Now even the liberal press has admitted this.

4. Invested heavily in making vax shots. True 500 million of our tax dollars... It is said that Fauci may own a percentage of the profits, but the claim of 50% ownership had the liberal press attack saying it was not true, but only on the percentage of ownership, they could not claim he didn't receive a certain amount, only that it wasn't 50percent).

5. Wearing a mask ups the wearer's CO2 intake... True and it isn't good for you (thus the medical exemptions).

6. Masks don't work... True, it is a virus, unless your mask is worn perfectly and is capable of filtration that is above what the average person can afford to wear constantly, then masks are a joke. Fauci has admitted such. What is true about masks is if infected people wear them, they do help limit the amount of droplets dispelled . A cough or sneeze can project quite a distance instantly.

Anonymous said...


7. Covid Vax is only half tested.... True, there can be no long term test due to the fact long term tests take years (sometimes decades) to complete.

8. Conjecture from me... presented as what I think... and still think... I think most everyone will over time have to deal with this virus, even the vaxxed. Time will tell if I am right or wrong... hopefully the virus will over time become less lethal (but probable more contagious) as the delta variant is. A trend we see in most flu virus mutations.

9. Old folks with conditions dying... yes this virus seems to hurt the older community by far more, more conditions complicate things.

10. Taking freedoms away.... True, when you are denied work, travel, association, it is taking freedoms away. Example: NY eateries now being forced to not allow non-vaxed folks to attend their establishments. It also takes the freedom of those establishments to serve customers (and affects their bottom line profit).

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

This has been a learning experience for all. The Chinese learned early on that Vitamin C actually KILLS the virus not just dissolving the mucus and flushing it out as I had learned and experienced in my distant past. The world learned about Ivermectin a super cheap and fully tested malaria treatment and per the humansarefree (I have followed them even before they were on Facebook and got fully censored maybe 10 years before that) article showing they could have completely got rid of Covid using it and still can. It really breaks down to what kind of economy do you want druggie big pharma or natural cures. I wanted health insurance but Obamacare was created by a big pharma VP woman who cut out the half with healing arts and if that is not bad enough homeopathic doctors have been getting murdered since then w numbers over 500. I had to cut my trip short and never got to see any family as they forgot we have an immune system and I wore the upside down red triangle w the big U on it like the Jews did (I didn't but should have) and they believe the lies about us unvaccinated and so are protecting their kids. I also left my h2o2 in my fridge and with no health insurance I have to fly right home as they are talking about quaranteens again. I had a blast at my reunion and saw old neighborhood friends...had a great time w no masks. Stay tuned for Tony Carey next week and not going to tell work that i am

rev.b said...

Love the way people take as fact things they read on duh internet. sigh...

angstytimelord said...

@rev.b Like I said, we can't fix stupid. Anon is concrete proof of that. At this point, I've just given up on trying to make these people care about the welfare of others. They're just too damn selfish to give a shit.

angstytimelord said...

@Viacomclosedmedown I hope you at least managed to avoid the heat wave! I swear, Virginia feels like the pits of hayull right now. One step outside and you're sweating like a pig, two steps and the air feels too thick to breathe, and three steps and you feel like you're melting!

brekinapez said...

So rev.b, if I was to go say, to the Stanford University web site and go though their research library and then read some peer-reviewed articles/papers/etc., that I am stupid somehow for believing what is written there because 'internet'?

You and angsty are actually the stupid ones here, as you did nothing to refute what anon wrote and instead just resorted to personal attacks.

There is plenty of perfectly good information on the internet. Sorry you seem to have trouble finding it.

Anonymous said...

" I wore the upside down red triangle w the big U on it like the Jews did"

on behalf of my Holocaust-surviving parents . . . FUCK YOU

maybe feel a little shame or compassion once in a while instead of just flat-out selfishness

tho I'm sure you won't post this comment because you're basically a coward

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Sorry I'm lazy and our govt thru it's new Facebook arm which is biased of course because a member of YouTube or was it Google file the Covid 19 patents in 2010 so of course they must control the narrative while others die. The inverted red triangle has a story behind it but I forget but will check if I saved as text file like I do most of dr mercolas 3 weekly emails since late 90s but the SsRaid was avoided when he took down all his forum articles w interview the experts but no one here wanted to look up how or what backstory on triangle it was a sign like the sudden forced awareness of seeing the holocaust stripes uniform at Daytkn Ohio air museum..cold sinking feeling...him I should post SS with that door knock "RAID....SS...cold technocratic future we are heading into.

Bastard said...

What a bullshit. After this post I will never ever visit this/your blog again.

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Doesn't matter you may be dead. The vaccinated are superspreaders of the virus and all new deaths like in Israel and U.K. are 100% from the vaccinated...these facts have been "scrubbed" and "memory-holed from their news. They really should follow this procedure I posted for next flu season when the hospital is full from their wiped out antibodies like the rest of us will...the oness is on them more so!

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

What I'm trying to say is the vaccinated are superspreaders of the virus and are 100% of new deaths but these stories are scrubbed by Google and memory holes in their news. Pitch in and kill the virus like we are!!

Siobhán Long's sister said...

You're completely bonkers!

Please do reveal how those who do not have the virus are spreading it.

Can you provide any proof of this astonishing claim that 'homeopathic doctors have been getting murdered'?

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

All from humansarefree dotcom get while you can also last I checked Amazon website and they were out of the more powerful plug in 120 VAC NEBULIZER and only had the battery design which DOESN'T WORK!!!!

rev.b said...

@angstytimelord, I think you have it figured out. Then again, I agree with you so I imagine I'm only preaching to the choir.

rev.b said...

@brekinapez, LOL! Obviously I touched a nerve there. Sorry, I didn't mean to cook your egg. First; There is a difference between accessing information on the internet from reputable sources while engaging in a healthy dose of critical reasoning, and a lot of what is flying around this forum regarding this topic, much of it appearing to be culled from questionable sources on, yes, ‘duh innernet. There’s a difference and I trust you understand that. I did do some research on the veracity of Dr. Joseph Mercola and don’t hold his work in very high regard. Secondly; I don't recall verbally abusing you personally. I don’t consider you stupid unless you prove me wrong and I can access information on-line just fine thank you. You may disagree, but it’s not my responsibly to defend my position or debate with what I see and as ill-informed and trollish. Perhaps a response like 'no, YOU'RE STUPID' is what you're looking for? If so, sorry to disappoint. I don't see much value in continuing this, so good luck to you, be well, take care of yourself and those around you, bye-bye.

Anonymous said...

Ary buddy nose da bess ting for da rona is gulp down a big fat
glas of dat Liesol (mmmm lemone gud!) den shuv a floor lamp up
yer ass butt and tern it on. Dat kleenz yu from the incide in a
minut --- won minut. I herd dat on da innernets.

Seriously -- So much dangerous infogarbage out there from people who
are practicing medicine without a license.

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Lol...u can go on and on with this stuff. now go buy your neb's is undebatible people!