Monday, August 7, 2017


Here's one that is timely for those who are using this made up excuse in this day and age..shameful lies!!  Putin just tried to show the U.S. in international news forums how we messed up in the Middle East and sure enough the lying liberals who control media in our country flip it around as an attack point against Trump who is an international businessman who loves his country.  Keep in mind he shutdown the kangaroo court TPP group of 200 companies destroying us with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma from GMO's they yeah, Trump saves millions of lives by this simple action.  Now if we can just get the poseur punks like Jello Biafra from wairing shirts against our President just so he can side with the huge liberal votes and duped democrat money, that sell out!  He gave me the egotistical brush off once when I tried to talk to him after a spoken word show. Ego, ego, ego.

Here's a Putin article for ya!

Oh yes, and another article about all this attacking of our President by non-patriots:

And one more article to finish my rant:

Oh yeah, one article to really get that brain going:'


pillihp zelaznog said...

Fuck yeah! Love this band and great post! I always agree with what you have to say. Cheers!!

rev.b said...

I tap dance around discussions of religion and politics because I'm my view, no one know what they're talking about, just echoing what they've heard and read from suspect sources. It's all conspiracy and yes, they are all out to get you. Big deal. Nice record tho'

George Leroy Tirebiter said...

Heh, and Oohrah!

You're knowledge of obscure 80s bands is beyond the pale. I humbly bow my head to your collection. There are no Russians in Russia (they're all in Silicon Valley doing the VC hustle).